The King and I
Hi guys, since this is my first bài viết on the người hâm mộ club. Here are my danh sách of favourite classic phim chiếu rạp that I grew up with, ready?

1. The King and I

This famous musical was the earliest that I saw and I tình yêu the songs, but favourite scene was definitely the Small House of Uncle Thomas. I tình yêu how the setting is Thai even-though the story is American.

2. The Sound of Music

I tình yêu the songs and the scenery, I was in Salzburg 9 years cách đây but did not tham gia the Sound of âm nhạc tour sadly. But I hope to go in the future! Initially, I did not know that it was base on a true story of Captain Von Trapp. Secondly, this bài viết is dedicated to Charmian Carr, who played Liesl von Trapp in the movie had recently passed away last weekend.

3. Oklahoma

I had seen this movie a few months ago, and I tình yêu the story. Especially the cast, it is very funny and interesting as the story progresses.

4. Carousel

I only seen bits of it and the songs are very colourful, especially 'June is Bursting Out All Over'. It makes me want to see the movie again, maybe sometimes when I'm free.

5. Mary Poppin

Now don't get me wrong, I tình yêu Julie Andrews since the Sound of Music. The songs are whimsical and very catchy that it makes bạn want to sing along.

6. The Sissi Trilogy

This is the first non-English movie that I discovered while in Vienna, Austria. It's about the Empress Elisabeth of Austria and her marriage to Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria, she was known bởi her nickname as Sissi.

7. The Great Race

This movie was another must watch moment, I tình yêu the song 'The Sweetheart Tree'. Sadly to say, the soundtrack is very underrated!

Enjoy Watching Them!

So here are my danh sách of classic phim chiếu rạp that bạn should really watch.
The hills are alive.
Oh what a beautiful morning.
June is bursting out all over!
Wanna watch it?
Franz and Sissi.
Participate in the Amazing Race.