My Alpha And Omega Plots

* Alpha And Omega 1: After park rangers capture and ship them halfway across the country, omega chó sói, sói Humphrey and alpha chó sói, sói Kate find themselves on a rocky road trip. Humphrey is all about fun, while Kate devotes herself to duty and discipline. Back home, rival Người sói menace their pack, and only Kate and Humphrey can restore peace -- but first, they must survive each other.

* Alpha And Omega 2: When A Group Of Alphas disagrees With Alphas And Omegas, law Being Lifted. They Start A bloody Revolution. Its Up To The newly married couples To Stop it before It destroys their pack.

* Alpha And Omega 3: Still Recovering From The Civil War, The Pack Faces A New Threat. Humans. Kate, Now pregnant. Is Captured With Garth And Taken To A Hiden Location In FlatHead National Park in Montana. There They Met A She-Wolf That's Happy To See Garth.

*Alpha And Omega 4: Taking Care Of A Family Is Hard. thêm So When Your thực phẩm nguồn Is low. Kate & Humphrey, Now Parents To 2 Health Pups. Must Look For A New Home, And In The Process Runs in To Humphreys Father.