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I'll add thêm as the episodes come out! :D

-Edgebono Utoosis: The ability to duplicate any object

-McReary Timereary: The ability to rewind time
Note: The spell causes a disturbance in the space/time continuum

-Take this girl with the skills of a bench and turn her into a serving wench: Gives one serving skills

-Take this girl who's a great serving wench and give her back the skills of a bench: Takes away one's serving skills

-Transportium Nextorbitorium: Teleports one to any planet

-Commakus Pancakus: Creates a stack of pancakes

-Stop all the racket, I'll wear a jacket: Zaps on a jacket

-Some people...
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Full Name: Mason Grayback
Gender : male
Age : 16 (appearance wise)
Resides in : New York City
Occupation : student
Romances: Alex Russo (Girlfriend)
First appearance: Alex Charms a Boy
Portrayed bởi : Gregg Sulkin

Mason Trivia:

1.Mason's last name, "Greybeck", is pronounced 'gray back'; which may refer to Fenrir Greyback, the werewolf in Harry Potter.

2.Mason is purebred, and only spreads his lycanthroapy bởi biting unlike justins ex girlfriend who was a mutt and could spread it via Kiss

3.Mason and Juliet used to go out, and Juliet is 2194 years old, which could call into câu hỏi if Mason is...
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Great Memories of Juilet and Justin! song sung bởi Miley Cryus i don't own this video JuiletxJustin Forever! ♥
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