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 ivee the cáo, fox
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ivee is jet and tsubaki's kid
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This Sonadow bức ảnh might contain anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga.

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Sonadow pt1 warning Yaoi please respect he warning none Yaoi những người đang yêu and yes i am a perv but this is for the real fanz!!!

sonic was takin a walk down the beach....when he looked to his right to see shadow in a pair of swimtrunks feeling the sand consume the soles of his feet he staired at shadows hot body almost completly naked sonic felt his tim, trái tim jump watching shadow stare back at him"what are u stareing at faker!?"shadow was a bit pissed at this girl who smashed a ball into his face a few phút ago.sonic was in his own little world dreaming of him and shadow...""sonic came back...
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