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Many những người hâm mộ of TV shows and book series tình yêu to write their own "fan fiction" stories. It allows them to open their minds and play out the story lines they want to see in their yêu thích fictional works. In người hâm mộ fiction, bạn can let your imagination run wild and be the director bạn always wanted to be.

Step 1

Study người hâm mộ fiction to get ideas. The most được ưa chuộng outlets are magazines and Web sites.

Step 2

Write as often as bạn can. Also, read and chỉnh sửa your work. nghề viết văn requires practice!

Step 3

Be creative in your plot ideas, but keep it true to the show's hoặc book's format and chemistry.

Step 4...
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posted by lilith84
A/N. This is my very first người hâm mộ fiction, so be gentle, okay? It was written for a personal challenge for House of David Duchovny forum.

I want to thank my beta, Smirkity for willingly đọc and correcting my mistakes. English is not my firts language, but I tried my best.

Disclaimer: Mulder and Scully don't belong to me and I don't get any money from this. Mulder and Scully belong to CC and company and he gets all the money from this. But at least with me, they have a little fun :)

Mulder sat in his office leaning back on his chair, his eyes closed. His thoughts were on Scully, just like they...
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