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When a mother Kangaskhan dies, it leaves its Kangaskhan cub on its own. The Kangaskhan cub uses the skull and a bone from its mother to use as protection and becomes a Cubone. Then through malnutrition hoặc adapting to a different lifestyle, the Cubone evolves into a Marowak. Female Marowak's later evolve into Kangaskhans, and the cycle starts all over.
This is self evident, as Cubone appears rather similar to the baby Kangaskhan that rides around in it's mother's pouch. Also, 'Bonemerang' (Cubone's signature move) refers to boomerang just as 'Kangaskhan' refers to Kangaroo. kangaroo and boomerangs are both natively Australian themes.
Before Pokemon Red/Blue released, the developers decided that Kangaskhan needed to be separated from the trước đó two stages to become its own standalone Pokemon. The reason for this is that, being a kids game, it wouldn't do to allow small children to learn that a Cubone is actually an orphaned baby Kangaskhan wearing it's dead mother's skull on it's head and slinging it's Bones around like các câu lạc bộ and boomerangs. However, the team didn't have time to xóa the code at the last minute. Instead of deleting the code, they simply wrote a new non-evolving Marowak and moved the old one to an empty slot... with no number. This catchable Pokemon is M', Missingno's sister.
M' is actually a scrapped prototype of Marowak. This theory can be confirmed if bạn catch a M' and level it up, it evolves into a Kangaskhan.
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 credits for picture go to DragonAura
credits for picture go to DragonAura
(Note: The location is not at all real. If so, it is coincidental)
The Pokemon known as Spoink have been around for a long time. However, it is đã đưa ý kiến that if they stop bouncing, their tim, trái tim will stop as well. Why, bạn may be wondering. Well, after my research in the abandoned city of Shatoto City, I was able to gain enough information as to way these poor creatures were được trao this curse.
These Spoinks are not a new breed hoặc a Pokemon found out in the wilderness. They are a scientific creation. And, they were not used for Pokemon battles hoặc to make Những người bạn with humans. Shatoto City was a very cruel...
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LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại Ash sure can sing XD
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It was considered to be the trang chủ of MissingNo and 'M!
It was accessed bởi saving inside the Safari Zone!
It was the only place to walk on water!
What am I talking about? Glitch City! It returns in Pokemon Platinum!

Into The Twilight Zone!

Before we start on Sinnoh's Glitch City, lets talk about the Mystery Zone.

Pure darkness! AR Required!

This trick can be done almost anywhere, just use the WTW (Walk Through Walls) trick. After doing this, your name might change to loser. I mean it, it happened to me! Don't ask me how this happened, maybe it's like the Old Man trick. This is the ONLY way to access...
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Chapter 1-1: Starting A New Battle!

"If bạn don't wake up now, I will go bởi myself!" Dawn said, she was my contest training partner. After that threat, I got up very fast. We both dreamed of being hàng đầu, đầu trang coordinators and wanted to be in the finals of the Grand Festival against each other.
Today we were going to get our starter pokemon, which explains Dawn being so hasty. We ate fast, then started off for Sandgem Town. We lived in a small lều, cabin on Route 201, near Lake Verity. It had three rooms: a bedroom, kitchen, and a dining room. The rooms were so small, that Dawn and I had to make another...
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Is it just me hoặc are there so fewer Pokemon stuff than there were in 1998/1999/2000/2001? I feel as though Pokemon like Kalos Pokemon have diminished to 1/4th of the product we use to have back in 1998-2001. Maybe it was because I was much younger then, but it seem like a whole set of Pokemon stuff like Pokemon vàng and Silver came out each năm around giáng sinh time. I never got finished nghề viết văn hoặc typing my list. Pokemon brought me tons of stuff like Pikachu and Charizard on giáng sinh and I still didn’t have everything on my list. The tiếp theo năm I would put the same Pokemon things like Pokemon...
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No glitches in this one.

The Making Of Glitch Busters

In 2009, I started looking through TRsRockin, and started learning about MissingNo. This place had lots of stuff on Generation 1 & 2 Glitches, but not much on R/S/E and D/P/P, the only two I have tried. So, wondering what strange Glitchemon lurk in Hoenn and Sinnoh, I looked on Glitch City Labs, but never found lots there.

TrsRockin had inspired me to look for glitches, so, I decided to try my luck, but without the knowledge of these mysterious creatures, I didn't find anything. But after the PKMN ngọc lục bảo Glitch, I decided to try a glitch...
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Welcome back to the exctining story on how Ash and the gang meet a new friend, Kasey, who has a secert power that no other Pokemon has.

Last time, Ash and his Những người bạn are now beginning to learn a whole lot about their new friend. But what they are now learning from him is- he has powers and abilites that are not known to any Pokemon around the world such as turning into diffrent creatures and posseing magical powers. But can we really see these powers Kasey posses? And what trouble lies ahead for Ash and the gang? All clues will be revelad in this tiếp theo chapter of "Kasey: The Legendary Pokemon"....
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Source: What appeared to be a single blade becomes two blades when Honedge evolves into Doublade!