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posted by YJTTFAN
Robin walked in ton his sister Delta flipping though the TV.
"Found anything to watch?" He asked, everyone was bored. Delta put the remote down and sighed, she wore a plain white t-shirt and dark jeans.
"Nope, all the TV showes now are all stupid," She said, it was true. Delta picked up her laptop and streamed bạn tube to the TV. Robin, Megan and Artemis watched her cursor di chuyển across the TV as she searched shows. The all read a few summaries.
"Look there's one called the Justice League!" she giggled
"The probably got all the details wrong," Artemis đã đưa ý kiến going back to đọc her book.
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posted by Mclovin_69
Người dơi had gotten worried because the of the amount of people lving in the mountain so he decided to di chuyển the team Secret Six across the world so that they can help others in need out there, but considering Người dơi didnt think of the teams couples seperating like Willow and Wally, Becca and Robin, and Joy and Connor, he hadnt any intention of letting them stay together becuase they were superheroes they didnt have time to date.


Willow cried as she packed her bags from her room, she heard a knock...
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posted by Robin_Love
The team had no idea what had gotten into Wally. As of a week ago, he'd been talking to the same “person” Robin was; and they were starting to worry. They đã đưa ý kiến nothing to the two of them, talking quietly to themselves. They decided to come out and ask if the two boys were pulling a prank. được trao their record for pranking everyone (especially Superboy), it would seem like the sort of thing they would do. So it was not unexpected when Robin and Wally were surprised to find the team waiting for them. The two exchanged looks as the team lead them into the living/dining/kitchen room area. Artemis...
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Megan started the plane, while the rest of the team buckled in. She formed a ghế, chỗ ngồi for me, right tiếp theo to Superboy.
Frankly, I was kind of afraid of him.
"Take a seat, Erica," Aqualad offered, motioning to the ghế, chỗ ngồi tiếp theo to Superboy.
I awkwardly sat tiếp theo to him. His eyes were what appealed to me the most, and his face was downright gorgeous...
Snap out of it, Erica! My subconscious scolded. You've got a job to do!
"Ready for take-off," Megan announced. "We'll be landing in an hour."
All of a sudden, I felt bướm in my stomach. Why was I nervous? I took another peek at the Greek god next...
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posted by DeltaYJ
Amnesia: The Dark Descent

The room was dark. Like really dark. Robin was used to it being Batman's protégé and all, but seriously, did it have to be that dark? His hand was gripping so hard on the bàn that he was sure it was going to splinter at any moment.

The volume was on too loud too. The main character's heartbeat never seemed so…scary. It was constantly pounding.

"Turn the volume down," Rob said.

Wally didn't seem to hear him. He continued playing the game. They were both sitting at the computer bàn in Robin's room. Their forms were both scrunched over as they stared at the barely illuminated...
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I landed outside a ring of police cars. I slipped past the barricades and into the alley where a familiar figure was planting daggers along the wall. I was about to walk up to him when the tường blew in. 

Red Revenge was the first in, as always, and throwing daggers, in no time, he had the criminals pinned against the wall. All but one. He walked over to the final criminal, who was whimpering in fear mind you, and picked him up.

"Who hired you?" he demanded.

I stayed back, as I had learned was best to do during interrogations.

"No one! I swear! This was all my idea!" the guy cried, raising his...
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A/N Kid Flash can't resist a challenge. And when a certain Meister of âm nhạc steps in, well, let's just see where that takes us XD of, and btw,italics is singing

"Hey Kid Mouth" Artemis greeted
"Hey, Artepits" he snarked
"Hey Kid, guess what" Artemis said
"What?" he asked
"Anything you can do, I can do better" she grinned
"Ha!" KF laughed
"I can do anything better than you"
"No, bạn can't"
"Yes I can"
"No, bạn can't."
"Yes I can"
"No, bạn can't."
"Yes, I can, Yes, I can!"
"Anything bạn can be, I can be greater. Sooner hoặc later,I'm greater than you" KF sung
"No, you're not" Artemis shook her head
"Yes I am"...
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posted by emilypenguin55

Robin wonders why the others do it. The hero business, he means. It was dangerous, and they knew it, but it took huge determination to even try and be a hero. Even Robin felt like just giving up and quitting at times, but he'd never admit it.


He thinks Kaldur does it because he promised.

He made a commitment to his king, Aquaman, and like any good citizen, he'd never go back on a promise. It was...
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posted by Robin_Love
The escrim sticks twirled in her hands and Wally noticed it as a nervous habit. They were spinning almost faster than he could follow. His eyes followed them round and round. He was starting to get dizzy and pulled his gaze to her face. She was biting her lip as she searched for an answer. But she suddenly slammed the weapons to the ground; thank goodness they were shatter proof.
“Where did they take him?!”
Wally felt uneasy. He was alone with Robin's girlfriend who was, at the moment, pretty pissed about her boyfriend's disappearance. They had been hunting for weeks, Becca continuing when...
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