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This IU hình nền might contain chân dung, headshot, and closeup.

Oftentimes the casting of idols in dramas can lead to disgruntled những người hâm mộ as they harbor serious doubts about the diễn xuất abilities of some được ưa chuộng celebrities.

However, a gần đây post on Instiz shows that idols excel at diễn xuất too! The original tác giả compiled a danh sách of five successful actor-dols as listed below.

1. Jung Eunji – Sung Siwon


“Prior to the drama’s airing, netizens called her out on being ‘too plain’ for the role of Sung Siwon. However, it was this very plainness that allowed her to play her role successfully as a student and woman giving birth.”

2. D.O – Han Kangwoo

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