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Grey's Anatomy ❖ People say Goodbye

Multicouples || Dynasty

jack pearson - my husband is a freaking superhero

Lip Gallagher || My little brother Ian

one cây đồi núi, hill || this house no longer feels like trang chủ

Noora and William || crazy in tình yêu

effy stonem | wild youth

there's nothing holding me back | nick & jess

mercy | mark & lexie

Multicouples | Dynasty (for my 11k)

blinded bởi you. (multicouples)

Multicouples | All we are (13,5k)

Sad Multifandom | Being alive hurts too much

Multicouples collab | Dynasty

Multicouples | Too much to ask [+zeroxmile]

✖ The Vampire Diaries | So Cold ♪

The Vampire Diaries | That's humanity.

Multifandom | It will rain.

Damon & Elena | A Thousand Years

►The full story of Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert [1x01-8x16]

(1x01-8x16) Damon & Elena | How they fell in tình yêu with each other

► TVD Couples || Thousand years

all The Vampire Diaries couples ● what hurts the most

The Vampire Diaries | It's what made us family.

The Vampire Diaries | Unsteady

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good | F&G

The Weasley Twins ✘ Mischief Managed

Harry Potter || Somebody to die for (collab with magical1517)

Harry Potter | So cold

►mike&eleven; all i want

steve & nancy | circles

Steve Harrington || Feel it still

►Harry Potter - Centuries

Harry Potter - This Is Gospel

Teen chó sói, sói 3A || This is Gospel

Multifandom | if bạn tình yêu me let me go

If bạn tình yêu Me Let Me Go-Multifandoms

If bạn tình yêu me, let me go || Multifandom

non-endgame couples | no happy ending (wish #2)

non-endgame couples | bạn đã đưa ý kiến forever.

Meet me on the Battlefield | Multifandom

MultiFandom ►| No Scrubs [0.7k]

Non-endgame couples I See bạn again

non-endgame couples | Stitches

✿ New Rules [ +sim mallec ]

► Katherine Pierce [New Rules]

✗New Rules [+7K]

Thor ⌁ Thunder

MultiMale Marvel Cinematic Universe // Talk Dirty

MCU Villains & Antagonists // I'm So Sorry

Thor - Come With Me Now

Spider-Man (Peter Parker) // Everybody Loves Me

Spider-man Homecoming : CRACK

Black con beo, panther (T'Challa) // Battle Royale

MARVEL || Glitter & vàng (collab w/ djcprod)

Iron Man (Tony Stark) // vàng

Thor // Thunder

peyton sawyer {one cây hill} | in the end

Nathan + Haley || Perfect [LSC]❤❤❤

brooke davis: a warrior.

Ian & Mickey | ngọn lửa, chữa cháy meet gasoline [+7x10]

lip gallagher | berlin

Ian Gallagher (Shameless US) - Unsteady

isak & even | weak

Noora & William | Stay [4x10]

eva kviig mohn | homewrecker

Justin and Cook | I'll be good [crossover]

Cook & Effy || Happier

Effy Stonem | Looking Too Closey [TMGC : 2]

Draco + Hermione (Dramione) || Demons

● MultiFemales || Guys My Age [ +3,2K! ]

► Multifemales l How about if i kick your đít, mông, ass like a woman?

Me & My Girls | A multifandom feminist video

Bisexual Theories [Bi Bi Bi]

✗ Girls Like Girls

Multifemale | i dont care, I SHIP IT

► Multi BI BI BI | "It's not just guys"

bi pride *:・゚✧

Multifandom | My Ex's and Oh's

Sнout out to my ex [+Scodders]

Forever afraid of losing him [Sterek]

Derek&Stiles - What might we deduce about them?

Derek/Stiles - What's four?

forever l damon & elena (8x16)

Damon & Elena || I loved and I Mất tích bạn

teen chó sói, sói | i loved and Mất tích bạn

● Scott & Allison | Hurts Like Hell

● damon & elena | hurts like hell

Damon & Elena | hoặc Nah [TVD]

► Stefan Salvatore [No type]

Stefan+Katherine-Or Nah

Damon & Elena | hoặc Nah

Damon & Elena | In My Face [18+]

Damon & Elena | ngựa con, ngựa, pony [18+]

Damon & Elena - Scream

►Damon & Elena | Somebody To Die For

Damon/Elena - So cold

►Damon & Elena | Demons

Damon & Elena | Amnesia

Me with Steel con beo, panther :p