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10 years
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Ross: [leaning over and talking to Rachel's lap] I can't wait to play with bạn all day, and to hear your first words.
Phoebe: [wide eyed] Why are bạn letting him talk to your crotch that way?
Rachel: He's talking to the baby.
Phoebe: Oh, that's good. Because when I heard, "I can't wait to hear your first words" I thought, "Boy that's some trick!"

Carol: Oh, what do bạn know? No-one's going up to bạn and saying, "Hi, is that your nostril? Mind if we push this
Carol: pot roast through it?"

Ross: I figured after work, I'd pick up a bottle of wine, go over there, and try to... woo her.
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And so it began, in the famous Central Perk, in 1994
When 6 new Những người bạn walked through the door
At first, it started when Rachel failed to say “I do”
And then to her dad, she complained she didn’t want to be a “shoe"

Each one of the 236 episodes never failed to spark laughter
Laughter that continued, for a long time after
So many life lessons can be learned from such a show
Even though Những người bạn was on, now 20 years ago

For thêm không gian in bed, use the “hug and roll” technique
and while looking at the “ugly, naked guy”, bạn will most likely scream eeekk!
If having a girl, name her “Phoebe”,...
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full episode
warner bros.
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posted by ktgirl266
Here are nicknames that have been được trao to thêm than one person :)
Thanks, Enjoy, bình luận :)

Chandler & Joey = Braclet Buddies
Chandler & Joey = Lazy Boys

Chandler & Joey = Fancy Lads
Chandler & Joey = Roomies
Chandler & Joey = J Man and Channy's

Chandler & Ross = Weenies

Joey, Rachel & Phoebe = Children

Chandler & Monica = tình yêu Birds
Chandler & Monica = Blahh
Chandler & Monica = The Bings

Ross & Joey = Ball Boys
Ross & Joey = The New Joey and Chandler

Ross & Rachel = Dr. and Mrs. Geller
Ross & Rachel = The Geller's
Ross & Rachel = Lobsters

Phoebe & Rachel = Losers

Ross, Joey & Chandler = The Three Hockeyteers
Ross, Joey & Chandler = Hairy Backed Marries

Joey, Rachel, Phoebe & Ross = Little Elves

Monica, Rachel & Joey = Kids
posted by ktgirl266
All of Monica's nicknames during all 10 seasons!!
Hope bạn like it :)

Wuss- được trao bởi Rachel
Monana- được trao bởi Herself

Noisy Girl #1- được trao bởi Heckles
Little Harmonica- được trao bởi Jack Geller
Smitten Kitten- được trao bởi Phoebe
Twinkie- được trao bởi Her Parents
Oat- được trao bởi Herself
Cheater, Cheater, Compulsive Eater- được trao bởi Ross
Tiny Little Woman- được trao bởi Herself

Big Fat Goalie- được trao bởi Her Old Hockey Team

Lucky Dog- được trao bởi Chandler
Mugsy- được trao bởi Chandler
Mom- được trao bởi Chandler
Martina- được trao bởi Chandler

Roomie- được trao bởi Chandler
Sweetums- được trao bởi Chandler
Tattle-Tail- được trao bởi Ross
Wily Minx- được trao bởi Phoebe
Big Faker- được trao bởi Chandler
Marcia- được trao bởi Phoebe
Man Trap- được trao bởi Chandler

Ms. Hot Shot Chef- được trao bởi Janice
kẹo Lady- được trao bởi Her Neighbors
O'Mally- được trao bởi Chandler