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 when katara sees sokka and suki in giường
when katara sees sokka and suki in bed
Dear Diary,
Today is 7/ 25, and I had to get up early since my birthday was tomorrow. So I left out of my room to wake up Sukie (she was across the hall). I knocked on her door and nobody answered. I turned the handle and noticed that it was unlocked (usually everyone locks their door unless their not there). So I opened it to see if she might be there. When I opened the door I saw Sokka laying on the giường and Suki on hàng đầu, đầu trang of him on her stomach. At first I wasn’t sure what I saw. Until I only saw the cover on both their waist. I turned away; I was ready to burn my eyes and brain to remove...
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Aang's POV:

I woak up when i heard a mumbled shout coming out of one of the other tents. I got up and steped out side into the dark night. I steped closer to the tents tiếp theo to mine........ but i couldnt hear it again. So I decided to go back to bed. I turned to go back in when I heard I stiffled shout.


I gasped.... it sounded like Katara and she was yelling at Zuko. what was going on??????? I rushed over to her tent and peeked inside.

I looked in and saw Katara laying on the ground and Zuko on hàng đầu, đầu trang of her, pinning her down. But something was different....... it didnt seem like she was scared, it seemed like she liked it.

They both were moving around ontop of each other and I was about to jump in and "save" her when she squiled out excitedly "UHHHH..... ZUKOOOO"

he moaned out "Ka- Katara"

And then they kissed. I was shocked. "KATARA!" I cried out. (unintintionaly)

They both froze and there gaze shot up to me. KATARA looked MAD!
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"Jet....YOUR ALIVE!" crys Aang....shocked.

"You bet I am." Jets các câu trả lời with a devilish look on his face.

"But how?" asks Sokka.

"It was katara really.....it took a while but her spirt water worked. I was very weak. I almost stoped fighting for my life but then I remembered Katara's angelic face and I held on." he turns to Katara and cups her face in his hand, and raps his other arm around her waist, pulling her into him. "You saved me...your tình yêu was my strenght to cary on." Then he kissed her.

When their lips meet, Zuko couldn't help but cry out in pain. His tim, trái tim was breaking. "UUUUGGGGGHHHHH"...
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they are all outside at there camp ground....just practicing there bending.

"I want to try something." says Katara as she walks over towards the rest of the campers... "But i need a ngọn lửa, chữa cháy bender"

"EUGH...... MEEEEEE!" says Aang.

She picks Zuko.

"What do bạn want babe?" he ask as she grabs his hand.

"I want to bend hot water...." they all look at her-confused..... "water that isnt hot until i bend it."

"I think I know what bạn mean...." Zuko says as he raps his arms around her standing behind her.

"On three.... 1.... 2.....3" and with that his hands laying on hàng đầu, đầu trang of hers he lets out a small flame...
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I tình yêu THIS ONE!!! It is kinda cool how at the start ofthe song the guys voice sounds similar to Zuko's! tình yêu IT!:)
Thế Thần - Tiết khí sư cuối cùng
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I sat on the step of the ngọn lửa, chữa cháy lords summer house in ember island. We have just came trang chủ from the play 'the boy in the iceburg' and what a terrible play it was. The only good part was when Zuko sat tiếp theo to me. But aang had to ruin it at intermission and Kiss me. i dont even like him. But he likes me, and if he knew that i liked zuko, what would happen. it was so confusing. 'Does zuko even like me." i caught my tounge when i relized i đã đưa ý kiến that out loud.

"Kutara, bạn like me?"

i looked behind me to see zuko. "yes. alot actualy."

he sat down tiếp theo to me."i thout bạn liked aang." he đã đưa ý kiến looking...
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