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posted by thegame998
I like to press the buttons and strum the bar down loads. But as bạn know GH is a game bạn either love, hoặc loathe. Playing anything from Skynard to Allman, I don't care, as long as I do not have to share. Playing anywhere from my trang chủ to that big tournament at the dome. bạn cannot beat me and my mighty medium leveled powers. bạn know that I have been practicing for hours. Don't throw that đàn ghi ta, guitar down after I've beaten you, I suggest bạn get used to it,because I will always defeat you. So as bạn can see đàn ghi ta, guitar hero is pretty fun, but what's next? Rock Band is, and I'll slam those drums!
posted by i_love_dragons

Guitar hero is a game that let's bạn rock out to you're yêu thích songs and makes bạn feel like you're on stage. Of course it will never beat the real thing but for people who don't have time to learn a real instrument, this game will give bạn a good experience. If bạn don't know the game is based on trying to play notes as they come bởi on a moving track. bạn have five buttons corresponding to the five colored rings on screen. To hit a note simply hold down the corresponding button and then flick as the note comes buy to hit it. It sounds complicated for beginners but once bạn reach...
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