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 The difference between Twilight and Buffy
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This Critical Analysis of Twilight tranh sáng tạo của người hâm mộ might contain anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga.

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For people who were expecting this bài viết to be earlier, really sorry about that! But I've been getting ready for school(WAH!), get the point.
So, this article(as bạn can obviously see from the title) is about Stephanie Meyer. Oh yes, I'm pretty sure you've heard of her. The tác giả of the Twilight Saga and the Host, she's pretty much one of the most được ưa chuộng writers at this point. Why?
I really don't know.
The danh sách of reasons

1)Her writing
Okay, even back when I was a mega người hâm mộ of twilight(bows head in shame), I never liked the writing. Its just..not good. Hard to explain really. Now reading...
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In which Edward takes an unhealthy interest in Buffy, and Buffy gives him what-for! This video is very, very clever and funny. The way it's put together is so well done. Enjoy, rate and comment! =D
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I am totally ignoring Breaking Dawn in this because Stephenie Meyer broke all the rules in there. [Vampires cant have children, they have no body fluids, etc etc]
Reasons i think Jacob is better for Bella than Edward is:
1. Edward/Bellas relationship is based on appearance. She is constantly talking about how good he looks, how velvety his voice is, how graceful he is, etc. She đã đưa ý kiến Jacob was beautiful once hoặc twice and called his new muscles impressive once hoặc that she is jealous of his tan skin. She thinks Edward is too good for her because she looks plain tiếp theo to him. She thinks Jacob is too...
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I'm just sayin' Bella is one of the worst role người mẫu ever when it comes to love, sex and life choices and should not have allowed to be published in any shape hoặc form. I mean, when she's made the heroine of the story and marketted at teenage girls.

1. She's obsessively in tình yêu with a control freak stalker.

Unfortunately it seems the vast majority of the Twilight fangirls are too with the very same freak.

2. She wants him so bad that she'll abandone everyone else she loves so that she could be with him. Even when it means she'll practically have to become a blood-drinking corpse.

(The movie 'Eclipse'...
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