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Chapter Seven- "...And thêm Clashes (With a side of plot twists)"

Revenge leaped onto the roof, landing in a crouch. The assassin had fled to the trees, but she would have to re-appear soon. Revenge's chua mood was worsened bởi the archer re-appearing tiếp theo to him.

"I thought I made it clear--"

"that bạn can't handle one assassin?" Artemis asked, smirking and putting a hand on her hip. "Yeah."

"She's good." Revenge said, turning back to look at the forest.

"Whatever helps bạn sleep at night." Artemis smirked.

Revenge frowned at her, bởi turned to the park at the sounds of commotion. Police were firing wildly into the trees. And someone was returning fire.

Red Revenge waited.

"Ummm... Aren't bạn gonna do something?" Artemis asked, notching an Mũi tên xanh in her bow.

"Shut up." Revenge said.

Artemis frowned. "You know what? You're a pain in the --"

Before she could finish her sentence, Cheshire landed behind her.

"Hello, Jade." Revenge said, still in the same position, watching for Holly.

Artemis had an Mũi tên xanh at Cheshire's throat as the Assassin responded to Revenge's greeting.

"I assume you're attempting to find a way to defeat Holly?" Cheshire asked.

"Is that even her name?" Revenge asked.

Artemis slowly released her hold on the arrow. What in the heck was going on?

"You Interested?" Cheshire asked.

"Maybe I am." Revenge replied, lowering the binoculars and calmly placing them in his belt.

cây ô rô, hoa huệ, holly landed behind him, knives drawn and a devilish smile on her face.

Artemis took a few steps back, unsure of what was about to happen--scratch that. What was happening?!

Artemis's eyes darted back and forth between the three. She noticed Revenge's hands and arms tensing up, but the two assassins seemed as calm as ever.

As if some unspoken signal had been given, the three leaped at once. Revenge had daggers in the ground where he had been and was leaping out of the way, triggering the explosives as Cheshire leaped at his former position.

Artemis didn't see cây ô rô, hoa huệ, holly coming until too late. The assassin's dao, con dao pierced Artemis's arm. Artemis fell back, drawing her crossbow and firing several rounds.

All of which the assassin dodged with almost liquid movements. She grabbed Artemis's arm and twisted it behind her back. Artemis screamed in pain. giây later, Revenge tackled cây ô rô, hoa huệ, holly to the ground. Artemis flexed her arm and stood up.

Lights flooded the roof and the humming of a helicopter sounded above.

"This is the New York City Police Department. Stand down hoặc we will be forced to use deadly force!"

Cheshire grinned, lifted her mask, and stuck her tongue out at the helicopter.

Artemis saw it before she heard it. bởi the time she had hit Cheshire full speed, the helicopter's machine gun was firing onto the roof. Artemis rolled and was on her feet in a second. The một giây after that, an Mũi tên xanh hit the gun and foam expanded around it, preventing it from firing.

"Archer! Stand down!" the same megaphone voice called out.

But the archer and her sister were gone.

Artemis landed in the alley and Revenge followed. He pulled a dao, con dao from his arm and gestured down the street.

"Blur Boy is two alleys down. I'm assuming he'll wanna fuss at bạn for saving Cheshire." Revenge said.

"I suppose bạn know why then?" Artemis snapped back at him.

Revenge hesitated before turning away. "I would have." he said. "If I had any."

"Any what?" Artemis snapped at him.

"Family." Revenge replied, taking off his mask and running a hand through his hair. His brown-blonde hair was matted and sweaty with clumps of blood in it. He quickly replaced the mask and turned back around.

"I believe your work is done for tonight." Revenge said. "Report back to Người dơi and get out of my city."

As Artemis walked past him, he smacked her in the back of the head.

"What was that for?!" Artemis exclaimed.

"Not bad." Revenge said, smirking underneath his mask. "For a girl with bow and arrows."

Artemis smirked and walked off. For some reason the compliment meant something to her. She wasn't sure why but it did.

"I need to talk to Artemis, and Artemis alone." Người dơi said. "Head trang chủ Wally."

Wally nodded and departed, shooting Artemis a glance. One she understood only too well.

Người dơi pulled up footage from her fight with Revenge on the roof. He paused it as she knocked Cheshire out of the way of the bullets.

"Artemis," Green Mũi tên xanh spoke behind Batman. "If the mission is too personal for you, we can pull bạn out."

"Perhaps I can get Wondergirl to take your place." Người dơi said. His voice had softened slightly.

"No!" Artemis exclaimed. Người dơi and Green Mũi tên xanh raised an eyebrow. "I mean, don't bạn think Grant will notice if Zatanna Zatarra shows up in New York City around the same time another girl starts taking an interest in him? And Revenge-"

Artemis cut herself short.

"I'm listening." Người dơi said.

"Red Revenge can barely stand me. He couldn't stand the smart-mouth." Artemis said.

Người dơi thought for a moment before turning to Green Mũi tên xanh who shrugged in response to the silent question.

"Very well." Người dơi said. "But feel free to pull out at any time."

Artemis nodded.

"Don't, however," Người dơi hit play on the footage of Artemis firing at the helicopter. "Shoot at a government vehicle again."

Artemis nodded and walked back into the zeta-tube.

"Recognized. Artemis. B-07."
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Hey, my name's Jozyl Jocoti but most to all civilians like yourself would know me as Shayde. That's right I called bạn a civilian, if you're getting the hint here that means I am most likely a superhero hoặc supervillian (Mwhahahaha! Just kidding) hoặc maybe I could be neither hoặc maybe both? I dunno I haven't picked a side yet.

Well anyways I've decided to write my life down in this very article(s) bạn dear civilian are reading. And if bạn are đọc this I advise bạn to read with caution, this is a tale of extraordinary events of a not so normal girl along with her definitely not normal friends,...
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Silver Wings part III
10 agonizing phút later, the bioship landed in a hanger. I sat in one of the seats of the ship, my foot tapping obsessively. Soaked. Exhausted. Nervous as Hell. It wasn't everyday bạn got rescued (Kidnapped?) bởi the Boy Wonder and his crew and brought to a secret hideout to meet the glorious Dark Knight.
Not that it would matter much. If they discovered how I had gotten the Weapon, how I had snuck into one of the world's most secure facilities and stolen the most powerful weapon ever created, I wouldn't likely see the sun rise. Damian would have killed me if he was...
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 Teague-Human Form
Teague-Human Form
Name: Teague
Alias: None
Occupation: Demon-Elemental Hybrid; Villain
Powers: Elements, flight, demon shape-shifting
History: Teague's past is unknown, but he has been known to kill. Teague is also known for his powerful temper and control over the elements.
Notes: Teague can transform his body at will into his demon form. If he is angry enough, he will immediately start to transform. He likes to mess with humans and Giải cứu thế giới alike. He is thêm often flirty and fun-loving then he is angry. But he is short-tempered and loves to play jokes. While not much is known about him, he enjoys sending Giải cứu thế giới on...
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Eclipse loved âm nhạc always had, always will. That gave her the idea; there has got to be musical talent in this pit of Giải cứu thế giới known as Mt. Justice. So she found a few people that might have what she needed.

INFINITY: Eclipse was walking bởi her room when she heard it the weirdest sounds all electronic but they were so random. Peeking in she saw Fin sitting at her bàn messing with nhà để xe Band (Program on táo, apple computers) and was using the most confusing loops(snippets of sound) like a door slamming to violins to 80s tecno beats, and a few phút later Fin played the song, the ngẫu nhiên sounds...
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I wrestled ngọc lục bảo to the ground, and tried not to seriously hurt her. She slapped me across the cheek and I suddenly felt weakened. She rolled me to the ground, and I kicked her in the stomach. The team was so surprised bởi her sudden attack that they hadn't done anything so far, and now it was too late. They were wrapped in vines, even Batman, and as much as they tried, no one could use their powers. Người dơi and Robin's belts had been taken away and were resting a couple of feet away from them, but it was far enough that as much as they tried they still couldn't reach.
Now her black hair whipped...
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Robin walked in ton his sister Delta flipping though the TV.
"Found anything to watch?" He asked, everyone was bored. Delta put the remote down and sighed, she wore a plain white t-shirt and dark jeans.
"Nope, all the TV showes now are all stupid," She said, it was true. Delta picked up her laptop and streamed bạn tube to the TV. Robin, Megan and Artemis watched her cursor di chuyển across the TV as she searched shows. The all read a few summaries.
"Look there's one called the Justice League!" she giggled
"The probably got all the details wrong," Artemis đã đưa ý kiến going back to đọc her book.
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"Aqualad, what's the tiếp theo song?" Aqualad gave him along, measuring look, but then pulle the tiếp theo slip of paper out.

"Sexyback Justin Timberlake for…all the guys?"

Artemis burst into a fit of laughter. Even Miss M looked amused. Artemis was gasping for breath, ignoring the nasty glares she was getting.

"We're NEVER gonna live this down," moaned KF. The rest of the guys looked just as grim. Their mentors would laugh at them, most definitely.

"What, if we actually do this song right?" đã đưa ý kiến Speedy slowly. "We could make this song not sound ridiculous for us. If done right, this song could be very...
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“No,” Roy đã đưa ý kiến automatically. Ollie gave him a pained look.

“Spee—Red Arrow,” he said, and it had to be bad if Ollie was actually respecting the codename change. He continued, “You know I’d never ask bạn to do this normally,” which was a complete and total lie and they both knew it.

Roy crossed his arms. He glowered harder, because clearly Ollie wasn’t getting the message.

“I’m not your babysitter,” he đã đưa ý kiến through gritted teeth....
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