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WARNING MALE X.MALE Dont Flag This Cause I Freaken Warned U!-.-
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Shadow's POV

Well, me and my little hedgie's in giường now. I can't go to sleep and it's almost 3:00 am... What's that little bump further down from Sonic? Oh, Sonic, bạn naughty little hedgehog. Now, bởi looking at it, I got one as well. I reached from under the covers to stroke his member, and he let out a little moan in pleasure. Oh, Sonic...

Sonic's POV

What's that fuzzy thing on my...SHADOW!...It felt nice and pleasurable, actually...FUZZY. Soon, he dragged the covers off the giường and he can see my 'thing' clearly now, which made his 'thing' go higher. I let out a little moan. I wanted him to...
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