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posted by NekoTheif
Amara preferred the winter. It was harder for prey to get away and harder for humans to get into her woods. Oh and the snow. She loved it so much. She could remember when her mother made snow thiên thần and snow men in the snow. And then they would drink coco. And she remembers how the snow on her skin would never really melt but it turned her rosy and she loved watching it fall. And then her mother's blood was spilled across the snowy white plains.
She still loved winter.
For her mother and her powers. But she hated the town. She hated every soul in it and if she got the chance ,and maybe she...
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posted by Obscurity98
I watch bạn stand,
bạn enjoy,
bạn spinn my head,
I know your name, Roy.

bạn cant hide,
I will find you,
A guy like you, should wear a warning.

I can see bạn now,
I can see bạn there,
Watching me,
But maybe, i dont care.

Your red hair,
Your eyes i can watch,
bạn tình yêu me,
Kick it up a notch?

Babe bạn cant have me,
I like to play hard to get,
bạn cant catch me,
I'll take my chance, its a bet.

I slip through bạn fingers everytime,
I Kiss your lips,
I run through your hair,
With my finger tips.

And as my tohuge touched you,
I stood on the ledge, and fell back,
bạn try to catch,
But i slipp through.

Your face is stone cold,
But i know your mourning,
A guy like you,
Should wear a warning.
posted by KatRox1
“…And this is a smoke pellet. It’s great for making an escape.” Tony looked at me and smiled. He was 18, like Shane. Also, he had brown hair that looked almost identical to Shane, except the fact that his was longer. The only difference between Shane and him, was that he had glasses and tan skin. Shane and I were both pretty pale. “Nice!” I complimented. I had been helping him for the past 4 hours just helping him create some new gadget. “So, are bạn going to tell me why bạn need all this?” He asked. I smirked, “Tell bạn later.” He groaned exaggeratedly. “Fine, but at...
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posted by Robin_Love
Devin flew into the base just before the sun shone in. After meeting with her Sensai, Devin had been asked to help out a small animal trapped in a cage. Of course, Devin had answered right away to save the animal which turned out to be a little chịu, gấu cub. It's lông, lông thú had been matted and caked with mud, leaves, and blood. It had been trapped for quite awhile, starving and almost past the point of insanity. Devin had never felt so worried hoặc hurt; the animal was wounded, starving, thirsty, and motherless. She didn't want to think of what would have happened had she not shown up. But that delay had...
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