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Lester yawned loudly and began to tinker with Dexter's sunglasses, knowing that it annoyed him. Suddenly, Hexter burst into his room. "Lester, bro, can I borrow those?" He asked and motioned to the sunglasses in Lester's flipper. Lester looked up sleepily. "Sure, I but they're not mine, they're Dexter's," Lester handed Hexter the glasses. Hexter grinned evilly, "I know that," He laughed wickedly. "I know that," He repeated and left.

Lester knew that Hexter was up to something, perhaps another prank. He hoped it wasn't going to be on their father, Blowhole, because last time, he got overly angry at Hexter. Lester was about to get up and demand what Hexter was up to, but he decided that was too nosy, so he sat back down and was bored, once again.

Hexter took off his hat and slipped on Dexter's sunglasses. Having an identical twin was useful for pranks. He had been practicing copying Dexter's voice, and had perfected it. He turned down another corner of the lair and soon came across his father. Hexter smiled to himself and drove in his father's 'office'.

"Hello, father," Hexter began, using his best Dexter voice. Blowhole turned around. "Yes, what is it, Dexter?" He demanded, sounding annoyed. "Well, bạn see, I am- Sô cô la MOUSE!" Hexter shouted. Blowhole looked confused. "Dexter? What's gotten-" "EAT A MOUNTAIN OF PEANUTS!" Hexter cut his father off, still pretending to be Dexter. Blowhole recoiled a little. "You need to see the doctor, Dexter, this isn't like you..."
Hexter almost burst out laughing. "BOBBY IS A ROCK. EAT A CHOCOLATE!" He yelled as he left the room.

As soon as he was out of earshot, Hexter laughed like a villain. He knew Dexter hated the doctor and was a little afraid of the doctor, too" Hexter took off Dexter's sunglasses and put his hat back on. Hexter raced to Lester's room and threw the sunglasses into it. "Thanks, bro!" He called as he zoomed past. He hears a "Um, thanks..Hexter...." Lester called back uncertainly.

Dexter made his way to Lester's room. "Can I have them back now?" Lester looked up. "Sure," Lester tossed them to Dexter, much to Dexter's annoyance. "Careful!You could break them!" He snapped. Lester held up a flipper. "Who's the leader? Me." Lester responded in his usual mellow tone. Dexter shot his older brother a look of annoyance. Why was he leader? Why not me? Dexter thought angrily as he left.

"Dexter?" Came Nori's voice. Dexter sighed and went toward his mother. "What?" He snapped. Most teens were snappy. Nori narrowed her eyes and they, briefly, turned red. "Dexter, we're taking bạn to the doctor," She told him. Dexter's jaw dropped open. "What?! Why?" He gasped. "Your father đã đưa ý kiến bạn acted a little....wired," Nori relied simply. Dexter grinded his teeth together. Hexter, once again, played a prank on him, and this time, he had gone. Way. Too. Far.

Hexter laughed when Dexter came trang chủ from the doctor. The doctor always put the shot on the snout.There was a màu hồng, hồng little band-aid on Dexter's snout. When Blowhole and Nori were out of sight, Dexter rolled up calmly up to Hexter on his transporter. "Hey, Hexter, do bạn want to race?" He drawled, innocent enough. Hexter perked up to the word race. "Sure!"

"On my mark, get set, GO!" Dexter called out to his twin. Hexter and Dexter zapped full speed across the ocean. Dexter knew that Hexter was too focused on racing to notice the nets. Just like planned, Hexter got caught into the fishing nets. "AHHH! Dexter, help!" Hexter called out desperately. Dexter keep on racing, pretending not to hear, and Hexter was running out of oxygen.
the tiếp theo mourning.

Skipper: come on guys we got to keep moving.

Marlene: skipper just face it were Mất tích in the middle of nowhere and Kiva is feeling weak.

Skipper: don't say that Marlene we will survive and Kiva will survive too.

Mort: my feet are burning!

Private: i know your feet are tired Mort but we need to keep going.

Me (weak): and trying very hard to stay alive.

Skipper: listen to me Kiva bạn are a Công chúa tóc xù and tough chuột bạn survived cheating death twice before bạn gotta cheat death out of this one.

Me (weak): okay I'll try my best skipper.

then our luck change.

Private: skipper look.

Skipper: what...
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Rico regurgitated a flame thrower and it landed in Skipper's flippers. Then he aimed it straight att Lilly! "No!!!!" Cried Kowalski and Private as they hugged eachother. Skipper's gone INSAINE!!! Skipper pulled the trigger and sent a huge flame straight for Lilly's butt! She instantly felt the seiring pain and woke up. " AHHH!!! What the--" Lilly saw the sneers on her friend's faces. " Uh.. xin chào boys... watch'a up to?" Lilly knew why they were angry with her. Skipper just had to say something about what she did, and he's just FULL of paranoia. " Why did bạn steal Kowalski's invention!? Are you...
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posted by mostar1219
Heyllo, fanguins. Listen, I've been thinking a bit. I know a good amount of us have moved on beyond being fanguins (definitely have myself onto the Youtube fandom), yet we still haven't forgotten that being fanguins was our thing. I was thinking, if some are still able to on youtube, maybe we can all make our own fanguin related video to put in a big playlist to hiển thị that we are still here, maybe kinda like a digital time capsule sort of thing. Since the Penguinfest thing crumbled before it could even begin, this could be like a way for us to still reconnect. So, what do bạn guys think if bạn can make sense of it?
I've just found this cool review of the book "The Art of The Penguins of Madagascar." It's really nice because, even if bạn haven't got the book yet, bạn can see all the pages in the book, the drawings, the paintings and that's really awesome. :3
art of the penguins of madagascar
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north wind
posted by skipperfan5431
Lilly jumps at Officer X and does a combination of moves that Skipper and the boys have never seen before. This makes Officer X go down like the Titanic. He put on a gas mask and sprays the black gas randomly into the air fogging the whole area. Lilly can hold her breath for 15 phút underwater. How hard could it be on land? She pounced on X's head and used her beak to stab into his bald, bald, head. "AHHH!!!!" He cried in seiring pain. He grabs Lilly and throws her forcefully onto the floor! " Ooooo!Thats gotta hurt!" Cried Julien as he clenched his side. The impact of Lilly hitting the...
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    “I’m sorry, little guy. Did that mean man come in here and take bạn away?” Lorrie asked Kowalski as she set him back in his cage. Kowalski hopped around a little.

    “No, I went exploring! bạn should’ve seen me! I opened the door all on my own and everything!” Kowalski told her excitedly. Lorrie sighed.

    “I’m sorry Preston works for those horrible people. I’m glad bạn don’t understand what’s going on. I would hate for bạn to realize how cruel the world is,” Lorrie đã đưa ý kiến as her eyes went dark. Kowalski sighed....
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Chapter 2: A Mistaken Chosen One

Once again, Private wrote down everything about the dream again. Who is this close person that will be mistakenly picked as the chosen one? he thought. He hid it under his cái gối, gối and went to sleep again.

Later in the morning, Messenger Xai Lang arrived. "Mail for Skipper."he said. Xai Lang dropped the scroll and then flew away. Then, Skipper got it. He opened it and read to see a happy news.

Dear Skipper,

Congratulations! bạn are chosen to be the chosen one according to your ascendants. bạn will fight, die and save the world. Leave your city tomorrow. Once again,...
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posted by peacebaby7
Note: This is just supposed to be a conversation between all the animals. After I've completed, feel free to give suggestions for the continuing of the conversation. Lastly, I hope bạn enjoy it! :D

Skipper: "And the zoo's meeting will now come to order!"

KJ: "Oh smelly waterbird! I will have a trái cây sinh tố with mangoes, grapes, um... trái thạch lựu, quả lựu and--"

Skipper: "Not that kind of order!"

KJ: "Well tiếp theo time bạn will be making yourself thêm clear! I was looking phía trước, chuyển tiếp to that smoothie..."

Mort: "I will make the smoothie!"

Skipper: "Can we just get on with the meeting please!"

KJ: "I am royalty! I...
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posted by skipperfan5431
Skipper and Kowalski make it to Doris's habitat right before Rico and Lilly left. Doris actually had something to say to Kowalski, so he stayed behind. "Hi Kowalski." Doris đã đưa ý kiến in a sweet voice. Kowalski couldn't believe the girl of his dreams was talking to him,so he stayed quiet. " Well, I just wanted to say that im sorry how I treated bạn yesterday. I really didn't know how much bạn liked me until Lilly told me. bạn really are sweet." Doris gave Kowalski a tender Kiss on the beak!( sorry mrs.kowalski!) He suprisingly didn't faint....."THUMP"......Nope....he just did. Dorris giggled to herself...
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posted by SJF_Penguin2
link if bạn would like to access the first chapter.


Off the Shelf
A Penguins of Madagascar fanfic
Chapter 2: "Career Change"

Liz glanced at her daughter in the back ghế, chỗ ngồi through the rearview mirror of her silver Subaru Outback. "So, have bạn named your little Những người bạn yet?"

"Yes." Chelsea held Skipper up. "This is Mr. Penguin." And then held up Marlene. "And this is Mrs. Penguin."

"No, no, sweetie. The brown one is an otter. Remember the story I told bạn in the gift shop?"

"I know she's an otter, Mom. But she changed her name when she got married."

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Source: All Tied Up with a Boa.
added by penguinlover13
added by Rico14
Fast-forward until the time code is 3:19. The guy hát sounds JUST like Kowalski!
Biệt đội chim cánh cụt vùng Madagascar
xin chào this is my first fanfic, so plz no hate! :)
This chapter will be Kat's POV btw
Sorry I haven't been nghề viết văn much, I've been busy :(

Okay, I think I'm on Skipper's good side now, and that's good.
Today I tried some of his cá coffee, and it wasn't too bad I guess

All was great that morning, except when Marlene came over, probably to pick another fight with Skipper

Marlene's POV:
I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! I need to go see him NOW!
End of Marlene's POV

"Skipper this is KILLING ME! Do bạn wanna hang out?" She says



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posted by peacebaby7
"What the deuce?!" Skipper exclaimed as he and team rushed out of the hatch. They looked around, unsure of where the scream had come from, then they heard a light sobbing coming from the con rái cá, rái cá habitat. "Move out, boys!" Skipper ordered.

Upon entering Marlene's, they saw her in the entrance to her habitat leaning against the wall. Her paws were cupped over her mouth, tears were slowly running down her cheeks, and she seemed to be paralyzed with fear. "What happened, Marlene?" Private đã đưa ý kiến as the team approached her. Marlene remained silent, unable to speak.

"Marlene?" Skipper stepped up to her...
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It was a warm summer evening in the Central Park Zoo. The sun was now only a semi-circle peaking over the horizon. All was peaceful, a nice cool breeze swung through the trees and gates of the habitats, and colorful bướm flew through the air. It all would've remained peaceful if a certain quadrant of chim cánh cụt commandos hadn't chosen today to test Kowalski's new invention.

"Okay Kowalski, what do we have this time?" Skipper asked his lieutenant. The four of them were on their habitat's island.

"Skipper, I have invented..." He got ready to rip the sheet from over-top his latest invention....
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Finally the lights flashed on, and without having any contact with the door, Skipper and Private witnessed it slam open before their own eyes. "Come on," Skipper said. "No, no, I can't go in there! No!" Private whined like he was in a trance. Skipper grasped his flipper, and dragged him inside. Skipper kept his grip tight until he found Kowalski and Rico bởi the stairs. "Are bạn both all right?!" Skipper asked startled. "Yes, but something happened in the basement." Kowalski đã đưa ý kiến out of breath. "All right, Rico, take Private upstairs and keep an eye on him. Kowalski, you're coming with me."...
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After everyone ate their snowcones, Skipper, Kowalski, Private and Rico felt...really...really...sleepy. (However did bạn think THAT happened?) So they all go to sleep. Accept for Lilly, who took the vile out from under her cái gối, gối and ran to Marlene's habitat. On the way to Marlene's habitat however, Julien stops Lilly in her tracks. " Oh hello Lilly. How coincidental it is to be seeing bạn here like this." Says Julien trying to play cool. bạn had to admire his Julien's eyes suddenly get fixed on Lilly's vile. " Aha! Now I see why youre in such a hurry to see me!" Lilly rolls...
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