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Chapter Fifteen

    Why bạn so obsessed with me? Boy I want to know….
Glory sat up in giường with a gasp, reaching for her cell phone without really comprehending that it was actually ringing.
“ Hello?” She blurted without looking to see who was calling.
“ Glory Elizabeth Anderson, where are you?” Nicole Anderson almost shrieked.
“ Mom?” Glory mumbled.
“ Of course its your mother! bạn haven’t been trang chủ for two days! bạn haven’t answered when I tried to call hoặc text you. Where have bạn been?” Nicole was nearing hysterics.
“ Mom! Calm down. It’s fine....
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Chapter Fourteen

    Glory tried to relax against the đi văng now that all the commotion was over. After searching the woods all around the cabin, Aden finally let everyone relax. They didn’t find a trace of anyone- hoặc anything.
“ If there was anyone here, they aren’t here now, so we can all relax for the time being.” Anna đã đưa ý kiến to everyone in general, but her words were aimed at Aden.
Glory cast anxious eyes to him. He hadn’t sat down since they had returned. He leaned against the wall, staring out the window.
His broad shoulders tensed and relaxed over and over. It...
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Chapter Thirteen

    Glory felt herself lean forward, almost against her will. Aden’s full lips came closer, and she could see the very faint indents from his teeth. This was it. Her tim, trái tim was racing as his warm breath caressed her neck, and tingles races down her spine. A sudden thought struck her.
“ You’ve been told its pleasurable?” Glory yanked herself back. Aden’s groan shook her to her core. She stared up at him, he stared right back, golden eyes huge.
“ Well, I meant…” He trailed off.
“ bởi females.” Glory glared up at him. “ You’ve been told...
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ok Just_Bella...hope bạn like it! i hope ALL of bạn guys like it... it wasnt the best ngày for me to write, so this isnt as good.. just kinda a filler.. so the tiếp theo chapter will be better!

Chapter Twelve

    “ She will never be harmed as long as I am alive.” Aden snarled.
Joel smirked and relaxed, leaning back against the railing. Aden straightened as well, still keeping Glory behind him. Apparently Aden had some trust issues with Joel.
“ What was it bạn were going to say, Joel?” Glory finally found her voice.
Joel looked her up and down lazily, his eyes pausing longer...
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Chapter Eleven

    Glory brushed a strand of hair out of Lupe’s tan face. She still hadn’t awoken from getting thrown into the wall. Gabriel hadn’t left Lupe’s side since he had entered the room. Glory watched them secretly from lowered eyelashes. She wasn’t positive, but she thought she detected a little spark between them. Gabe kept looking at Lupe’s still form with admiration tinged with worry. He obviously cared for her very much.
“ Will she be ok?” Glory asked, sitting on the bed. She couldn’t stop the guilt from pushing its self into her heart. There...
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OK, before bạn guys make your assumptions... hear me out...lol. bạn need to know that Anysa is NOT the bad guy here... She has no idea Kassie has feeling for Kyan ok?? So dont start hating her just because of this chapter!!!
Hope bạn enjoy!!!

Chapter Twelve

    Kassie stared up at the ceiling, her thoughts swirling around and around her head. Bryan had escorted her back to her cabin, claiming “they didn’t know what to expect with Kyan in his current state”. Now she was just chilling out, hoping các câu trả lời would come to her. Her eyelids grew heavy, and soon she was asleep....
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Chapter Ten

    Glory stared at him, her tim, trái tim pounding. The male stepped a little closer. His dark blue eyes glinting dangerously. Glory shrank back a step.
“ bạn shouldn’t have brought me here.” Her voice wobbled.
“ Oh really? I was under the impression I could do whatever I want to.” He smirked at her, flipping his dull brown hair out of his eyes. Before she could blink, he was beside her, her arm firmly in his grasp.
“ I think bạn should come with me, Glory.” He started to pull her down a long hall way.
“ Wait! I don’t even know you! I don’t want to go...
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haha ok, this is a pretty good song.. I mostly just like it because of Lil' Wayne... :)
âm nhạc video
chim giẻ cùi, jay sean
lil' wayne
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yeah... I didnt like this.. nghề viết văn from Aden's POV didnt feel right.. i think from now on, it will be Glory's.. But here's just a little peak at what our yêu thích bad boy Aden is thinking... :) Hope bạn enjoy even if its not the best.. And dont mind the Cliff hanger.. The tiếp theo chapter will explain!! ;)

Chapter Nine

    Aden grabbed another cây and felt the satisfaction well up as it groaned under his hands. With a final little tug, the roots sprang free and he launched it. It landed with a shattering crash. Aden felt himself grinning as he watched it break into a thousand...
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Ok, TwilighSagalady!! Here's JUST for you! ( Its a joke, everyone else..) a HUGE Thanks to Just_Bella for taking time to read this! tình yêu bạn hon!! And thanks to EVERYONE else for their support! It means to world to me!!
And this chapter might be kinda boring... the tiếp theo one will be better!! :)

Chapter Eight

    Anna was staring at her solemnly, her brown eyes pools of seriousness. Glory felt her tim, trái tim start to speed up a little.
“ A plan? To save your people?” Glory glanced at Gabriel. His golden face looked perplexed, like he was thinking about something challenging.
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OK this is for Sk8bordnewmoon and surfergal!! And so everyone can stop hating Bryan..... Read on! ;)

Chapter Eleven

    His mouth was still warm on her’s, but something was different. After a moment, Kassie pulled away. Kyan stared at her a moment, his blue eyes sizzling.
“ How could I not remember you?” He almost whispered. Kassie looked away, lifting one shoulder in a shrug.
“ I don’t know. Guess I wasn’t that important to you.” Without a backwards glance, she untangled herself out of his arms and went out the door. She walked quickly to Boss’s office.
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Here's the HD version of the third New Moon trailer. It looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
Jacob Black
Edward Cullen
Bella Swan
Hừng đông
new moon trailer
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Chapter Ten
    Kyan edged toward the door. Kassie stumbled back a few steps. Kyan glared at her, his eyes glinting dangerously.
“ bạn don’t remember me?” Kassie whispered.
“ No. Do I have a reason to?” Kyan snapped back. He was staring at her.
“ Although bạn are pretty good looking.” He added, his lips pulling up into a smirk. Kassie felt her face flush. She lowered her eyes, looking at Kyan though lowered lashes. He was shirtless, clad only in jeans. His defined abs rippled with every movement he made. He reached up to run a hand through his dark hair. Kassie...
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Ok, here's what bạn should know for this chapter. Aden is a pretty mixed up guy. He is slowly falling in tình yêu with someone he has convinced himself he wasnt going to love. Period. He's debating if he should just kill her to get rid of her......
But read on!! :)

Chapter Seven
    As Glory watched, Aden’s lips pulled back in a snarl. Her eyes jerked back up to his eyes. Their honey depths were warm, and looked almost as if they were melted. They seemed to be beckoning her closer. Her eye’s slid back to his lips. As she watched, his canine teeth lengthened slightly and thinned...
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This chapter is going to be a HUGE shout out to VanillaMoon08! She has đã đăng SOOO many người hâm mộ pick các câu hỏi for me on my spot...
Thanks again girly! tình yêu ya!
And to Sk8bordNewMoon for being excited about it!!!!!!!!! lol.... (thanks for putting it as your status!!! lol)

Chapter 9

    “ Dustin! DO something!” Kassie whimpered when he just stood there.
“ Me? Kass, bạn do it! You’re a trained life guard! Do CPR!” Dustin said, his voice starting to rise just a little.
He knelt tiếp theo to Kyan.
Kassie felt the panic start to fade. That’s right. She was trained to save people....
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Here's for Surfergal and Jordie4fun, and everyone else who wanted this!! lol.

Chapter 8

    Kassie sprinted towards Dustin’s cabin. She pounded on the door and entered before her answered.
“ Dustin!” Kassie yelled looking around frantically. She didn’t have much time.
“What?” He came out of the bathroom, clad only in pants.
“ I need your help! Hurry!” Kassie grabbed him and drug him towards the door.
“ why?” Dustin asked.
“ its Bryan and the gang. The caught me and Kyan out in the woods after he helped me. They are beating him up, and I’m not sure how...
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