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Chapter 4: Two Sides to Every Story

Robin sat crouched on a gargoyle of one of Gotham's many tall buildings. He stared down at the city with narrowed eyes, waiting for some sort of chaos to happen. Cars zoomed left and right on the streets and pedestrians shuffled on the sidewalks.

"Having fun?"

Robin pulled a Người dơi and didn't even have to look to see who it was. He'd recognize that voice anywhere. "Batgirl," he đã đưa ý kiến curtly. "You shouldn't be out here."

Batgirl, standing on the ledge, leaned against the building wall. "Why should I let bạn and the old Bat have all the fun?" She plopped...
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 What Supergirl looks like to Conner.
What Supergirl looks like to Conner.
Supergirl, young justice, fanfiction, team, Galatea, rob, artemis, superboy, Metallo, justice league.

It was Conner's normal day. He was sitting on the couch, watching America's Funniest trang chủ videos, when alarm went of and the team was called down to the briefing room.
"Team, i want bạn to meet somebody, this is Kara........also, known as Supergirl in the 30th Century" Người dơi said, sounding a little depressed when he đã đưa ý kiến it.
"Hey! Mr. Grumpy Pants! Thought I đã đưa ý kiến DON'T say I came from the 30th Century? I don't want any các câu hỏi and stop brooding over the computer!Anyway, hello, I'm Kara."...
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