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posted by usernameinvalid
When a mother Kangaskhan dies, it leaves its Kangaskhan cub on its own. The Kangaskhan cub uses the skull and a bone from its mother to use as protection and becomes a Cubone. Then through malnutrition hoặc adapting to a different lifestyle, the Cubone evolves into a Marowak. Female Marowak's later evolve into Kangaskhans, and the cycle starts all over.
This is self evident, as Cubone appears rather similar to the baby Kangaskhan that rides around in it's mother's pouch. Also, 'Bonemerang' (Cubone's signature move) refers to boomerang just as 'Kangaskhan' refers to Kangaroo. kangaroo and boomerangs are both natively Australian themes.
Before Pokemon Red/Blue released, the developers decided that Kangaskhan needed to be separated from the trước đó two stages to become its own standalone Pokemon. The reason for this is that, being a kids game, it wouldn't do to allow small children to learn that a Cubone is actually an orphaned baby Kangaskhan wearing it's dead mother's skull on it's head and slinging it's Bones around like các câu lạc bộ and boomerangs. However, the team didn't have time to xóa the code at the last minute. Instead of deleting the code, they simply wrote a new non-evolving Marowak and moved the old one to an empty slot... with no number. This catchable Pokemon is M', Missingno's sister.
M' is actually a scrapped prototype of Marowak. This theory can be confirmed if bạn catch a M' and level it up, it evolves into a Kangaskhan.
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posted by pokeball13
We know the Pokemon vs Digimon I do not know much about Digimon sorry if I get some stuff worng
Round 1 plot
Pokemon's plot 10 năm olds going around the world catching pokemon battling with them a bit irresponsible
Digimon plot I'm now sure of theirs age's but let's says there 12,12 năm olds battling with monsters to save the digital world killing if they had to risking the chance of their Digimon dying I thought pokemon was inhumane but I know people think its mean to make pokemon battle each over but Digimon is to the death Point to pokemon

Round 2 Aging
In pokemon know one ages with I kind...
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Hey, Pokemon fans. Today, I'm gonna talk about why McDonald's promoting Pokemon toys to boys is what Pokemon's marketing outside of Nhật Bản when wrong.

Ugh. Why, McDonald’s? Why do bạn have to promote Pokemon toys to boys? Pokemon is not for boys. If bạn target Pokemon to boys, it’ll fail. That’s why The Pokemon Company International is not happy at bạn for releasing Pokemon toys to Happy Meal for boys. Pokemon needs to be promoted on its own. Not paring with a girl’s toys. Releasing thêm girls toys to Happy Meals with Pokemon made Pokemon’s audiences Mất tích a huge chunk of girls. Pokemon...
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6 years have passed after The Pokemon World Championships Tournament,where Ash Ketchum and his team Poke' Nhật Bản had won the tiêu đề of best Pokemon Trainers in the world.With this victory Ash had finally achieved his goal of a Pokemon Master.

Now,in 6 years time,Ash has became 16 years old,many things have changed in his country and the world,Pokemon battles are combined with bóng đá and Marital Arts to become Triaces,(This happened a long time ago,but it wasn't được ưa chuộng and notice very much)

This is being organized bởi Sector Z which takes care of Triaces for Under 20 player,whose ages her above...
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posted by tinaloo
Hmmm I should go see SuzI and go only my journey with her. Hmmm whos that blue haired guy and why is he hiding with a Pokemon I đã đưa ý kiến .

Well what are bạn looking at bạn ngọc lục bảo eyed girl. Go away and leave me alone. Gesh what's your issue all I did was look at bạn do bạn got a proublm with that I said. Kinda I just ...... Let's battle 1 on 1. Fine.

* the battle*
I chose bạn charmander.
I chose bạn eviee.
I'll go first charmander youse scratch on eviee.
Eviee dodge it and use tackle.
No charmander. Get up and use scratch again.
Eviee dodge and use sand attack
Charmander try and get out of there
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posted by twilightrox43
I snuck behind a tree, close enough to listen to the exchange between Alec and the shady characters.
"Hmmph. So you're Alec, the famous Ranger of Canndon? bạn don't look so tough, truly. But I won't underestimate you, I've heard too much about you," the woman in neon green examined. "I'm Stormy, one of the hàng đầu, đầu trang Admins of Team DareDevil," she introduced herself, smiling evilly.
"What is it bạn want here?!?!?!" Alec shouted menacingly.
"Well, we were looking for Zekrom, who is đã đưa ý kiến to live on...wait, why am I telling bạn these things?!?! Garchomp, get rid of this pest!" she cried, forcing a Garchomp...
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posted by AKetchum01
A Fan-fic about Team Rocket, Treasure Town, and Wigglytuff's Guild

Note: I had this idea when I first played PMD Explorers of Sky. The name "Treasure Town" sounded like a place that would have lots of valuables, and Team Rocket would like to loot it! So, I began putting together pieces, and formed this! Enjoy!


It was early in the morning when Loudred screamed his normal message: Rise and shine! It's mornin'! Team Rocket (Yea, there's another), the duo of Turtwig and Meowth, entered the meeting room. Unlike many of the other meetings, this...
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Chapter 2

Mmmmmm...what can bạn provide me? I'll heal your jirachi and the rest of your pokemon. Deal!!! Sweet! Wait what? What do bạn mean as sweet? Uuuuhh...sweet as in we are going to have a great adventure....hehehe. Ok?Lets just go. Ok. Sure.

The tiếp theo Day....

*Yawn* Good morning. *snore* Whaa...what oh yeah bạn to. *Yaawwn* Why wake up so early misty. No reason only that teamrocket is almost here Hehehe. Did bạn say something? No only my plan hehe. what? Nothing!..nothing.Ok then go make breakfast. Fine.

Later That Day....

This is so boring. Its an adventure not a comedy show. True...
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