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The Beatles

wat beatle do u think u r??????????????????????

11 answers | my answer: Ì would say Ringo, but I don't have a big nose :O...

what do bạn think of toy story 3

35 answers | my answer: I must say, although the other Toy Stories are amaz...

What movie are bạn obsessed with?

32 answers | my answer: Toy Story !!! _____________ 1, 2, 3 ALL OF EM! Tr...

When bạn hear "DISNEY", which is the first that occurs to you?

64 answers | my answer: Animatronics lmao then Toy Story ... They happen...

Which Pixar movie made bạn cry the most?

57 answers | my answer: Toy Story 3, bởi far.

What's the best Pixar movie?

19 answers | my answer: I agree, Toy Story is the best [and I'm talkin' All...
Harry Potter

Have bạn had any weird Harry Potter related dreams?

61 answers | my answer: I WAS RON and I was alone in the forest... Didn't h...
Harry Potter

does daniel look better oldier hoặc younger

11 answers | my answer: I like him better younger than "oldier". Same with...
Gia đình Simpson

What is Maggie

9 answers | my answer: A baby...I think :S

Heres a big what if câu hỏi for all fans. bạn are a hunter and have been sent to a old hotel bạn can take one person to help you. who would bạn take Sam Dean Bobby hoặc Cass and why?

15 answers | my answer: Dean! He seems caring and protective. Nowadays Sa...