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What high school stereotypes would the heroines be?

Feel free to add more. There's too many for me to tackle at once!

Snow- girl tiếp theo door who tutors children
Cinderella- the underdog studying hard with a part time job to make it into fashion school
Katrina van Tassel- the wealthy class flirt who is nice to the bullied kids
Aurora- the artsy wallflower boys are intimidated by
Eilonwy- the geeky girl in Journalism
Ariel- the cheerleader in band class
Belle- the được ưa chuộng hipster
Jasmine- the Queen bee studying to be a lawyer
Pocahontas- the inspirational environmentalist
Mulan- the shy loner
Meg- the vamp who smokes in the bathrooms
Jane- the dorky artist
Esmeralda- the flirtatious Queen bee in thảo luận team running for class pres and Jasmine's rival
Rapunzel- the geeky teacher's pet
Tiana- the overachiever who all the teachers like
Merida- the jock/one of the boys
Anna- the motivational athlete who is Những người bạn to the less được ưa chuộng kids
Elsa-the girl who tries too hard to be perfect and please everyone
WOW! That's cool! I especially liked Meg xD I will add my own when I got time!
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scarletunicorn said:
Can we add non-Disney girls too?

I think I tổng thể agree with your ideas, they're not too far off from what I pictured the characters in this scenario.


Blue Fairy- One of the school counselors. Always a sweetheart and always available to speak with, but sometimes her advices are very vague and many misunderstand her words.

Odette- The daughter of billionaires, she's the girl everybody's Những người bạn with because even though she's được ưa chuộng she's not a mean girl per se. She helps anyone in need. An A-grade student who excels in english and writing. She also practices ballet in her free time.

Amalthea- The quiet girl in class who prefers doodling on her notebook and looking out the window than listening to the teacher. May seem cold and distant at first, but she's very close and loyal to those who befriend her. Always dresses in hippie-like fashion and enjoys taking walks in the park.

Chel- The sexy girl who cons her way out of situations. Nobody knows how she does it but she just simply does. Hangs around with a pair of idiots and sometimes she wonders why she's Những người bạn with Miguel and Tulio.

Anya- Likes being in the thảo luận team, and often takes the position of leader when the class needs direction.
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