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posted by lipbizkitfan98
 what the album art will look like
what the album art will look like
our leak on the new song sorry lyrics only we need a guitarist. so here it goes- DrewDawg
No Rights Reserved- Dont give up

Hey look at bạn i just donkey puched bạn if bạn mess with me again im gonna get a fat dude to munch on you
Hey you, xin chào me guess whos tiếp theo to get a fist in there face so if bạn dont like that i would just knock this stuff
out! it would be a good idea. Oh no Bam.! Bam.! Bam i can chokeslam this may be a great message to the haters
and the even greater haters and the gays and the pimps and the douchebags and the fags... I can blow bạn away
With a single fist bạn could be in acomba...
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