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big smile
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Literally, even I am scared of this monsoon and all. Actually I am thêm afraid of facing a flood now😥

Yeah he is from my class. 😁 đã đăng cách đây 4 giờ
pinkbloom đã bình luận…
So, bạn are going with season 7 of Winx. Are bạn enjoying it? cách đây 4 giờ
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Yeah right. They are targetting younger audience, but I guess it's no use as Winx Club is a old franchise and the original winx những người hâm mộ are almost grown ups now, like us. Fresh new audience will take a really long time to gather and nowadays even children aren't interested in this kind of shows. Even I wish they won't disappoint us with fate: the winx saga.

Hey, I just found out an anime like maid sama....It clearly reminded me of Usui and Misaki.
Watch this^😁 đã đăng cách đây 4 giờ
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Ah really, long time no see! Yeah they have stopped production of World of Winx series. I damn wanted to know what happens to Babayaga. It was really going great.

Literally this war and everything is crazy. It's irritating me a lot. I wish everything becomes peaceful again. I want the relaxing aura back! XD đã đăng cách đây 4 giờ