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This IU hình nền might contain chân dung, headshot, and closeup.

Singer-songwriter IU visited her friend Yoo In-na, on her last ngày on KBS radio program “Let’s Crank Up the Volume’ aired on Sunday.

The two flaunted their close friendship with a bức ảnh together, with IU holding up a placard written “I can’t live without DJ Yoo.” In contrast to IU who seemed to be on the verge of crying, Yoo In-na smiled at the camera, looking happy due to her little friend’s visit.

IU wore an adorable but comfy black hoody with her hair tied back. On the other hand, Yoo In-na donned a thêm dressed-up look with a feminine áo cánh, blouse and a burgundy cardigan.

Actress Yoo In-na marked the end of her 5-year-long DJ life as of Sunday. She has been replaced bởi Cho Yoon-hyee.

bởi Kim Ji-young (christinekim@heraldcorp.com)

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The best way to end the năm is to spend it with your loved ones. And that's exactly what close Những người bạn Sulli and IU did on New Year's Eve!

Sulli đã đăng a selca of the two smiling together with the caption, "Spending the last ngày of 2015 with the person I love."

They're so cute and we tình yêu their '93-line friendship.

{A/N: allkpop is wrong about Sulli's 93 line}


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