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1. Don't give the bully such a easy target. Be somebody who nobody wants to pick on.

2. Develop Self-Esteem. hiển thị others your Talents. Speak out loud.

3.Say something nice. Like, I like your hair. Or, Did bạn get (thing_that_is_exiting_to_most_kids) if he/she says Yeah! Unlike bạn loser! hoặc anything like that, if bạn did get it then say, Actually i did. Then give them a smile. if bạn didn't, say, No i didn't. So, How is it? :)

4.If they are gossiping, tell them: "I don't like what bạn are doing. please STOP. It hurts me."

5. if they are calling bạn mean names, just ignore. if it continues, Say, "I don't like it when bạn call me names." Tell them that about 2 times. If it continues, TELL AN ADULT. it is very important that an adult knows when bạn are not feeling comfortable.

note me if bạn need anymore advice, really. i care. Also, Những người bạn and family are very good helps. I'm your Lời khuyên if bạn need anything... :)