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posted by SilverWings13
When Whisper was shot bởi a bullet meant for me... I didn't need footage of it to remember the nightmare that's haunted me these last couple of years. There was so much smoke and so many bullets, the fighting, the chaos. I never saw Whisper's shooter, had assumed it was a ngẫu nhiên soldier who wanted to kill us intruders. But there's a camera that shows an angle I didn't have that night.
"It was Duke. Just before the camera was destroyed bởi the blast, Duke steps out from the horde of soldiers, wearing one of their uniforms. He raises his gun, aiming at me. He was finally about to get his revenge on me for making Whisper suffer, for the happiness he should of had with her that was stolen bởi my father. So Duke pulled the trigger. Whisper jumped in the way. In the grainy image, bạn can see his feature change from anger to horror. Just before the camera is destroyed."
"Who gave bạn that footage?”
"I got it randomly in the mail. With it was a picture of a little blonde girl, no thêm than three years old. It was taken bởi a security picture at a mall in Quebec, but bạn can clearly see her face. Noëlle looks exactly like her mother. Whisper's daughter is alive."
"Whisper, as bạn may have collected, was French. In France, giáng sinh is called Noël. Whisper's daughter was born on Christmas, exactly 4 years after her and I met."
"Who gave bạn the footage, Aleksander?"
"There was a message on the back of the picture. It đã đưa ý kiến if I wanted the princess, I needed to meet with her knight."
"Yes, Castor. My father didn't kill her after all. He let her go in the middle of the snowy wastelands of Russia. He knew that she wouldn't be able to tell anyone about the prison without giving herself away and risk being taken back to a prison hoặc testing facility somewhere else. My father threatened to kill Whisper if her knight returned. Miraculously, Castor made it out of the snow to Moscow. She predicted our break out and looked everywhere for us. She found out about our ship and in turn, about Noëlle. When she came across what happened to Whisper after looking into the CADMUS building attack, she decided to keep looking for Noëlle. After three years, she finally decided that she needed my help."
"The princess? She called Noëlle 'the princess'."
"Whisper and I were the Prince and Princess. When our King, my father, disappeared from his place in ruling, we became the King and Queen. Noëlle is Whisper's daughter, and therefore the Princess."
"Why do bạn hold onto the titles?"
"Castor believes that our war games are not over. I went after my father and ended up killing Taylor. hoa nhài is out there, Duke is out there, 121 others, as well as the Princess. On the chess board, I am the King, Castor a Knight."
"And who is your Queen, now that Whisper is dead?"
"It should have been Aryess. But she has betrayed me. I cannot trust her. I have no Queen in this war. But.. Every King needs a Queen. Otherwise there is no balance. But he also needs his heir."

I may write something on Alek saving her... Should I?
posted by XxKFforeverXx
Alex landed in her old backyard, staring back at the abandoned house before turning to look at the forest behind it. She sighed and shook her head, beginning the journey through it. "This is so stupid, he really is an idiot." The girl mumbled to herself, rolling her eyes as she stepped over decayed leaves and briars. Within a few minutes, she stood ankle deep in a pond, looking up at the small waterfall. Alex waded over and pulled herself up onto a rock, shimmying her way behind the tường of water. She pulled her hair into a high ponytail, staring at the metal door and keypad in front of her....
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posted by Robin_Love
 Tara with glasses
Tara with glasses
Okay this is another updated bio. I have only a few thêm after this (remember it doesn't include the Resistance form hoặc the Outsiders team). Along with other news, Dylan's personal story series, Journey, is cancelled. I have a new story in mind that makes thêm sense to the timelines I've written and I will be starting that soon. If bạn haven't read Dylan's bio, his character update is đã đăng so please read and enjoy guys! <3

Name: Tara (pronounced Terra) Almaraz
Alias: Midnight
Occupation: Minor, hero
Powers: acrobatics, agility, speed, flexibility, force fields, weapons, handcuffs
History: Tara...
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posted by Robin_Love
Name: Dylan Spade
Alias: Notte
Occupation: Hero
Powers: Flight, shadows, dark energy, telekinesis, hand-to-hand combat, scythe
History: Dylan was born a mutant; hoặc so he was told. He had white wings and as a neko. He lived in an orphanage and grew up there. Those times were not happy and he found ways to keep himself from harm. He was taught many things, one of those being how to defend himself. Dylan was an expert with a scythe, a master in hand-to-hand combat, an ace flier, and able to control his powers at all times. When he was ten, Dylan fled. There were so many against him and his kind that...
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posted by Robin_Love

Okay hi guys. I'M SO SORRY THIS HAS TAKEN FOREVER!!!! A recap: Dylan had been thinking about his (heartbreaking) past. Then he finds himself in unfamiliar places with people he might know. And a mysterious person has been mentioned. The link above are some of the people bạn will need to know. Now, here is the tiếp theo part!!! Again, sorry.

The tiếp theo time he woke, the room was bright with sunlight. His mind raced to remember coming here, to this grand room, but he found none. He didn't even know where “here” was; for the first time in his new life, he was terrified. He searched...
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posted by khanna266
Ari and Jaime were over at the Wayne manor visiting Dick and the rest of her family.Ari was kind of silent,"Ari is everything okay?"Dick asked her,
"Um yeah..I guess"she responded,"Doesn't seem that way."Bruce had commented,"Well...Is it true that bạn didn't really offer to take me in and that my mom gave me to bạn because she đã đưa ý kiến I was too much to handle?"She all of a sudden asked him."Now where did bạn hear that from?"he asked in concern."When minion kidnapped me the other ngày he told me that blaming her for everything that happened to him."she explained,"Ari..I'm sorry to to tell bạn this,'s...
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added by Kurls_Basd
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added by Obscurity98
added by Obscurity98





*Chapter XIV: "Distraction"
*Chapter XV: "Destruction"
*Chapter XVI: "Defusion"
*Chapter XVII: "Murder"


Part Three:

*Chapter XVIII: "Storm Rising"
*Chapter XIX: "Powers" Part 2
*Chapter XX: "Gone...for Good?"
*Chapter XXI: "What Matters?"
*Chapter XXII: "Worry"
*Chapter XXIII: "Secret Midnight"
*Chapter XXIV: "Murder Cont."


Part Four:

*Chapter XXV: "Calm Before the Storm"
*Chapter XXVI: "Happy hoặc Sad"
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~{A/N}~ Ciel's POV. *Bows* Enjoy. ~{A/N}~

I am the shadow, and the smoke in your eyes,
I am the ghost, that hides in the night

I watched from the shadows, the young girl sitting in the window still. The long window was open, letting in a cold breeze, and snow. Her eyes narrowed at the distance, scars obvious in this light.
"What do bạn want." She spoke.
"Why are bạn down here?"

Boom-Lay Boom-Lay BOOM!
Boom-Lay Boom-Lay BOOM!
Boom-Lay Boom-Lay BOOM!
Boom-Lay Boom-Lay BOOM!

I shook my head, laying the picture face-down on the desk. The memory would hurt me thêm than I already was, and I wasn't ready for...
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posted by CoaxochYJ
 Deep in the water, your chances little. A watery grave, your Bones that whittle.
Deep in the water, your chances little. A watery grave, your bones that whittle.
Pretty cool if bạn sing it like link...

Deep in the water, your chances little.
A watery grave, your Bones that whittle.
Lay down your hand, and slowly bạn will die
And when again the sun leaves bạn will lie.

Here is hate, here there's mourn
Here the Demons hide bạn from your light
Here your wounds are deep and tomorrow bạn earn new
Here is the place where we, hate you.

Deep in the flames, hidden far away
A áo choàng of ash, a burn streaked face
Forget your loves and let your happiness lay
And when again it's morning, they'll wash away.
 Deep in the flames, hidden far away A áo choàng of ash, a burn streaked face
Deep in the flames, hidden far away A áo choàng of ash, a burn streaked...
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posted by InfinityYJ
A xem trước to what's coming! The sign-up is still open, closes tomorrow. I need some guys, please, so if bạn could, it'd be nice. ;D
Here we goo!!

Fin rushed to her room, zipping past the people in the front to avoid communicating with them. She slammed her door open, giving the same amount of force to close it, and went straight to her dresser in the closet where she started throwing the clothing out of it. “C’mon, where is it, where is it...”
Blaire, who was sitting on the dog giường in the corner, perked up, curled tail wagging. Fin noticed this and turned, crouching down. The pup jumped...
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I just felt like writing....So comment and enjoy!

I ran through the streets of NewYork, thick with people and vendors. I took a sharp turn, skidding on the rain water, my windbreaker keeping my wings dry. My wings were sore, and I couldnt move them. Horrible when your trying to escape things about three times stronger than you. And jumped up and kicked off of a building nearby. Throwing my hands out infront of me, I saw the clouds. It was like slow motion, untill I hit the chest of a furry Eraser. Adrenaline pumped into my system. He stummbled back and made a wheezing noise. He grabbed...
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posted by BloodyMascara_
So uh....yeah! I dont think Im alone on this never ending road of horror! Its like, Lady Gaga's song "Bad Romance" isnt even about a guy! Its about the abusive relationship with- with- with delicious things that bạn wanna eat, but bạn dont wanna eat, then bạn eat it then bạn beat yourself up and ugh! bạn cant win! READ IT hoặc I WILL EAT MEL!

Mel stood on the scale, she hissed at the scale when the number '120' came up. She sat on her giường and poked her stomach.
"Gyah!" She đã đưa ý kiến and poked it again.
"Diet starts today....." She said.

10 phút later

Mel sat on the counter, a plate on her lap.
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posted by The_Writer
"Girl problems?" Batgirl asked.

Revenge glared at her. She raised an eyebrow.

"You're forgetting, I work with Batman."

Revenge sighed and nodded.

"So where are we going?"

Revenge grinned. "Somewhere special."

Barbara raised an eyebrow as Revenge walked down a ramp and into a bar. The một giây they entered, the noisy room went silent. Barbara heard whispers which inlcuded "Bat" "Make a run for it" and "Shit".

"Firefly. Where is he and who hired him?" Revenge asked.

Whispers went around the room. Finally, one guy stood up. "He ain't here."

"I gathered that." Revenge replied.

The man spoke in a strong voice....
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posted by Robin_Love
“I'm so glad bạn all could be here. Seeing as this is your last day, we may as well make it short.”
“You're a monster Amber. bạn always were!”
Becca cringed at the sound of skin hitting skin. She grinded her teeth together, letting a low growl peep out.
“Amber, bạn better NOT have just slapped her,” Becca warned menacingly.
“What can bạn do warrior? You're bond just like-”
Amber suddenly cut herself off with a laugh. Becca wished she could close her ears.
“Oh no. This is...this is too good! Devin!”
Amber laughed again as an air of confusion fell into place. Each person waited...
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posted by The_Writer

Red Revenge, The Arrowette Series, Static Shock the Series, Ravager: Agent of Righteousness, Knights of Temptation (WIP), Daily (Countdown) Episodes, and Soviet: The Series

Overview: Alright. Finally moving outta this hell-hole and into a much nicer house. That's right, I'm moving. Not saying how far hoặc when hoặc what. Okay, maybe when. Anyways the main point is until the beginning of September, I will have almost NO time to do anything. So, I know you're dying to know what is going to happen to your yêu thích series. Well, here bạn are:

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posted by Robin_Love
Yes. I'm evil.

She stared at him, speechless. He came close to her and took her hands.
“It's okay Kitten. Relax.”
“H-how can this be? I killed you.”
She shook her head and stepped backwards, reclaiming her hands.
“No. This...this isn't right!”
“No! bạn aren't Alex!”
“Don't be so sure little Kitten.”
“Alex died!”
He stepped closer and she scratched him. He screamed and glared at her.
“You mess with a force bạn can't handle, Kitten!”
“Stop! bạn aren't Alex! Only Alex can call me that!”
The form flickered and Teague stood before her. Cat tried to run, but...
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posted by SilverWings13
The clang of forks and knives was the only sound to fill the silence. The four of them sat together, eating a normal dinner. Like a family.
The hot-head, blind telepath, winged girl, and energy manipulator. All under the age of 18. The most normal family bạn could think of.
None of them pretended the fifth place was supposed to be empty. Their knife-wielder, ex-thief and ex-conn. Youngest. Smartest. The first to grow out of the squad. Of the Double Helex.
Each teenager glanced at the empty ghế, chỗ ngồi multiple times. But neither had the insensibility to say anything, to call each other out. Not until...
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posted by Robin_Love
NOW it get's fun! >:)

He stood in the shadows. Things were too calm.
“It's starting.”
A raspy whisper answered.
“Yesss. bạn know what bạn must do.”
“Destroy them.”
“The fools let it happen.”
“Unfortunately. But remember, they are only human.”
“Of course. What else?”
“Remember, nothing that will happen has been foreseen. Nothing could be changed.”
“How do bạn think they'll take it when they find out?”
“Harshly. No one will hear from them for weeks.”
“They'll go into hiding?”
“What will happen?”
“It will be like they were never here.”...
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