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This is my opinion about why Disney should revert back to the old movie ways that they use to produce.

I believe that Disney Channel Original Movie have deteriorated from what they use to be. When I was growing up the moves were full of soul, purpose and everyday life issues. Nowadays all the phim chiếu rạp are about hát and dancing about teens falling in love. Look at the movie Camp Rock. It was about a nobody girl falling in tình yêu with a real được ưa chuộng boy and their was a lot of singing. Look at High School Musical. It was about a nerdy girl falling in tình yêu with a được ưa chuộng athlete and they sang a...
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I hate this hiển thị so much! It is horrible! Austin to me, acts like dumb 5 năm old in a teen boy's body! Ally talks with no emotion WHATSOEVER, and is one of the ugliest Disney các nữ diễn viên the company has EVER hired! All bạn hear yabbering from Austin's mouth is "Hi! I'm Austin Moon! (wow the writers must have been REALLY creative to come up with a name like that- NOT)the overnight internet sensation! " It's so annoying! The songs are crappy, Trish is way too fat to wear the tight outfits that she wears, and what a great role model for kids! Getting fired from a new job every day! GREAT JOB DISNEY!...
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Okay so......everyone thinks demi lovato is a bad person.....but she is my idol and just because she did one bad thing doesnt mean she is a horrible person.....i have my own opinion but people take stuff toooo far..so people shouldnt be so hard on her i mean she is 18 she accually has the right to do what she wants..i know it wasnt the right choice but it was her dicsion....maybe somthing tradgic happend to a family member .....well bạn guys probally arent sure?huh??...well then the people that ae being rude to demi could shut their mouths because theyre just jelouse they dont have her wonderful diễn xuất and hát skills well...thats my own opinion......and thanks for đọc this please fell free to bình luận any time