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  • Favorite TV Show: Sonny with a Chance
    Favorite Movie: Too Many
    Favorite Musician: Dolly Parton
    Favorite Book or Author: The Age Of Miracles
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Genevievebarbie trao các điểm thưởng cho tôi về my images
Lovely thông tin các nhân pic đã đăng hơn một năm qua
Lifeisafairytal đã đưa ý kiến về phim Barbie
Haven’t been on here in such a long time but I recognise a lot of users and hope everyone is doing well. So nostalgic to come back here and see what is going on. đã đăng hơn một năm qua
XTinkerBellx đã bình luận…
Hope you've been doing well, too! I miss when this place was busy hơn một năm qua
barbieboonchit đã bình luận…
This club is such a big part of my childhood memories. I have beeb here since 2009. Lot of memories here hơn một năm qua
Lifeisafairytal đã đưa ý kiến về phim Barbie
I found this news bài viết on it, which sheds pretty much the same information. Apparently, they have các bức ảnh of the official Ken Prince doll which is a character from the new movie. link đã đăng hơn một năm qua
axinia_d đã bình luận…
His crown doesn't even fit тт тт hơn một năm qua