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What is your yêu thích characters that start with the letter "S"?

17 answers | my answer: Kaolla Su(last names count too right?)- tình yêu Hina...

Post a picture of an animé character that has something purple (Eyes,Hair,clothes hoặc accesories)

30 answers | my answer: Yue-chan!!

post a romantic and cute pic of ur yêu thích anime couple?

31 answers | my answer: KonoSetsu!!!(Negima)

Favourite anime character(s) hairstyle?

45 answers | my answer: Yue-chan!

Can bạn guys tell me some good Comedy hoặc Romance animes????

6 answers | my answer: Galaxy Angel and Negima

post a sad anime video

7 answers | my answer: Here! Includes some spoilers.
Lucky ngôi sao

Let say bạn where Kagami’s Mom hoặc Dad! And walk in on her doing this (Refer to picture) What would bạn say to her?

27 answers | my answer: Me: Um Kagami? Kagami: What? Me: I don't mind bạn...
cặp đôi anime

Who is the cutest anime couple in Chibi version? ^.^

12 answers | my answer: KonoSetsu(Negima)
cặp đôi anime

What is your fave anime couple?

27 answers | my answer: KonoSetsu from Negima
cặp đôi anime

Who is your yêu thích anime couple ?

35 answers | my answer: KonoSetsu(Negima)