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EmAkaMe đã đưa ý kiến về Người sói teen
Ok, first of all WTF?! That's one hell of a cliffhanger. This hiatus is gonna be the death of me: damn you, Jeff Davis!! I've never been crazy about the twins, but that last scene of them broke my heart. And Danny knew?! For how long? I hope we'll get thêm into this tiếp theo season. This was probably the saddest season so far, but được trao everything I'm pretty sudisfied about how things turned ou. Stiles is alive and healthy, so... đã đăng hơn một năm qua
EmAkaMe đã đưa ý kiến về Người sói teen
I know that with everything that's been going on lately this might be the last of our problems, but what's with Agent McCall and his secret? What started off as something small and insignificant is now a LOT more: McCall knows it, the Sheriff knows it, so does Stiles and now the Nogitsune too. What did Melissa do?! đã đăng hơn một năm qua
Max277 đã bình luận…
thats what im wanting to know!!! hơn một năm qua
EmAkaMe đã đưa ý kiến về Cô gái bí ẩn
huge gigantic SPOILER ALERT!!! don't read this if bạn haven't seen last episode!!!

WHAAAAAT?! I CAN'T believe it! I WON'T believe it! Who is that degenerate minded writer who decided to kill off Hale?! My tim, trái tim broke. Seriously, it hurts. I really hope they'll bring him back but I also have the feeling that they won't :,( Poor Kenzi, why can't she be happy? I don't give a rad đít, mông, ass about the whole Wanderer thing, I just want everyone to team up again and kick Massimo's immortal ass!! đã đăng hơn một năm qua
LLheart đã bình luận…
My poor lil' mama....Massimo must die ASAP!!!!!! hơn một năm qua