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posted by Robin_Love
 Nurse Becca
Nurse Becca
It appeared to be night bởi the time her eyes had opened. Everything seemed stranger; slower. She tried to di chuyển her hand and found herself strapped down. She started to panic, eyes looking for anything within her grasp to help release her arms. She let herself relax when she saw a friend in the corner, eyes closed, but at peace and alive. She had no real idea if it was because she was held down, but she couldn't feel much. The constant buzz in her head had disappeared, along with the reality of time, it seemed. There was something going on but she relaxed and breathed in deep breaths. Her eyes shut once more, her overused brain recalling what had happened before she had woken up here. I had been in my room at headquarters.......down south. Something disturbed the alarms. A-a...some thing. And then....the electric circuits were flooded. I was in there....with Valen! She tried to sit up and was whipped down bởi her restraints with a maddening 'thunk'.
“Erin! You're up.”
She looked to the eyes belonging to her partner and co-leader.
“Where am I?”
“In a hospital. After the circuits were flooded, bạn were found in the room with Valen. He's fine bởi the way. Don't be disturbed....but you've changed. And you're powers...are not the same.”
“What....? I don't want....what?!”
He smiled at her.
“Why am I restrained?”
“You kept trying to di chuyển when they ministered medications.”
He looked at the restraints and she felt them drop free.
“Thanks, K.C. Now...what happened with my powers?”
“You're speed, I'm guessing, was changed with the electricity and water mixing together. After all, bạn did get them that way.”
“So....I powers?”
“None related to the speed force, no.”
“But...I have them?”
“Yes. bạn still have mutant DNA, we're just not sure what they are.”
“I do.”
They both looked to the door to the nurse standing in the door.
“Becca!!! What are bạn doing like that?!”
“K.C. He thought it would be “great fun” for those who were wounded. Anyway, I've been running tests. You're blood is...very active, still. It's got a wild side to it.”
“How's that?”
“Your strength seems to have increased immensely. And bạn have a strong combative instinct. My theory is bạn may have been bonded with a water golem of some kind.”
“A gollum? Like Lord of the Rings?”
“No. Golem. Nature spirit. Though very volatile.”
“And I bonded with one...why?”
“Well it's life was probably going to be expended. It clung to the nearest thing.”
“Great. Anything else?”
“Yes. You've been retracting and detracting a pair of wings. Sometimes a tail; a demon's. Those features can be marked bởi a golem. And bạn have some water properties.”
“Well bạn seem to absorb water on bạn rather than...not. And bạn can survive in water terrain. Oh and bạn can control where it goes. So bạn do not have water-bending, no. bạn have some traits though.”
“Wow. So....can I see what I look like now?”
With a small nod, Becca handed her a mirror.
“Take a look, Valda, spirited warrioress.”
 K.C. (case bạn forgot)
K.C. (case you forgot)
 Valda (Erin Summers)
Valda (Erin Summers)
So, like I was gonna wait to make this anoother time but, idk when I'll be able to get on again so yeah. Here's some thêm boring shit. :p

"Hurry! I saw them go this way."Jake yells and they continue running.
"Not on my watch." Alek pops up out of nowhere.
"We don't have time for you." Khanna bubbles him and they keep running.
"Hey let me out of here!" he bangs on the bubble but, it won't pop.
"Bubbles, never knew bạn had that power."Jake says as they turn down the tiếp theo hall.
"Yeah, that's cuz I don't usually use it." she says and they find Daniel.
"Hey guys. They have cookies." he says as he munches...
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posted by Robin_Love
Listen. Read. Enjoy X3


A dark figure shadowed the light from her window. A hand clamped over her throat and warmed neck. The hand tightened on her neck, strangling her. The shadow’s eyes shinned vàng in the darkness. The shadow had four horns and giant wings. Silver fangs dripped drool down on her. Red smoke breathed from its nostrils, framing everything in her view. A cold clutched at her tim, trái tim and the shadow’s ngọn lửa, chữa cháy illuminated its ugly, scaly face.
Scales were peeling off of its skin, some with a darkening black poison. Its tail swung around, creating thêm smoke. The creatures giant...
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posted by BloodyMascara_
Was up in the middle of the night. I needed to get the reasons I hate the color red. NO OFFENCE TO THE RED LIKERS!


The color of blood. The color of fire. The color of hatred. The color of pain.

Her yêu thích color was red. Untill the night....

She came trang chủ from school like any other day. She had gotten good grades. She was happy. Her hair was the scarlet color. She had loved it. When she got up to her front door.......something....wasnt right.... Her mother usually waited bởi the door to await her. This time....they didnt rush to the door. It seemed odd to her at first. But she entered. She...
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posted by Robin_Love
I swear, I JUST wrote this!!!

She awoke to an odd sound. Not the usual sound of the others waking up. Something else. Something....haunting. The others had taken a trip for the weekend and she thought she was the only one there. The thêm it sounded, the thêm she felt like she was in a trance. It was like the first time she'd watched Phantom of the Opera.
The way the girl had been so entranced with his voice....Chills crept along her skin. She got out of her giường and slowly went closer to the noise. It sounded almost paranormal. And it freaked her out. She came closer and peeked around the corner....
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posted by Robin_Love
Just a fun little one-shot on the Outsiders team *insert maniacal laughter* XD

“What goes on kitty Cat?”
She jumped at the voice, startled. She looked over to find Trevor sitting tiếp theo to her. Zero was fiddling around on one of his gadgets and Zeth was...being Zeth.
“I thought I was alone.”
“Until three phút cách đây bạn were,” Zeth said.
Cat rolled her eyes at him and Zeth smirked. His eyes glowed and a string appeared in front of her. Both Trevor and Zeth laughed almost evilly as Cat's eyes followed the string and her hands moved up to get it. A hand snatched the string away, releasing...
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posted by Robin_Love
She was running along the street, a blur to all. She did a few tricks over cars, going too fast for any one to appreciate them. She laughed, enjoying her fun. She skidded to a stop when she saw a blonde haired boy in a black trench áo, áo khoác running away. She looked at him for a minute. Why was he running? She raced towards him.
“Hey softie!” she yelled teasingly.
The boy stopped, turning to her. He scowled.
“Shut up Erin!”
She stopped in front of him.
“Awww! C'mon Terror! I was just playing!”
“I don't give a care. Leave me alone!”
Terror turned to leave, but Erin grabbed his wrist. A...
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1AM, Twan's command post.
Twan stood infrond of a bàn inspecting maps of the city.
Suddenly a throwing ngôi sao land only inches away from his hand.
Bothe Twan and Boris aim there súng at the ceiling.
Is Thad how bạn greed old Những người bạn now?
Ceschire sais in a playful tone we she climes truw a ceiling window, taking back her throwing ngôi sao and sits down on the bàn crossed legged.
Twan sigeds in relieve. Bohe him and Boris put there súng away
Damm Jade can't bạn just use the door bạn scared me half to death.
Nowe were is the fun in thad? She đã đưa ý kiến in the same playful tone.
I geas your rigt.
Its good thad...
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posted by BladeYJ
 Cos Tyler is my fave' SHHH!
Cos Tyler is my fave' SHHH!
((So here's a drabble I wrote..because I think these two would kill each other if they got the chance.))

"Shut up Blade, I'm obviously thêm appealing!"
"Excuse me?"
"Face it!"
"Men, and woman, obviously want me thêm than you."
"No, but bạn know what I think?"
"Nothing! Because bạn don't have a brain--so bạn can't think!!"
"I think, you're jealous."
"Of who? You? Don't make me laugh, Stevenson."
"Yes, I think you're jealous that I have thêm of a chest than bạn do."


Anya walked into the empty parlor, just wanting some food, but all she discovered was a red faced blonde. Her hands were planted on the table...
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