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Ashleythewitch trao các điểm thưởng cho tôi về my comments
Hello Cheetah đã đăng hơn một năm qua
CheetahGirl5147 đã đưa ý kiến …
I'm just saying that I appreciate all the memories fanpop has được trao me. It's...only been around 3 years...More to come. I can't believe this site has changed so much, in the site itself and it's community. I'm going back and finding so many cringe-y things I've đã đưa ý kiến and done...So I'm truly sorry for that, hah...Well, this is really sappy. So I might as well close it up with a thank bạn to fanpop and everyone who lives in it. (3/3) đã đăng hơn một năm qua
ben15delas đã bình luận…
Wow hơn một năm qua
CoolWolf471554 đã bình luận…
Everyone's got to di chuyển on. ^_^ hơn một năm qua
CheetahGirl5147 đã đưa ý kiến …
I wish I could go back to that..But I know I can't since almost everyone is gone...It's so strange how everyone meant so much to me yet...They're gone right away. I put fanpop at the back of my head at one point...Came back then the same thing happened again. I see that old CheetahGirl5147 was liked more, I would guess. Energetic, playful, nice, sort of stupid, but brave. Now...the CheetahGirl5147 morphed into CheetahGirl, to Cheetahhh. I'm not saying that I will ever leave this site... (2/3) đã đăng hơn một năm qua