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Sherlock followed the instructions on the letter to the word. He went about a few streets down from 221b and made a left. There was a tall building opposite him and it looked abandoned so he assumed that this was the right place.He went inside and looked around. He heard footsteps behind him and turned around to see who it was

"Moriarty. Long time...
"No see"
"What do bạn want?"
"I see bạn got my letter"
"Your letter?"
"So how did bạn find out?"
"A little birdy told me"
"She betrayed bạn Holmes"
"Against her will?"
"More than likely"
"What do bạn want?"
"I want bạn to not get involved...
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Holmes and Irene spent the entire night talking about anything they could think of. Irene was mostly talking about how Sherlock and her first met. Holmes knew what she was doing and attempted to switch the conversation. On the way the trang chủ they walked down the pavement arm in arm,Sherlock may be a ignorant man but he was a gentleman.

"Well this is my stop i believe"
"Thank bạn for a lovely night Sherlock"
"Well it appears bạn may have had too much wine Irene"
"I only had what about one..."
"Half the bottle?"
"Whoops but thank bạn i had a wonderful time"
"Me too well i better say goodnight John will...
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Holmes quickly to quickly clean up the room before Irene came in.

"Cleaning was never your forte"
"Knocking clearly still isn't yours"
"Well i just thought i'd let myself in since bạn were never planning on answering the door"
"When did bạn figure that out?"
"When i ring the door chuông, bell three times and bạn don't answer"
"Must be broken"
"Well it's been 'broken' for thêm than a few years now"
"Why are bạn here?"
"Why not?"
"You always have a motive Irene so what is it this time?"
"I'm just here to let bạn know that i know"
"Know what?"
"I KNOW Sherlock"
"You mean about me...."
"And Watson"
"Let's just say...
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Watson was on his type writer. He was typing up their latest adventure. He had been doing that for hours and Holmes was getting bored. He went to find Watson

"Watson? Watson? Ah there bạn are. You've been at that machine for ages"
"I have not"
"Yes bạn have. You've been typing for at least two hours now"

Holmes went around the back of Watson and wrapped his arms around his neck and whispered in his ear

"I'm feeling neglected"
"Are you?"
"Well i guess i will have to do something about that won't I?"

Watson turned around and gave Holmes a quick peck on the lips which then turned into a longer kiss....
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