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Article by lovebaltor posted hơn một năm qua
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[Part I: Mirror, Mirror]

Verse 1:

Mirror can bạn tell me how to stay forever young?
Let me know the secret,
I will hold my twisted tongue,
Please protect my beauty,
Velvet skin so pure and white,
Hear my name resounding like a hymn at dead of night.

Verse 2:

Once I struck a servant,
She's a virgin, free from sin,
Drops of blood caress me and refine my aging skin,
Could this be the answer, uncorrupted Carmine red?
Voices keep resounding in my dazed, bewildered head...

Verse 3:

Have I found myself eternity?
Someone has heard my prayers,
Now I'll become divine!
Have I found myself divinity?
I'm no longer a slave to the vicious hands of time!
(Elizabeth...wake up...Elizabeth...wake up...)

[Part II: Requiem for the Innocent]

Verse 1:

Mother can bạn hold me one thêm time again?
Opinion by princessyuuki posted hơn một năm qua
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The Blood Countess of Transylvania
(a short and simple version)

Many of bạn are familiar with the legend of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, a Hungarian countess who was obsessed with torturing and murdering other women to obtain their blood. Well, here is a re-telling of her unforgettable legend. This research is derived from a speech I gave in class and I decided to add it here for your pleasure and curiosity.

If bạn don’t believe in the existence of vampires…think again!

To understand why Countess Bathory was defined as a vampire, bạn must first understand what vampire is.
A. ma cà rồng are believed to be creatures that drain the life nguồn hoặc energy and who can be physical, ghostly hoặc formless.
B. The vampire is known in superstitions for feasting on the blood of others.

One woman managed to live like a vampire, this woman is Countess Elizabeth Bathory. In this essay I will write about her background, her marriage, her crimes, her trial, and the works she has inspired. According to Anthony Masters and other sources, Countess Elizabeth Bathory killed between 300-600 women.