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Lester yawned loudly and began to tinker with Dexter's sunglasses, knowing that it annoyed him. Suddenly, Hexter burst into his room. "Lester, bro, can I borrow those?" He asked and motioned to the sunglasses in Lester's flipper. Lester looked up sleepily. "Sure, I but they're not mine, they're Dexter's," Lester handed Hexter the glasses. Hexter grinned evilly, "I know that," He laughed wickedly. "I know that," He repeated and left.

Lester knew that Hexter was up to something, perhaps another prank. He hoped it wasn't going to be on their father, Blowhole, because last time, he got overly angry at Hexter. Lester was about to get up and demand what Hexter was up to, but he decided that was too nosy, so he sat back down and was bored, once again.

Hexter took off his hat and slipped on Dexter's sunglasses. Having an identical twin was useful for pranks. He had been practicing copying Dexter's voice, and had perfected it. He turned down another corner of the lair and soon came across his father. Hexter smiled to himself and drove in his father's 'office'.

"Hello, father," Hexter began, using his best Dexter voice. Blowhole turned around. "Yes, what is it, Dexter?" He demanded, sounding annoyed. "Well, bạn see, I am- Sô cô la MOUSE!" Hexter shouted. Blowhole looked confused. "Dexter? What's gotten-" "EAT A MOUNTAIN OF PEANUTS!" Hexter cut his father off, still pretending to be Dexter. Blowhole recoiled a little. "You need to see the doctor, Dexter, this isn't like you..."
Hexter almost burst out laughing. "BOBBY IS A ROCK. EAT A CHOCOLATE!" He yelled as he left the room.

As soon as he was out of earshot, Hexter laughed like a villain. He knew Dexter hated the doctor and was a little afraid of the doctor, too" Hexter took off Dexter's sunglasses and put his hat back on. Hexter raced to Lester's room and threw the sunglasses into it. "Thanks, bro!" He called as he zoomed past. He hears a "Um, thanks..Hexter...." Lester called back uncertainly.

Dexter made his way to Lester's room. "Can I have them back now?" Lester looked up. "Sure," Lester tossed them to Dexter, much to Dexter's annoyance. "Careful!You could break them!" He snapped. Lester held up a flipper. "Who's the leader? Me." Lester responded in his usual mellow tone. Dexter shot his older brother a look of annoyance. Why was he leader? Why not me? Dexter thought angrily as he left.

"Dexter?" Came Nori's voice. Dexter sighed and went toward his mother. "What?" He snapped. Most teens were snappy. Nori narrowed her eyes and they, briefly, turned red. "Dexter, we're taking bạn to the doctor," She told him. Dexter's jaw dropped open. "What?! Why?" He gasped. "Your father đã đưa ý kiến bạn acted a little....wired," Nori relied simply. Dexter grinded his teeth together. Hexter, once again, played a prank on him, and this time, he had gone. Way. Too. Far.

Hexter laughed when Dexter came trang chủ from the doctor. The doctor always put the shot on the snout.There was a màu hồng, hồng little band-aid on Dexter's snout. When Blowhole and Nori were out of sight, Dexter rolled up calmly up to Hexter on his transporter. "Hey, Hexter, do bạn want to race?" He drawled, innocent enough. Hexter perked up to the word race. "Sure!"

"On my mark, get set, GO!" Dexter called out to his twin. Hexter and Dexter zapped full speed across the ocean. Dexter knew that Hexter was too focused on racing to notice the nets. Just like planned, Hexter got caught into the fishing nets. "AHHH! Dexter, help!" Hexter called out desperately. Dexter keep on racing, pretending not to hear, and Hexter was running out of oxygen.
I made a tag video and dedicated this one to the fanguins. Hope bạn guys enjoy this and the chỉnh sửa
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i'll fight
first fandom tag
posted by Cowtails
"I'm back aren't bạn all so happy!" Cowtails đã đưa ý kiến happily.

Skipper stared at her, "Uhhh...Sure..."

Cowtails scowled, "Geez if you're all gonna be jerks I'll just let Sweet Pripper deal with you!"

Kowalski's eyes widened. "Oh please no...I missed you" He đã đưa ý kiến quickly.

Rico nodded, "uhuh uhuh uhuh"

Private laughed nervously, "Me too!"

"So only Skipper needs punishment...what shall I do?" Cowtails đã đưa ý kiến deep in thought.

"ANYTHING BUT THE CAT!" Skipper screamed.

Sweet Pripper's POV

"Or needle cat." I said.

"Needle cat...I like that idea." My friend đã đưa ý kiến with a smile.

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posted by Sylvia_Puffin
1. It's funny!
2. The characters have been worked on. I like stuff where the characters all have their own personality.
3. I would never have found fanpop if not for PoM!
4. Mort is adorable!
5. So is Private!
6. The phim hoạt hình is awesome. I suck at animation. The best I can do is some weird blue monkey head with lông, lông thú sticking out of its eyeballs.
7. None of the characters are annoying!
8. It's different. Most shows aren't like it.
9. If you're sad, hoặc worried, bạn can just watch PoM and you'll feel better. It works every time.
10. It's even fun to watch with the sound turned down! (You should try it--it's...
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I'm bad at đọc stories so please chịu, gấu with me people. And please bình luận and tell me if I should continue, Warriors of Night & Caught.
Location: chim cánh cụt HQ
Kowalski looked up from his newspaper. His face held a puzzled look. " there something I need to know, Skipper?"

Skipper hung his head and looked up. His eyes were soft and delicate. "Not really, only the thing is Sophia is my sister," he muttered. "The troublemaker in my family."

"So your last name is, Lewis?" Private asked with his strong...
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Chapter 8

Skipper made his way into the Clock Tower, and just like the last time he was there in the normal castle, a quick flash of light came and went and the fingers on the clock both started to move. They both landed on the six, which was on the hàng đầu, đầu trang instead of the bottom due to everything in the lâu đài being in reverse. And just like the last time, it rang thirteen times. Dong…dong…dong…dong…dong…dong…dong…dong…dong…dong… dong…dong…dong. The floor opened and Skipper made his way up. When he arrived he found an elevator just like the last time, but instead of going...
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The car stopped right outside of a forest. “Um, Skipper? Are bạn sure this is the right place?” asked Private, staring at the vast unknown.
“Don’t worry,” đã đưa ý kiến Skipper. “They’ll be here.”
As if on cue, two turkeys came out of the jungle. “Skipper! Me amigo!” đã đưa ý kiến the taller turkey.
“Hello, Turk,” replied Skipper evenly.
Turk ushered the smaller turkey forward. “This is me son, Gobber.”
Gobber raised a hand. “Hello.”
Turk laughed. “Gobber here is about the same as that young ‘un back there.”
“Me?” asked Private, pointing to himself.
“Oui, nice accent,”...
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posted by midnightangel88
private: oh ya skippah this is my mom
melody: hello my names melody nice to meet bạn skippah
skippah: nice to meet bạn too
melody: xin chào private wanna go get something special bạn deserve it come
private: okay mom
skipper: kowalski analysis
kowalski: i have no idea
private: mom can i have 2 boxes of đậu phụng, đậu phộng bơ winkies please
melody: sure here
both: (eats đậu phụng, đậu phộng bơ winkies)
private: ohlookoverthereiseeabirdheheheyay
melody: private high on sugar rush
private: okwaitheymomdidn'tseeyoutherehuhyoudidn'teitherhuh
private: (wakes up) mom what happened
melody: sugar rush private
to be continued
Foreign 02.24.16

“Morning, Nari!” Marlene đã đưa ý kiến one morning, excitedly nudging her habitat-mate and adoptive sister. “Come on, wake up!” she urged, eager to get out in the Monterey sun.

Nari stretched her arms and legs with a yawn as she sat up. “Marlene, the morning will still be there in ten minutes,” she complained with a smile.

Marlene laughed and pulled her arm. “Don’t be a wimp! Come on! Let’s go for a swim!”

The two went outside their cave-like room out into the California spring morning, Marlene at the lead while Nari lagged behind. Marlene chim bồ câu, bồ câu into their pond while...
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Enjoy Chapter 4!
Location: Penguin's Island
I awoke in a large thùng with dim lighting through a little hole for air. I was to tired to get back on my webbed feet and knock open this door myself.

Finally I stood up in my thùng and looked through the small hole. I gasp. Their was another eye!

"Hello?" I heard someone say. "Is anyone in there?"

I almost leaped out of my feathers. Wow did the cops find me that easily?, I thought. Things were going through my brain like going fishing with cá streaming
through a river.

"Hello?" I asked. "Can...
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posted by Skiparah
Apparently I was wrong when I thought I'd seen the last of Hans that night. I couldn't have been thêm wrong. The tiếp theo ngày he was back and glowing. "Hello chummy fun-pal!" he greeted, a derpy expression on his face. Back then I wasn't as paranoid as I am now, and I didn't smell foul play when it was in the air. I was just glad I had someone to talk to. We spent the ngày fooling around 'just like old times' as Hans said. It wasn't the same for me though. Too much had changed during that time. I'd fell for love. I'd Mất tích love. I'd được trao up on life. I'd been rescued from death. That was alot to...
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posted by peacebaby7
Alex & Maurice...

Alex & Maurice had been walking for about an giờ now. So far there was no trace of Mort. They called his name several times without an answer. "Oh man. Where is he? This is bad....he's probably out there all alone. Cold. Scared. This is all my fault..." Maurice đã đưa ý kiến worriedly. Alex put his paw on his shoulder & turned him around to face him. "Look Maurice. I'm sure Mort's fine. And it's not your fault. bạn couldn't of known." Maurice considered for a moment. "I suppose you're right..." Alex put on a sad smile. "Yeah. C'mon. He's gotta be around here somewhere."...
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posted by Skiparah
The war called me to fight not long after I married Hanna. My one focus was on the war, and the war alone. I promised Hanna before my departure that I would write her every day. I did. For a while..
Then I started nghề viết văn a letter a week..
..a letter every few weeks..
..then I forgot almost entirely about her..
The war got feircer and the battles got rougher. I'd Mất tích track of Hans in my whirl-pool of life. As far as I was concerned he was a thing of the past. I was above my past for all I knew, and I wasn't looking back. Then one ngày I recieved a letter from Hanna stating that she was carrying...
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posted by midnightangel88
 private: mom (hugs mom)
private: mom (hugs mom)
private: xin chào guys whats up
kowalski: nothing much bạn have any nines
rico: nuh go cá (eats fish)
skipper: private we got a letter in the mail for bạn
private: really skippah (grabs letter)
dear private
i am coming for a visit today bạn may not remember me cause bạn were just a baby boy bu be on your best behavior before i get there
tình yêu melody (mom)
private: my mothers coming for ah visit todah
private: mom (hugs mom)
melody: private my sweet little boy look how big you've grown (looks at shocked penguins in the back)
skipper: what the heck is going on here
to be continued
Kick in the Head 03.03.16

Note: This installment is humanized. It’s a silly improv idea I thought of and I randomly decided to turn it into a little ficlet.

— § —

Marlene sat at one of the chairs at a beauty shop, waiting for her stylist to come. She looked through a magazine that showed a bunch of women with various styles of hair, occasionally looking into the mirror and imagining her with a particular one.

“Ooh, girl! Look — at — you!” a woman đã đưa ý kiến as she came to her side, fluffing her hair a bit. Her nametag read Tange and she had a thick, nasally Brooklyn accent. She had to...
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Sorry about the long wait. Here's the tiếp theo chapter. It's short, but I hope bạn enjoy!

Rico had debated whether he should keep what he saw to himself hoặc tell his leader. In the end, he dismissed it as a hallucination produced bởi his hunger. The chim cánh cụt stuffed another cá into his beak. “This is good fish,” he grunted, mouth full.

Leroy lấy trộm, đánh cắp a glance at him before laughing. Soon, the rùa, con rùa was on the ground, his body shaking with laughter. Private stared at him curiously, unable to stop a smile from breaking out into his features. “What’s so funny?”

Leroy took in a deep breath....
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Cowtails was in the back of the man's car, curled into a ball. She kept crying and telling Kowalski,”I told you...I told you...I told you...”

Kowalski looked confused,”That your dad? But, like I said, he will have to kill me to hurt you.”

~~~Private was shaking really bad, still in the basement with Sweet Pripper. “It's not your fault,”he said, hugging SP. “It's that man...”

Sweet Pripper said,”No it is my fault! He took bạn when I should've noticed and now that guy is gonna come and we're gonna die!”

~~~Cowtails sobbed,”You don't understand how awful he is! He...
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