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Years have passed since the fighting had occurred. The Capital has fallen. Faith in The Ancient Ones is fading. Edrain is a country lost to the monsters. Those that could escape, left to the bordering countries, taking the plague with them. And with the plague, a new rise of monsters. New abominations that would attack the people. And amongst the remains of the kingdom of Edrain, the Servants now overtake the land, and attack the few that were too stubborn to leave or had nowhere else to go. Within those years, technological advancements were made. More powerful guns were created, and even automobiles were starting to be created, but the beliefs of the old, though not as great as before, remained. But with the word of this new God appearing in the people's ears, the Ancient Ones ideas slowly began to die out, with only few loyal subjects. And the threat of a new evil had brought itself upon the world. What will you do in this new age?

Classes - Hunters come in many different classes, each with different pros and cons

Mercenary - Better with larger blades and has stronger defense. Not as respected by townsfolk

Soldier - Best with firearms. Not very fast or agile

Traveller - Easier to get discounts in shops and can earn better. Not the best fighter

Thief - More stealthy than others, much faster and quicker dodges. Low defense

Bandit - powerful attacks and can wield heavy weapons. The slowest Hunter. Hated by townsfolk

Hunter - Can climb better and is better at using firearms. Has low defense

Alchemist - Can heal himself and is more powerful against magic. Terrible with weapons

Psychopath - Casts long lasting fire damage and can take more damage. Weak with weapons

Priest - Heals others within a group and is better at shielding himself. Does not fight at all


Crusader - Has the fighting capabilities of a soldier and the miracles of a priest. Their behavior makes them ignored by some cities, while magic users outright despise them and their poor use of priest magic

Knights - Slow, heavy, impossible to dodge. Best sword fighters and has high respect from the people

Pirates - Has quick access to travelling the seas. Capable of sword and gun combat. Always hunted by enforcers of order

Ninjas - Stealthy, good with swords and projectile weapons, highly likely to lose if outnumbered

Fighters - Refuse to use weapons of any kind. Capable of fighting and even killing with their bare fists. Highly respected by any fighter. Not respected by priests or alchemists

Do not kill anyone’s character without permission
Do not create overpowered and flawless characters
Do not make problems vanish with the snap of a finger
Do not steal other characters ideas
If you have an idea, feel free to ask
Have fun
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hơn một năm qua cosmic_fusions said…
Zealia took a step back some when the creature released another groan. Her ears perked some in interest for what her eyes were allowed to witness. And then she turned back to Greisha. "I-I don't mean to sound like I'm in a rush, but I really want to see Addai!" She admitted. "Is he close?"

* * *

"Y-Yeah, but.... Talking to an angel is much cooler than preparing coffee!" Dahlia exclaimed. "C-Can I go with?" She gathered the courage to ask, but immediately regretted it since clearly it was a joke someone like her being present during angel duties. But she stood there in shock when Y'iel had guessed her thoughts correctly. "Woooahhh..." Her eyes sparkled in awe. But when she insisted on leaving, the woman frowned with her plump lips. "Oookayyy..." She sighed like the young girl she was. "I-I don't want to keep you waiting, sorry." Dahlia apologized. "But you'll come back, right?" Or is this just... I get to see you once in a lifetime? Because if not I can offer you free smoothies for a lifetime! Or, well... until I die, that is." She tapped her fingers lightly before finally releasing Y'iel's wing, the warmth and comfort she provided her leaving.

* * *

Wiezen Jr. clenched his jaw when he was stabbed, but he refused to let go. In fact, the electricity that was sent through him actually helped dig his claws into her tissue and keep them there in their stuck motion. His lips were sewn shut, but he was determined to keep her as close as possible too her when she exploded. He used all his strength to ignore the stinging pain and instead manipulate it kinetically with his own magic, where he actually was able to bend the bars of the cage thanks to Three's malfunctioning and pull her in with him. The bars immediately fell back into place, and Wiezen Jr. ensured to land on top of her to keep her down.

Elijah's strong forcefield reflected off the orbs of energy shot their way. And like a hamster ball, he was easily able to run within his bubble with the rest toward the cabin, cursing to himself under his breath on how idiotic not running away was. And that's when he saw Carlyle once they were close enough and the explosion sent her into their sight. "Hey! Hey isn't that her!" He pointed towards the direction before hurrying his pace.
hơn một năm qua pLaStIcSUNDAE said…
"Will you stop with your fucking mouth? We're not here to listen." The guard snapped back at Rosemary, running her forward again with the pike he held.

"With a backside like that, she's been a pin cushion for someone I bet," The short guard that was with the rest of them laughed. "You think that creepy skeleton bastard is gonna dig up her corpse and bone it after everything's said and done."

"Disgusting," Another one of the guards replied with a glare of dismay.


As soon as Elijah had pointed it out, Eros's eyes zoned in on the fleeing woman. "Carly! Carly wait!" She called out to her. However, the woman didn't stop, and instead fled into the blizzard. "Fuck!"

"Go after her!" Weiss growled to her and Elijah.

"Wait, what ar–"

"Handling the experiment," He answered before she could even ask. "Don't lose her!"

Meanwhile as Wiezen held her down, Three started biting at him with broken teeth, sinking them into his arms and pulling. Her leg managed to lift and knee the handle that she had stabbed through him and caused it to harshly bend at an angle as she wriggled violently beneath him, his claws tearing her flesh until she started to push at him. The electric magic suddenly burst from her and shoved him up into the top of the cage like a striking bolt of lightening.
However, upon seeing Elijah and who was with him, her eyes widened. "'re the one that killed killed him! YoukilledhimYoUKILLEDHIMYOUKILLEDHIMYOUKIL­LED­HIM­!!&­quo­t; She began to shriek. Magic began to pour from her rapidly, and in that instant, the side of the cage was hit with enough force to cause it to bend outwards, only an afterimage of her being left to wither.
A trail of exploding snow shot towards Elijah and Eros, however, it was forced into a sharp turn as Three was knocked off of her feet and sent hurling across the ground after a hard strike from Weiss.


"Worry yourself not," Y'iel said to her, her wings slowly folding into a smaller set that fluttered as the forms of light that they were before sinking back into her back and disappearing. The crown like halo above her head spun downwards, and then up before dispersing into nothingness. "We will meet again soon. Perhaps...sooner?" She seemed to question this herself, but smiled nonetheless. "It has been a pleasure speaking with you."


Greisha gave a guilty shrug. "He...may or may not be a bit further away. He said that there was something that he had to do elsewhere, for this was not exactly where we had spoken, so I am a bit confused as to why this creature is here. H-he said that he would be–"

"Back here before you returned, yes." A voice came from somewhere nearby, but it couldn't be told where exactly. That is, until not a moment later, someone stepped to the front of the creature's head. A large man stood there, his tied back hair, now much more lengthy than it had been before, flowing in the gentle wind that blew. The familiar bushy brows that sat on his face were furrowed slightly as he stared down at them. His skin was no longer the soft caramel color that it had been prior, the blotches that had stained them before no longer present. Instead, his body was a shade darker and bordered on a hue of a light chocolate brown. He was dressed in a dark blue, silk and cotton crafted link that hugged against his body comfortably, his big feet covered by link footwear. His physique had improved, areas where there had been fat no longer existing and now replaced by the leaner muscle his body had become accustomed to, making him a little sleeker than he had been.
His hand lifted to rub at the grown in stubble that had grown around what had become a further defined jaw line. "You were taking too long. I had not expected that your way back would be so tedious."
His fawn colored eyes looked down at them for a moment more before he slowly, what would be the familiar smile of Addai revealed itself. "Aloha laila. It has been quite some time has it not? Howzit(How are you/how's it going)?"

((A Year Later: Addai))
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 "Will bạn stop with your fucking mouth? We're not here to listen." The guard snapped back at Rosemary
hơn một năm qua Windwakerguy430 said…
Real charmer you bunch are. I'm sure the ladies just swoon over you *Rosemary said, as she kept walking forward, making her way to the wagon. Be it a release from prison or execution, Rosemary was just thankful she'd never have to see the guards ever again after this*
hơn một năm qua cosmic_fusions said…
"Mind killing her?" Elijah spoke sarcastically back at Weiss before he quickly set up another layer on his barrier. He glanced at Eros. "Alright, so here's the plan, the moment we see her, you're gonna extend those creepy limbs of yours and retrieve into the barrier, mmkay? Mkay." Elijah ordered. The light of his barrier helped illuminate through the blizzard, and he expanded it more so he could clear the view better. "Care! Carlie! Carlson! Carlyle, whatever the fuck your name is, nows not the time to be running! Well, I mean, in a sense yeah, but not from us!" He called after quite loudly. His eyes squinted once he was able to see a figure ahead. "Aha! Carlyle, wait!"

* * *

"Same here!" Dahlia replied informally. She was a little saddened that she had to depart, but couldn't hold back an angel from her duties. "There's a Fall Festival in town tomorrow and if you have time maybe we can check it out. And you can stay in your angel form since everyone's gonna be in a costume!" She added to entice her into coming and not having to pretend like someone she wasn't. "Take care dude---oops, I mean... ummm... Ange." She said as her nickname instead, before holding up her fist for a bump with a smile.

* * *

Zealia's ears drooped to their fullest potential once she heard the familiar voice. She hesitated in turning around momentarily, because she couldn't believe it had been a year since she had gotten the luxury of hearing such music to her ears. But when she turned around, her eyes widened in shock at the drastic change that stood across her. He no longer held the spots she kissed every night before bed. And at the extent of his hair length, she wondered if he ever forgot to take care of them. Zealia gulped, immobile as she stood there watching. But then her eyebrows wiggled some sadly, and the cold demeanor she forced on her face for the sake of her siblings and friend suddenly dropped, as if it were heavy baggage she was carrying up hundreds of stairs. Her lips pouted, and more of herself was revealed beyond the layers of dark makeup.

And suddenly, in a flash, Zealia no longer stood besides Greisha–only her hat being left behind at the speed she went in. Addai found himself in the familiar embrace of his lover, who synched her arms around his waist tightly and buried her face on his chest. A small whimper emerged from her, but she only hugged tighter with nothing but love and care. And though she began to cry, her hair covered her expression as she dug deeper into the hug.
hơn một năm qua pLaStIcSUNDAE said…
"Greetings, Addai. It has indeed been some time. See, Zealia? All is we–Lady Zealia?" Greisha blinked in confusion when she only saw Zealia's hat floating down towards the ground. But it only took her one glance back to where Addai was, and a smile came to her face to see the two now reunited.

"Zealia?" Addai's eyebrows lifted some when he heard the whimper that came from her until he realized that she had begun to cry. His arms carefully wrapped around the familiar body that his had become intimate with so long ago in comfort, chuckling a little. "I did not think that I would bring you tears so soon."
The conditioned. body that Zealia hugged was one that felt completely solid, yet soft, bringing the feeling of both protection and comfort. "Have you been well? And why do you smell of potatoes?"


Three, despite the condition that she was in, recovered quickly from the blow that she had received as was already shaking herself off as Five's spiky club dragged across the ground and into her hand. Electricity surged into the weapon and became a static energy, and she charged at Weiss.

Weiss glared at the experiment as it rushed him, his eye able to follow the movements of her injured body with ease up until the sudden but brief increase in her speed. It was brief enough for him to catch sight of her when she was close enough to attack.
He jumped to the left, rolling across the ground and back to his feet, not wasting time with closing in on her. He pushed his hand through a dark, foggy vortex and from the other side of it came the monstrous fur matted arm that slammed down onto her without hesitation. He pushed down harder and harder in attempt to crush her body until he had to retreat back a couple of feet when a wave of the magic electricity shot towards him.

Three pulled herself from the snow, screaming at him. Her magic spiraled into another hectic build as she started to swing the club around in a violent swirl, the shocking energy following the motion before she slung it at him, devastating the surroundings.

Weiss grimaced, and his eye glowed with black magic. Dark incantation circles appeared around him, closing in on him as he was engulfed by the energy that had been thrown at him.


"Hey, my limbs aren't creepy ya horse legged freak!" Eros exclaimed as they ran through the snow. "Carlye... It's Carlyle. CARLYLE– Come on, its not even a hard name to remember!" Eros kept correcting Elijah every time he had said Carlyle's name wrong until he had gotten it right.
She could feel the clashing of magic behind them where they had left the others, cursing when Three's unnatural magic essence heightened. However, when she felt the darker presence waver into an increase, she jaw clenched a little.
"Carlyle?! Carly!" When she saw the figure ahead of them, her arms quickly started morphing to long constructs of torn flesh and bone fragments, her hands widening into webby shapes. "Open it!" She told Jr., already prepared to capture the injured woman and drag her in.


"A festival, you say? I would be delighted to join you for such a activity." Y'iel's ears gave a twitch when Dahlia had referred to her as "Ange", and her expression became one of confusion when she held her fist out to her. Instead of giving the fist bump that the woman was expecting, she cupped the woman's hand in her own and placed a small kiss onto her knuckle. "I wish for you to do the same as well,"
Her eyes started to glow dimly, and for in a brief second, Dahlia would feel as if she had missed something or blinked. Because in the next instant, the angel was gone.


Once they got to the wagon, the guards went through what had become regular procedure now with the pair of terrorists. One of them opened them door, moving them inside forcefully to lock their shackles onto the walls of the wagon. Once they were done, the steel door slammed shut and was locked.

The guards then exchanged a few words with the knights that boarded the side of the wagon, signaling that they were finished. And in the next few minutes, they were off towards the Grand Court where the inevitable final trial would be held.

However this time, there was another wagon that followed behind them at a set distance. Mage's that road what looked like giant wingless eagles were guarding the wagon as it trailed behind them.
hơn một năm qua Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary groaned, looking around the wagon* Man, they couldn't have even let us just sit in this damn wagon. Boy, when we get found innocent, we'd better be getting one hell of an apology *But as she spoke, her attention turned to the wagon that followed behind them. Something about it, it seemed so... ominous. It made her wonder who was inside of it, and it made her worry for what the answer was*
hơn một năm qua cosmic_fusions said…
At his last question, Zealia’s ears drooped some more and her cheeks held a red hue on them. She lifted her teary eyes up at her lover and sniffled softly before caressing her cheek against his chest again. She felt as if he had grown even more since she had last seen him, which encouraged her to climb his body enough where she could wrap her legs around his waist and be facing him with her arms coiled around his neck. “I....I like potatoes...” She mumbled quietly, trying to avoid his question before she began to ask some of her own with a knot of tears in her voice. “I-I missed y-you so much.” She placed a kiss on his chin. “Are you alright? Have they been treating you well? Wh-what has happened over the past year?” She cupped his cheeks with her warm hands that held some spiderweb lacing from her outfit. “It’s terrible without you.” She admitted sadly.


Dahlia blinked when her knuckle was kissed, and stood there in awe when she no longer saw the majestic angel. “Hmmm... you’re kinda weird.” She said out loud as she rubbed her hand. “I like it...” she finally added on before returning outside and hopping back on her scooter to get to work.


“Yeah, yeah, I gotcha.” Elijah dismissed her order, for his barrier had made a small hole big enough for Carlyle to pass through. And once in, he secured the bubble before helping Eros rest her on the ground. “Imma help numb some of the pain, ya hear?” Elijah said when he gently placed his hand on her forehead and immediately transmitted some numbing effects followed by healing ones. “Okay so, kill the bitch, we get Weiss, and transport back to the inn. Good? Good.”
Windwakerguy430 commented…
Ha! Killing a character. Especially an evil one that will kill hundreds. Ha ha ha! Good one XD hơn một năm qua
pLaStIcSUNDAE commented…
*points to all the dead evil characters from the trước đó RP that killed well enough over "hundreds"* Not like it hasn't been done before. hơn một năm qua
pLaStIcSUNDAE commented…
Hence “died” and not dead XD hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua pLaStIcSUNDAE said…
By the time Dahlia was on her scooter and on her way to work, Y'iel was would have already been on her way with much more ground covered. But instead, she couldn't help but want to see the mortal and her strange travelling device off on their way from the sky. She may not have been the Helga that she remembered, but her voice, her curiosity was still there. Not only that, but again, she was happy. And that alone brought joy to her. "Until our paths greet again, Helga."

And with that, she disappeared again, but this time back to where she had been beforehand. When she arrived, she walked down the air with the use of unseen platforms of energy that only became visible after each step. "Nema...Nema?" She called softly.

"Nema, has made an early departure elsewhere, I'm afraid."

Y'iel turned quickly to find herself coming face to face with a pair of mismatched eyes, one orange and the other blue. She was silent, until the name whispered from her lips. "..Zealia...."

"You have recovered well, Y'iel. The shackles of the spell are broken from you still as well, hm?"

The two were silent for a moment, but they both began to move forward slowly at first. But then they ran into one another's embrace.

"How long has it been, friend?"

"Far too long."

"And the others?"

"For now, it is only you and I, I'm afraid. Helga Quartz as she is now will not suffice. Not in battle. However, for now it will do. However, our allies are long and far from us. And by the day, he grows stronger."

"There must be something that we can do! This can not be allowed to go on any longer!"

"There is. I have been restless in my search while also ensuring that Helga Quartz has remained safe. I have located two of our former allies. One has been captured in the new world country known as Fre."

"And the other?"

"...Also within Fre."

Y'iel blinked in confusion at this. "Was it truly as simple as so?"

"Trust me my good friend, it was by sheer coincidence on my part. And perhaps...fate."


"Yes–Yes, well enough–" But at her last question, Addai didn't think that he would be able to answer that within the span of merely a moment's time. "Come now Zealia, surely it has not been that much of a terrible thing in my absence." His arms remained wrapped around her body after she had found her way up to wrapping her legs around him.
He still couldn't believe that it had been an entire year since he had last seen her. He still remembered waking up in the middle of the night after another nightmare and going to see her before he had to leave at sunrise. However, he never made it to her room, nor did he make it out of his own. And since then he had come to find that the nightmares where far more than just that. But as he looked at her now, he couldn't help but to be refreshed by the sight of her, the feel of her body. He went to deliver a kiss more passionate than any other until he heard the groan of the creature, and immediately his attention shifted away.

He jumped down from the creature's head, much to Greisha's dismay since she didn't know yet how much he had developed. But he landed carefully and turned to face the creature, his eyes becoming identical to the rectangular pupils and mysterious shade of the entity's. And when he spoke, something came forth from his mouth. It was in his voice of course, yet the words were something much more. Zealia wouldn't recognize them as his, for they were not in his own native language either. They lacked any life whatsoever within them. "Eht rUUn wei yJAHka. WeUhja."

The entity's head lifted as it responded with another groaning sound, its head rising very slowly towards the sky. But then suddenly, it was back where it was before, staring down at them. The flaps of its mouth blew outwards as words came forth. "JahVLAT eiwwai uhJAkuuUUuuuUUuUUUunnnnN."

"HuUMTA!" And with that, Addai put his hands together the best he could. "Mahalo, Tingamajahgga!"

The entity moved sluggishly as it turned away from them with its humming groan. And before their eyes, it became more and more transparent until it faded away, the fog following it.


"Yeah, sounds like a–" The moment she released her, Eros stumbled back against the barrier, Carlyle's fist colliding with her face. "Carly THE FUCK!?–" She barely had time to exclaim before she was suddenly thrown into Elijah.

Carlyle's breathing was heavy, and though her hands felt around in the air, she knew exactly where they were. Being snatched up so suddenly had only put her further on edge. Her blind eyes moved accordingly. She had never met Elijah before, therefore she had no idea who he was, only that he held almost the same energy as Jr. with differences of its own.

"Carlyle, calm down!" Eros said. "It's me! We're not here to hurt you!"

Carlyle, now that the pain had been numbed, stood straighter than before with her fists out in front of her in a strange manner like she was in the middle of being cuffed. However, with her posture, it could be told that this was not the case at all. "R-Rose...Rosemary?"

"NO!" Eros said instantly. "Kinda...sorta...but no! It's me, Eros! Oh and Rosemary's idiot brother," She added.

"...Wiezen," Carlyle growled. "Get away from me!"

Eros was surprised by the fact that Jr. was what came to her mind when she said "idiot brother". "N-no, it's Elijah, her other brother."

Elijah? Carlyle remembered the name vaguely from when she had been at the Quartz Mansion, and Helga had explained to her who the sculptures of the children were. "There are many that have come claiming to be those who they aren't," She said sharply, not letting her guard down for even a second.

It was only then that Eros realized something. "You...can't see us?" She said. And when Carlyle seemed to tense more at her question, she began to think quickly. "Carly...what the hell happened after Edrain? After she took you?"

Surprise came across her face, and she gulped. "E-Edrain..." She a few steps back, finding her back against the inside of the barrier.

"I-it's okay. We're gonna take you some place safe, 'kay?" Eros insisted, taking careful steps towards her in order not to set her off again.

Carlyle was silent, weighing what little she had. There were only a few people that knew about Edrain and what happened there, and two of them were dead by her knowledge. "I..can't leave. I'm not leaving..not without the others." She said finally.

"The others?" Eros turned and looked at Elijah, then back to Carlyle. "Are they close?" And she watched Carlyle give a hesitant nod.


Back at the cabin, which was now nothing but scraps of wood that had been blown apart from the previous shockwave, Three had now turned her attention back to the cage where Wiezen Jr. was. "YooOuUR TURN!" She grinned, approaching the cage. She stepped through the opening that was in it, her head twitching crazily with the rest of her body.

Three's electrical magic had caused the weather to become harsher. However, from where Weiss had been and the smoke from Three's assault was left to air out, a two big round orbs of yellow peered out from the aftermath. But unlike Three, who's senses had been dulled enough by the damage that she had taken already, Wiezen Jr. would be able to sense the lurking, unsettling dark magic that loomed within the blizzard.


Unlike the wagon that Rosemary and Oswald were in, the one behind them was much more heavily guarded. There were even a harpy or two that followed along within the air above.
And now that they were heading to the final trial, the trip seemed to be an eternity of a wait while they were left to their own silence.

Out within the streets, many people watched the wagons pass by. The sight was more than enough to bring some of them satisfaction with thoughts of the prisoners within the having their heads taken from their bodies. Others thought that torture should have been an option for the ones who have committed the act of violence against such a peacekeeping country.
hơn một năm qua Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary turned her attention away from the wagon behind them, looking back down at the ground as she groaned* God, can this wagon go any slower.... That Cillin guy better have a really good piece of evidence, or we're all fucked
hơn một năm qua pLaStIcSUNDAE said…
The wagons hauled across the large landscape of Fre's capital without a single stop, the wagon passing by the same familiar rocky bumps within paths that were taken to get to and from the prison to the dismay of one or two of the knights. However, it was more than just obvious when they reached their destination.

There were people by the thousands yelling at the wagons as they came to a stop, though the knights on the second one were more than hasty to back them away for their own safety. Because to them, what was within it was not any normal prisoner at all.
hơn một năm qua Windwakerguy430 said…
*Despite Rosemary keeping her eyes off the wagon, she couldn't help but feel the aura about it, how the guards and knights were quick to keep everyone away, how the wagon was more heavily guarded than that of supposed terrorists. She couldn't shake the feeling of dread that loomed over, no matter how hard she tried to ignore it*
hơn một năm qua pLaStIcSUNDAE said…
"Well well, it looks like we're finally here huh?" One of the knights stretched his legs. "Alright men, lets get these flea bags into the courtroom."

Two knights circled around on either side of the wagon and to the tail end. "Looks like today's our lucky day. We can finally say good riddance!" One of them said while removing the heavy lock from the bars. They were joined quickly by two more of the knights who ended up glancing back at the loud yelling that came from behind them.

"HURRY IT UP, WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET BACK HERE!" The man who had been steering the wagon behind them called up. "These foreigners are somethin' else I tell ya!"

"Roger that!"

Rosemary and Oswald's shackles were unlocked from the walls of their moving cells where they were then ushered out in the same manner that they always were, shoved out of the wagon and into the possession of the awaiting guards that worked within the large courthouse.
hơn một năm qua Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary listened as the guards were shouting for help, looking back at the wagon once again. But instead of asking who was in it, Rosemary let the insults get the better of her and she spoke* Let's just get this over with
hơn một năm qua cosmic_fusions said…
"The others? Who the FUCK are the others?" Elijah questioned with furrowed brows, annoyed that now there was more to do. But at the mentioning of his brother, he gagged in disgust. "Fuck him and every bit of him he is." He growled. "Anyways, where's these people at? Because if we gonna get them, we betta get them right now while that crazy bitch is distracted."

* * *

Zealia blinked as she witnessed the creature part off with the fog. Her attention then went to Addai again, and she gave him a curious smirk. "I wasn't aware my Addai could speak in such language." She chuckled softly. “I missed you, baby. I missed you so much.” She emphasized with tears, snuggling against his embrace again. "I don't want you to leave again, isn't one year enough torture for us both?" The therinymph said with lowered eyes.


“You... are nothing...” Wiezen Jr. spat out, blood joining his speech. And as she approached him, he grunted some while scooting enough to find some form of stand. And then that’s when Three suddenly found a tail coiling around her neck and choking her mercilessly, the tail no other than Jr.’s.
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hơn một năm qua pLaStIcSUNDAE said…
The two prisoners were escorted into the link, many more people being present this time than there had been in the previous trials, almost all of the levels of it being full. They taken to the center of the room and onto a circular platform where the were forced down onto their knees, their shackles being locked together before a thick iron cylinder was shoved between them to where their backs were pulling against it. Unlike before, there was another platform that had been set up a couple of feet from them.

Higher up in the room sat the jury on one side while the judge's table was on the opposite side of the room. Clillin was already present within the room, standing with a steely expression as he watched them be brought in.

Muttering filled the courtroom as the vicious screaming from outside began to enter into the atmosphere, the grunts of knights being heard as they were pulling the third prison in.


Addai gave an apologetic smile. "I am sorry that it has taken me so long. There was much that I have had to learn, and only much more to come." He let out a small sigh. "However, I am very much still happy that I am able to see you again." He looked to the space that had been occupied by the beastly entity for a moment. "May we go somewhere else? It has been a long journey here."


"They have gone towards the a place where I am supposed to me them," Carlyle spoke again. 'It's not far.."

"I'm more worried about where we need to get than I am about that poser," Eros said in response to Jr. She glanced back at Carlyle. "Can ya walk?" Eros asked, noting the wound in her side. Not only that, but she didn't seem to be healing like the others had.

Carlyle gave a firm nod, not wanting to have to rely on someone else to do something as simple as walking. Even the pain numbed, blood loss was still a factor.

"Look Carly, you don't have to be–"

"I can walk," She spoke this time, staggering forward and keeping her hand over her wound. Just a little longer.. She took step after step, moving towards the direction that she had told them to go in.


Three tried to cough, but gagged as Jr.'s tail choked her, even though she continued to try to laugh. She took his tail into a hard grip, yanking it to where she then shamelessly sunk her teeth down into it to make him let go. The club she carried pulled back in preparations to be thrown at him with a fatal force.

However, the sound of a unusual, nasty link spilled out into the winds of the blizzard. A tall form sprinted across the snow, hidden as a shadow by the weather. The snow crunched in different areas, however, before Three could turn around, a large, slender and clawed hand shoved itself through her torso, wrapping around her spine before her body was yanked from the cage. The humanoid goat-faced creature was knelt down in front of the cage, its head tipped to the side mindlessly as it observed its prey. It stood up silently, and was nine feet plus in height along with the extra inches that the longs horns that stuck from its head added. Jet black fur covered areas of its body, the pale grey skin of its torso bare, its long tail whipping behind it through the snow. It's other hand lifted slowly to grab the other half of Three's body, and from there, it tipped its head, back as it started twisting her body like someone wringing out a drenched towel. Bones snapped and crunched, it's jaws opened, curved teeth layering its mouth as crimson was wrung out into it, splattering over its fur.
 The two prisoners were escorted into the [url=
hơn một năm qua Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary was on the ground, her attention turning to Cillin, as Oswald looked over at him and spoke* We're counting on you, Cillin. I hope that whatever it is you got is something that will save us.
*But before he could get a response back, his and Rosemary's attention turned to the screaming coming from outside the door. Rosemary feared for whatever it was that was coming into the court. If it was a total stranger, she'd rather not be around them. But, if it was who she thought it was... Then that was an even worse thought*
hơn một năm qua cosmic_fusions said…
“Yes! Please! May you go to the mortal realm? I-I’m currently staying at the same inn.” She said, stroking his cheeks softly with her hands. She still couldn’t believe it was him, and she had so many questions regarding his learning and himself. However, that wasn’t the appropriate location to discuss about. “You smell nice.” The nymph commented with a s smile.

“Oooor, you can, we can save time and go faster.” Elijah said before suddenly swooping Carlyle off her feet and into his big arms. He gently placed his hand onto her injured side to heal it with his own magic before quickening the pace by walking with much larger steps.


Wiezen Jr. had already taken multiple steps back once he heard the creature roar. His bitten tail twitched in agony, and he stumbled backwards until exiting the cabin and away from the murder scene. He let himself fall to the ground, letting out a tedious groan with a wince. His eyes closed momentarily, and despite his condition, he didn’t cry or scream. He just took deep breaths and kept them steady, letting the cold of the snow he was surrounded by numb the areas that his magic couldn’t.


Uhh, care to tell us why you’re late, Lia?” One of Dahlia’s coworkers asked as she strolled into the cafe, parking her scooter in the personal maintenance areas. It didn’t seem as if the shop was too busy, being that they’re the busiest during late morning.

Dahlia rolled her eyes as she tied her hair up more properly to keep her luxurious locks from intervening with her work. “I met an angel, that’s all.” She spoke about it casually as she placed her apron on.

“Ahaaa, funny. You paid a visit to the church? Thought you weren’t religious.”

“I’m not! And that angel wasn’t religious or anything. She had a bunch of tattoos and cool piercings and wore pretty vulgar clothing which was kind of unexpected for someone with white hair.” She said to herself now.

Her coworker blinked. “Um…. Are you, like, high? Also, white hair? What, a 90 year old angel?” She chuckled.

Dahlia’s nose scrunched. “No! I’m serious, she had wings and everything! A crown! Very soft wings! And… well… I don’t think it’s healthy for 90 year old angels to be carrying around breasts that big.” She recalled now.

“Uh huh, right.” She nodded sarcastically. “They really laced your shit this time.” The brunette said, leaning against the broom she held. “Anyways, the decorations to the festival tomorrow are in that box there. Boss says we gotta start hanging em up.”

“I’m not high!” Dahlia exclaimed with a flail of her arms. “And hah! Lucky me because I got to skip working tomorrow and instead hang out with an angel!”

“Okay, I’m kinda done with your bullshit story.” She chuckled at Dahlia. “Anyway, whatchu finna be for tomorrow?”

“I dunno.” Dahlia shrugged. “I was thinking a witch! But… how do I make a witch look cool and not ugly?”

“You can’t, they’re all ugly. Plus, that’s pretty basic. You ain’t got those ugly green noses witches got.” But then she looked at the fiery hair Dahlia had. “Ya know what, speaking of angels, you should be a lil devil. Tattoo that upside down cross and get two horns and you’re already Satan’s favorite helper.” She chuckled. “Plus, all the hot and rich guys are gonna either be Satan or a werewolf tomorrow. Hook up with them and you might as well be never having to work again.”

“Ew.” Dahlia reacted on her friend’s comment on men that would be playing Satan. “I dunno, I don’t wanna offend my friend by dressing like a dem---”

“Okay, I get it, you’re high, moving on.” She rolled her eyes. “Your imaginary angel won’t mind you dressing like a demon. Granting she has tattoos and everything.” She played along.

“Perhaps so. And I can make strawberry jam as fake blood!”

“Or you can get real blood.”

Both Dahlia and her coworker stared at each other before they bursted into giggles, light snorts escaping from the redhead. “Alright, alright,” Dahlia began, putting an end to their teenage discussion, “Time to decorate!”
hơn một năm qua pLaStIcSUNDAE said…
"We...are in the mortal realm, are we not?" Addai asked with an expression of confusion on his face as he looked around them.

"Yes, we are," Greisha giggled. "I believe that what she was trying to ask is if you are able to join her in the inn that she currently resides. Since her home was...destroyed." Along with everything else around it, her thoughts added

"Oh..." Addai was silent for a long moment until he nodded. "Yes, I guess I am."


"I said I am fi–" Carlyle let out a yelp when she was picked up against her wishes, showing reluctance towards the action.

"H-hey, wait up!" Eros scrambled to jump onto Elijah's back like she had done before. "Remember, conserving energy!" She said as an excuse to doing so.


While Jr. was working on pulling himself together, the howl of the blizzard was the only thing that could be heard. However, it was much to quiet for him to not notice that danger was lurking closer than he would have liked. Droplets of blood dripped from above him, some of it falling onto his head, others into the snow beneath him. The snow darkened, the shadow of the creature that Weiss had become looming over him from behind. A deep pitched noise that sounded like a growling sheep broke the sound of the blizzard.
It still of course smelled strongly of blood, the torso of Three clutched by the arms within in.


"Damn, why the hell is she still this strong?"

"Because those sedatives the guards gave her didn't do SHIT but piss her off!"

"Oh crap oh shit, give it back to her, give it–"

Suddenly, one of the guards went sliding into the room on his back, his helmet bouncing across the floor. The entire courtroom seemed to gasp as he groaned, rolling over to pick himself up.

"GUARDS, FRONT AND CENTER!" One of the knights called from outside.

The courtroom guards rushed from the room with poles that had a gaps in the ends of them. Clillin's hand rested went to his sword already prepared for things to have to become messy. He walked over to assist the guard to his feet.

"She's...she's a fuckin' freak!" The guard exclaimed. "CUT HER HEAD OFF DAMN IT!"

The commotion continued for almost ten minutes outside before the guards along with knights with now dented and scuffed armor were finally able to bring the salmon-haired woman in. The poles of the courtroom guards were at her neck on all sides, guiding her in as if she were some sort of animal.
And for the part, the woman seemed to be just that as she snarled at them, the stinger less scorpion tail that was attached to her being restrained. It was no other than Ossiana.
Her hair was in a mass of dirty filled tangles. Instead of the prison uniform, she was still in the now stained and torn clothing that he had been in when she had arrived due to them unable to get her to put in on at all. Her face was bruised in a few places, it only served to make her look even more ferocious in nature.

The a horrid stench entered the courtroom, and Ossiana clutched something close to her, refusing to let it go. However, as she was forced onto the platform, and after a brief skirmish, forced down onto her knees, the source of the smell was revealed as it dropped onto the floor.

Clillin's shock couldn't be hidden, and the reaction from the courtroom didn't help the situation. He stared at the small, severed arm that had fallen to the floor. Even from where he was, he saw that it was rotting. "By the gates of Fre..."

Ossiana fought against the chains that bound her, and would have broken them completely if it weren't for the extra enchantments that had been placed onto the by the mage. And if her ax had been present, even those wouldn't have been able to contain the beast that she had become. A seal had been placed on her mouth to prevent her from biting, as she had done many times during the year within the prison.
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hơn một năm qua Windwakerguy430 said…
*Enricho watched in horror as his wife was dragged into the room. He was tempted to jump from the seats and rush to her side. He even stood up to do so, but he had to force himself to sit back down, not to compromise anything. But the sight of her, her behavior, it was enough to almost bring his violent thoughts back*
O-Ossiana? *As Ossiana was put down, Rosemary could smell the awful scent of rotting flesh, gagging as she could smell it from where she was. But that didn't stop her from calling out* Ossiana, look! It's me, Rosemary. You're friend! What the hell happened to you? *She looked down at the arm she held, gulping at the sight as she asked in a quivering tone* I... Is that....... L-Look, Bonnus needs to create more of those fucking freaks, doesn't she? She wouldn't have killed Oriocho. But I promise you, Ossiana. I'm going to get an innocent verdict. I'm going to get out of here- We're going to get out of here and we're going to make that bitch pay. But please, I need you to focus. You need to stay stronger than this! You're a warrior, not... whatever this is
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hơn một năm qua cosmic_fusions said…
Zealia's ears perked in happiness when she heard his response. "Yes!" She cheered, smiling that he could. "I may have some spare french fries for you." She admitted with a chuckle, before her hand intertwined with his. And suddenly, all three of Addai, Greisha, and herself were no longer where they once were. Instead, they were now in the familiar halls of the inn. She decided to skip the entrance downstairs to avoid being yelled at and seen the way she was dressed by the manager. "T-There's so much to catch up on!" Zealia exclaimed as she hurried to her room with Addai at hand.

* * *

"Ajaaaaaaa." Elijah rolled his eyes. "Whatever, these guns weren't made to not be used, ya know what I mean?" He chuckled to himself, both of their weights not bothering him at all. He continued with his long strides, already far from the others.

Meanwhile, Wiezen Jr.'s face twitched at the droplets of blood that fell on it, and he winced to get himself up and wipe them off of it. He stared in disgust at the ribcage it carried, clutching his own with a small grunt. He fell back on the snow once he couldn't stand for too long and panted softly, this time staring at the beast rather than being beneath it. But he didn't say a word to it, and in fact, even closed his eyes again and sank further into the snow to numb the injuries. He would have commented about his stinky breath if it weren't not being able to speak without it hurting.
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hơn một năm qua pLaStIcSUNDAE said…
Ossiana yanked and pulled at her chains that left her stuck to the iron rod behind her, her eyes wild with fury. As Rosemary spoke to her, she let out a rough grunt, not even looking in her direction. It was as if she had been driven into a madness. And the moment one of the guards attempted to get near the severed limb of her child to dispose of it, she completely lost it. She tried to lunge out at them, her tail moving around violently under their restraints. Her mouth moved under the seal as if she was trying to somehow bite them again, and when that failed, she slammed the back of her head into the rod behind her, causing it to shake hard. Blood seeped from the back of her head, staining her matted hair.

"Leave it!" Clillin commanded the guard in attempt to find as way to calm Ossiana down.

"But sir, its a–"

"LEAVE, it," Clillin hissed. "That's an order!"

Ossiana's chest heaved in rage, and she continued to try to pull at what held her down. But as the guard backed away from her platform, she glared at him.

"What the heck is she?" One of the people in the courtroom mumbled.
"Is this a trial or a induction into a nuthouse?" Another that was closer to Enricho muttered.
"I-Is that an arm?!" A middle aged woman exclaimed, more mutter being brought from the people.


The creature threw aside Three's torso now, its gleaming eyes glaring down at Wiezen Jr. until it leaned down lower to him on all fours, its hands mashing into the snow heavily. Its mouth opened wide, and it let out a large roar. But suddenly, the dark magic that it harbored started to form from its mouth, a writhing aura growing. That is, until it began to shake its head violently, letting out and agitated shriek as it clawed at its head before it swung its arm down at him, the snow that it scooped up with it lessening the impact and redirecting the full force of claws. It began to walk forward until it fell to its knees, snarling and growling as its form started melting down until Weiss emerged from its fallen body, breathing heavily as he pulled himself from the slop of fur and flesh until he fell our onto the snow.


While they were on their way to the new location, Eros looked around them in search of anything that looked like people out in the blizzard. She shielded her eyes to try to look further out, but to no avail. "This shit seems like its gettin' thicker," She said. "Carlyle, should we be lookin' for anything specifically? This snow is fallin' too fast for us to know if they've gone in this direction or not."

"Just...keep going. They'll be there. Unless..."


Carlyle hesitated. "Unless the other one like me is here as well. Five."

"Who, the red guy? Don't worry about that. He's as good as dead. We made sure of that." Eros reassured.

However, Carlyle wasn't exactly happy to hear that, though she didn't voice that she was openly. But she understood that it must have had to be done.


Spare french fries? Addai asked himself. "Ah, so that is why you smell of potatoes," He concluded. When they left where they were and appeared in the inn, his eyes inspected the new surroundings curiously until he was pulled along with Zealia. "I agree," Addai replied to her statement. "You must have a lot to share from our year apart."

Greisha followed along with them, her brows furrowing now in thought. She debated on whether or not if she would still give Zealia the news of what she had found out. However, seeing how happy she was at the moment with Addai, she didn't know if she could bring herself to ruin their time together so soon.
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hơn một năm qua Windwakerguy430 said…
*Enricho had to bite his lip to calm himself, but he couldn't help but give some response* W-What is she even doing here among terrorists? S-She's clearly just ill, but not a criminal, right?
*Rosemary kept her gaze on Ossiana, looking at her with a worried expression* Ossiana *Rosemary said in a sincere tone, hoping to get her attention* Listen to me, Oriocho is alive, I promise you that. I have hope that someone is looking for her, that us just being in this damn prison was a waste. Oasis is out there, still alive and kicking, stronger than ever. But if we are going to save them, you gotta listen to me. You gotta be strong for your kids and for Enricho. Please, Ossiana, say something! Anything at all to give me a sign that you can understand
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hơn một năm qua cosmic_fusions said…
Wiezen Jr.'s ears lowered, mainly to block out the loud noise he heard coming from the creature, grunting some when it roared again. His nose, which held a soft red hue, twitched softly as sprinkles of snow coated it. His eyes which were a pale icy blue now observed Weiss closely rise from what was once the monster. His jaw was clenched the entire time within his own hut of snow that kept his wounds numb and fresh.

"There ya are!" A voice was suddenly heard, and when Weiss turned to look, it was a clone of Elijah based on the purple aura that outlined him. "So ya killed her, eh? Good job! One less bitch to worry about. Now, we're like, pretty far now so let's go so I can teleport ya there." Elijah approached him. "And I may have a fresh mint for ya, always prepared!"

* * *

"I? No, you do! My year has only consisted of more problems and me missing you." She admitted. "I hated myself for missing our anniversary a-and I couldn't sleep at night thinking how difficult it must've been for you." She still had the sniffles from earlier. "You must tell me everything!" But then she remembered Greisha was there as well, and she didn't want to be mean or anything, but she really wanted her alone time with Addai for now. But then she remembered something from what she said from earlier that made her furrow her brows. "Oh, by the way Greisha, what were you talking about my mom? And the whole pandora situation? Can it wait? S-Sorry, I just really want to spend as much time as I can with Addai today." She said before opening her room from the inn.
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hơn một năm qua pLaStIcSUNDAE said…
A man that was just behind Enricho gave a huff of disbelief. "Not a criminal? Hah! Where've you been, haven't you heard? She was found in that professor's lab snooping around. It's obvious that she was with the rest of them that got caught. Not only that, but my brother works over at the prison. I heard she bit the fingers off one of the guards up that way, straight through the leather and all. She may have even killed a few people."

"Oh most definitely," The man to Enricho's left turned around to speak to the man. "I was present during the last trial. It was stated that she beat one of the knights to death with his own helmet while they were trying to clean her up after she got to the prison."

"You think that's somethin? Apparently she's a Scorpia."

"Really?! I thought all of them were killed off by the Great Desert Fire centuries ago!"

Meanwhile, Ossiana turned to Rosemary, still heaving. She barely seemed to even recognize her or Oswald for a few seconds. But just as she looked as if she was having some sort of familiarity with them, she growled from behind the seal.

"Silence in the courtroom! Silence!" One of the guards called out, a mage using a spell to amplify his voice. "SILENCE! The judge has arrived!"

The judge, a man who looked to be in his late fifties or early sixties entered the courtroom, his beard well groomed and the little hair that he had on the top of his head sticking up a little. His black robes followed behind him swiftly as he adjusted his glasses, walking behind the highsitting desk that was his bench. He cleared his throat, taking his seat and placing his papers down as he awaited the silence of the courtroom.


"Pandora?" Addai turned for a moment, the sound of it somewhat familiar to him. He remembered his teacher speaking on something about it, but it had only been brief, not to mention it was back when he had first gotten to where he went.

"Y-yes, of course," Greisha said quickly. "I..was thinking the same, and I would like nothing more but for you to enjoy his return." And though she said this, she was still uncertain. However, before this could be noticed, she was already gone.


Too close..that was too close. He had almost slipped out of what little control he had managed to gain over the creature. Even without the fullness of the moon, attempting to utilize the dark power that he had been branded with was dangerous, a risk.
Weiss was shaking some of the glop off of his hands when he heard Elijah speak. When he turned around and saw that it was a clone, he was just the slightest bit relieved because if it was a clone, then he didn't have to waste words telling him off about not going after Carlyle.

He went over to Wiezen Jr., offering a hand down to him. "Can you stand?"
hơn một năm qua Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary looked at Ossiana, hoping to get some response, but she was forced to look forward at the sound of the judge. As she spoke, she whispered to Cillin as best as she could* Listen, Cillin, here's how it will go. I appreciate you helping us, but you gotta get us out of here, and I mean all three of us. The scorpion tail girl included. Do you understand?
hơn một năm qua cosmic_fusions said…
When he offered his hand, Wiezen Jr. looked away and remained in silence, especially now with Elijah present. His jaw was still clench, partly because of pain and partly because of not wanting to say anything. The clone of Elijah stood besides Weiss, staring down at his injured brother before suddenly kicking him on the shoulder. Jr. bit his tongue to prevent yelling, his eyes flickered softly yet weakly.

"You insignificant prideful piece of shit." Elijah growled down at him. "Good for nothing but stealing lights, thinking he's the only child that matters, and ruining everything. Always ridin' mom and dad's dick so he gets hated the least."

Wiezen Jr. still didn't look at either of them, and didn't speak against any of his accusations. He could see why Elijah saw it as stealing. After all, once their father abandoned them, it was Wiezen Jr. who suffered the most with a dying light. Zealia and Elijah both helped him by sacrificing some of their own, and Elijah's repayment was being sent to somewhere he knew he would be safe.

Elijah's clone growled when Wiezen refused to look at them. He suddenly grabbed him by the collar and launched him against what was left of the cabin. "Funny, the snow is almost as cold as you are. Fuck you, man. Fuck you, and may you never find happiness. Curse any child you miraculously may have. Curse any chance of a future you have. And curse Helga and Wiezen for ever considering you a child." He added. "Die here and do us all a favor. Especially Weiss." The clone suggested before suddenly both Weiss and Elijah were no longer near the cabin, but instead miles ahead back within the protective bubble where the actual Elijah was, still holding both Eros and Carlyle.

* * *

"There's just... a lot going on, I guess." Zealia said while holding the door open for her lover and closing it. She quickly better organized her room for the sake of an unexpected guest. "Are you hungry? I can order something or we can go somewhere." She told him, but she wasn't quite sure how much time she had with him. "Come, come!" She patted the edge of the undone bed. "Tell me what you've learned." Zealia suggested while retrieving some fries from the trolley. She sat on her knees on the bed like a child would, interested in Addai's presence now.
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hơn một năm qua pLaStIcSUNDAE said…
"Oh, so now you have some sense in you to not be throwing an insult every three seconds," Clillin said quietly. "You think I can just unchain the three of you and walk out of this courtroom with no repercussions or oppositions? Furthermore, what makes you think that I'm going to get anywhere near that woman?" He glanced over to where Ossiana was before he spoke to Rosemary again. "Just be quiet and let me handle this." His attention shifted at the sound of the gavel striking its wooden platform.

"The final trial of the Defending Foreign Offenders versus Opposing The Laws of Fre will now began. We are gathered here today to decide the fates of Rosemary and Oswald Quartz, as well as there unnamed accomplice. We will now move forward with the opening statements immediately. Are both parties prepared?"

"Yes, your honor, we are." Clillin spoke.

"As are we," The representative for the prosecuting party spoke, a well dressed short man that hailed from the capital of Fre itself spoke.

"I now give the courtroom to the prosecutor. Mr. Arizona Sinistral, you may now began."


When Wiezen didn't except his hand, Weiss didn't lower it. Instead, he had been about to reach down to pull him to his feet himself so that they could leave. That is, until he witnessed Elijah kick him. However, he didn't retract his hand. He just stared down at him, keeping it extended down towards him. Get up. Get up. He didn't know what reason Jr. had to still be there on the ground, however, what he saw he didn't like.
He found irony within Elijah's words towards Wiezen Jr.. Because for some time, some of it was exactly how he had felt towards triplets as well as Oswald and Rosemary in general. And so when he found that what was occurring bothered him, he didn't know why. But it just did.

However, when Wiezen Jr. was thrown towards the remainder of the cabin, Weiss was already moving to intervene before it went any further. After they reappeared where the others were which included the real Elijah, he spoke. "Whatever feud the both of you have between yourselves, don't drag my name down into it." That was all that he said, and left it at that.

Carlyle recognized the voice almost instantly, and she tried sitting herself up some. "W-Weiss? Weiss that you?"

"Yes." Weiss answered both bluntly and blandly.

Carlyle sunk back down into Elijah's arms now. He was really there. But why?

"Wait a minute, where's Wiezen?" Eros was the one that ended up asking the question. "You guys didn't get roughed up too badly didja?" However, upon looking at Weiss, she didn't see anything out of place with him apart from being covered in slop, which gave her the idea of what he had done. "Weiss?" She questioned. And when Weiss didn't answer, she spoke again. "Weiss."

"Ask his sibling." Weiss replied finally.


Addai watched for a moment while Zealia went through and tidied up the room, and at her question, he spoke. "A small meal would do if it would not be any trouble for you," He answered, looking around a bit. He went and sat onto the edge of the bed where she patted, scratching the back of his head. "What I've learned? Hmm..well to begin, I suppose I can say that I have learned that your voice is just as beautiful in person as it was within my mind." He said, looking over to her. "Though I must admit that it does surprise me that I sound nothing like I had imagined." He rubbed his chin a bit as he thought about it.
hơn một năm qua Windwakerguy430 said…
You don't have to *Rosemary said in a hushed, frustrated tone now* But one thing's for sure, I am not leaving this courtroom without her. You're gonna help me get her out of a guilty verdict as well, whether that means sending my ass to the chopping block or not. You don't understand, that bitch Bonnus stole her goddamn kid!
*Rosemary kept her stern gaze on Cillin, but she kept her eyes forward once more as the prosecutor was ready to give his statement. But before he did, Rosemary made one of her usual wise cracks, something that became common within the courtroom* Hey, Arizona. Another day, another trial, am I right?
hơn một năm qua cosmic_fusions said…
"Huh, me? I'm not related to that failure. ...Whaat?" He shrugged. "He's dead weight, and Carlyle here seems like she doesn't like him. Wouldn't want to disturb her more than she already is, ya know?" Elijah said before he answered Weiss's remark. "I didn't drag your name in for nothing. It's true, isn't it?" He defended his argument with facts. The bubble that surrounded everyone transmitted heat to keep them warm for the rest of their walk, especially now for Carlyle.

* * *

Zealia's ears perked in shock at what she heard come from Addai's mouth. "H-Huh?" She stammered, light tears already forming. "You can... hear?" Her brows wiggled and she smiled, crawling towards him on the bed and embracing him in a protective and loving hug. Her hands cupped his cheeks and she kissed him here and there, droplets of her tears staining his skin. "You can hear!" She exclaimed, smooching his lips afterwards. "That's wonderful, baby. I'm so happy for you. You'll be able to hear the cries and laughters of our children." She said with a sniffle. Her fingers combed through his hair and she remained there in a straddle. "Tell me, how did this happen? And your skin, i-it's clear! What spots will I kiss now when we sleep?" She chuckled softly.
hơn một năm qua pLaStIcSUNDAE said…
"Will you shut your mouth?" Clillin hissed at Rosemary, with half the mind to want to sow it shut himself if he could.

The man known as Arizona rolled his eyes. "Pardon me judge, but before I began, I'd like to ensure that there will be no disruptions as there were last trial. It is rather...unprofessional."

"Understood." The judge said simply. He gestured to one of the mages that stood at the door to come forth, and in no time at all, a similar seal to the one over Ossiana's mouth was smacked over Rosemary's.

"I give you my greatest thanks." Arizona stepped forward from behind his bench, clearing his throat as he walked between the two platforms and onto a smaller, lower one. He turned towards the people present, and began to speak. "Imagine a woman within her late fifties. A citizen of Fre, and a hardworking woman indeed. This woman is the owner of a small herbal tea shop in the western wing, just off the entrance of a dock. She is the sole caretaker of two grandchildren, her husband diseased as well as the children's parents. She does the best that she can in order to provide for the children with what she can, to ensure that they have a well childhood despite not having much herself. This year things have been particularly hard for her due to the increase of competition in the market. Now if you were to ask this woman how the ending of the world would look and sound, how do you think she would describe it? Look no further, for I have the answer. She would describe it as working her feet to the bone a year ago as she did day by day, her grandchildren giving her a hand with the work that needed to be done. People of the jury, she would describe it as a sudden crisis that disrupted a normal, humble day and destroyed all that she had. Took all that she had. Including...her grandchildren. The woman in which I speak of is no longer than Mrs. Lillia Locheart, better known as Grandma Lilly."
He paused for a moment, looking around at the many people. "Now, I ask you to imagine an elderly man who's entire life was centered around making a better living for himself. And finally, after over twenty years of sweat, blood and tears, he was finally given the opportunity that he had worked so hard for. He became the owner of a somewhat well known inn, something that he had to proudly call his own. That is, until it was taken from him a year ago. Burned to the ground right before his eyes was the place that he had called home. The place that he had spent so much time investing into. And now he has nothing but luckily, a small fortune gifted to him generously by the kind heart of someone unknown. This man's name need not be spoken, for he has been here time and time again. People of the jury, people of Fre. I am here to prove once again as I have before, why the three foreign individuals, the disruption of the peace within the lives and many more, are guilty. Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to ensure that justice will prevail within this courthouse on this day, and that the suffering of the innocent people effected will not go without it. Thank you." He turned and walked back to where he had been before, his hands behind his back.


"So you're gonna try to leave him out there to fucking die, are you kidding me?!" Eros exclaimed jumping down from his back. "Open this stupid bubble or whatever you call it, I'm goin' back."

"We don't have time for that." Weiss said sharply with a growl.

" god." Eros said in disbelief. "Are you serious? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?! Like hell we do! Leave no one behind, that's what you said ain't it!?" She looked to Elijah. "And Carlyle? Don't try to use that as an excuse for you bullshit Elijah! And what happen to all of that sticking together bullshit?! What, that goes straight out the window now?"

"You need to focus on what we came here for to began with." Weiss hissed. "Have you forgotten what today is? Ossiana and the others probably within the courtroom right now. And no matter how big a temper tantrum you throw, it won't stop them from being executed if we aren't there."

"Okay and?! That's if we're NOT THERE! The least one of you assholes could do is teleport him back to wherever the hell it is that Zealia is!"


"It happened during my time being trained by my teacher. My body as well as my spirit were being harmed constantly by the power that I could not control. And once I began to learn to control it, it has finally started to recover," Addai explained. "Though it is now under my control, I can only access it to an extent without receiving further injury. I have yet to understand the full extent of its nature, however I know that I will no have to fear harming others due to the lack of control that I previously had." But then he had thought back to her comment about her skin. "Though...I would not consider my skin clear." He chuckled. But then he paused for a moment, catching his reflection in the mirror across from the on the wall. He furrowed his brows at the sight, rubbing at the beard that had began to grow in.
hơn một năm qua Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary, already annoyed that the brand was put onto her mouth, rolled her eyes, exhaling from her nose in annoyance at the speech he gave* Typical of that guy! Always trying to win people over through sob stories *Rosemary thought to herself, since she was unable to give her opinion out the way she always intended to*
*Oswald was perfectly still, no facial expression whatsoever. He just listened to the man's speech, looking forward like that of a statue, and waited for Cillin to give his response*
hơn một năm qua cosmic_fusions said…
"He can do it himself." Elijah shrugged apathetically. "And yeah, we all stick together–yadayada–however, he's not part of the equation." He emphasized as he continued with his large steps. "And nah, fuck Zealia too because she's most likely not doing the task she was given." He referenced her taking care of Layla.

Meanwhile, Wiezen Jr. had pulled himself together enough to huddle against the corner of what was left of the cabin to block out the heavy winds. He panted softly, staring at the chunk of wood he had to lodge out of his side when Elijah had thrown him. His eyes closed briefly to rest and allowed time to do its healing.

* * *

"Oooh, and not to forget this.~" She cooed, her hands gently grazing across his jawline and brushing against the hairs. "It's hiding your baby face." Zealia giggled softly, a soft snort releasing. The nymph placed another kiss on his lips, but her fingers tickled certain weak spots of his body. "At least I know you still have your baby body." She joked, noting how toned his skin had become. She was going to miss his little fat she always bit, but didn't complain about the new one either. "When must thee return?" Her ears twitched. "Whenever is so, can I convince you to stay longer?"
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hơn một năm qua pLaStIcSUNDAE said…
Clillin watched out of the corner of his eye as Arizona headed back to his bench, his attention going back to the front of the courtroom.

The judge let Arizona's opening statement settle into the walls of the courtroom and the people present before he opened his mouth to speak. "I now ask the defendant's representative to please step forward."

Arizona spoke to Clillin as he was passing by. "Tough luck, traitorous filth," He spoke in a low growl.

Clillin ignored the comment towards him and instead stepped into the place where Arizona had once been. He could here the mutters that had began to arise from the people at his presence there, the atmosphere one of mixed emotions and doubt. He waited until things settled back into silence before he spoke. "For many, many years, this country has been a great one among the existing kingdoms of this world. A grand one, one that all of you here today call home. It is one of order, of peace, and most importantly, one that is just. I am not here to prove the innocence of those I have come to represent, for they are responsible for many things in their own right. However, what they are not are terrorists. Thieves, yes. Minor criminals that have had their parts in disturbing the peace of this country, yes. These are things that have come from their mouths, admitted in the face of justice. They are guilty of many things, but what they are not guilty of is the events that occurred just last year, not solely. What they are not guilty of is the deaths of children used as soldiers. What they are not guilty of is that," he pointed to the limb of Ossiana's child, which had now been covered by a cloth for the sake of the people there. "And that is what I intend to prove here today."


"And how the fuck do you know that?" Eros growled. "How about you take your head out of your asshole and give people their damn credit for once!"

" say Ossiana?" Carlyle spoke up suddenly. "Ossiana...Morgan?"

"Yes. Ossiana, who is in prison or most likely court at this very moment with people of another country determining whether or not she will be executed along with Rosemary and her brother because of your creator and her disgusting ways." Weiss said without filter. "What of it?"

Carlyle cringed some at Weiss's words, falling silent and no longer wanting to speak. However she did so anyways, seeing what she had to say as something more important. "We...we have her child.." she spoke quietly.

Both Eros and Weiss's attention went to her now at the same time, but it was Eros who spoke. "yOU WHAT?!?!"


'It is rather..annoying," Addai said, scratching at the growing hairs while they were on the subject of it. "It itches all of the time, which is why I will shave it away soon." However when Zealia tried to tickle him in the places that would usually bring a reaction, nothing happened but the furrowing of his brows as he spoke. " not have the body of a small child," He said.

With her next few questions, he was quiet for a few seconds. "My teacher has allowed me three weeks until my return to the world of spirits. I do not think that she will allow me to stay any longer than so, for she is very strict in her teachings."
hơn một năm qua Windwakerguy430 said…
*Oswald wanted to give Cillin a word of encouragement, a nod of understanding, or at least a glimpse to show that he knew where he was going, but he didn't give anything. He didn't dare make a single move. Oswald remained in his spot, perfectly still, allowing Cillin to do what needed to be done. He had faith that he could pull it off, moreso than what Rosemary had*
hơn một năm qua cosmic_fusions said…
"She?" Zealia blinked. "Your teacher is a girl? Is she nice?" Her ears perked this time in thought, her brows slowly furrowing. "She hasn't tried flirting with you, has she?" Her nose suddenly pressed against Addai's. "Because she can't do that." Her ears lowered some. "Because your mine." She smooched his lips.

* * *

Elijah didn't react much since he had no idea what was going on. "Hm?" His left ear perked. "What's this about? That scorpion woman? Uhh, what was her name? Oasis or somethin'?"
hơn một năm qua pLaStIcSUNDAE said…
While Clillin was going back to where he had been before, one of the people within the courtroom stood up. "THEY'RE GUILTY! C'MON, GET THEIR ASSES UNDER THE AX ALREADY!!"

"Yeah! Screw this trial, if they came to our country to steal AND they were caught, kill the fuckers already!"

Ossiana snarled at the people without restraint, the few moments of calm that had come over her now gone.

Murmurs began to come forth now as some of the people began to agree while others were unsure. There were also those that continued to watch on in silence, those people being the Jury.

"Order in the court, ORDER IN THE COURT!" The judge gave his bench a few hard hits with his gavel. "We will now continue with our final witnesses before the jury comes to their conclusion.


"Yes, my teacher is a woman," Addai corrected, his index finger scratching at his chin. His brow lifted when Zealia had asked him if the woman who had put him into shape had been flirting with him. He kissed her lips lightly when he felt hers on his. "Why do you ask? Are you jealous?" He asked now.


"No." Weiss said firmly. "Ossiana is Oasis's mother. Bonnus stole her child to most likely continue her little experiments I'd assume." And now his attention turned to Carlyle, his eyes narrowing in suspicion. "Which brings one question. How, and who is "we"? Who are these people that you've been with?"

"Carly–Carlyle, is their somethin' you've been hidin'?" Eros asked urgently.

Carlyle shrunk down into Elijah's arms now that everyone's attention had gone to her. And though she couldn't see them, she could hear it in their voices that they were looking at her, she could feel it. "I-I–"

"I think you're a-asking the wrong one about th-that kind of st-st-stuff." From in ahead of them, a man with patchy clothing stood there. From under the scarecrow-like hat that he wore, strands of white could be seen from beneath it, as well as a youthful face. When he spoke, he did so softly yet with a demand, a hard stutter in his speech. "L-et her g-go."

 While Clillin was going back to where he had been before, one of the people within the courtroom stoo
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hơn một năm qua Windwakerguy430 said…
*As Enricho was trying his best to remain silent, he bit down on his lip to the point of it bleeding, and despite that, he bit harder and harder to contain his frustration. He looked around at the audience, already feeling a familiar bloodlust rising within him, a deep seeded hate that he had kept buried for twenty years and more. And despite that, despite all that was happening, a part of him begged for it to come out, and he wanted it to come out, but he kept it contained, buried in his heart, as the courtroom finally fell silent*
*Oswald kept calm as the people demanded their death, his eyes now moving to Cillin with a blank stare, but Cillin knew by the look that Oswald was prepared for whatever the outcome was*
hơn một năm qua cosmic_fusions said…
"A little bit." Zealia admitted as her nose was still pressed again his, a light blush stinging her face. "I can't help it." She frowned with embarrassment. "She gets to see you all the time and I don't." She said, her ears lowering some more. "She gets to see you grow and train a-and workout and.... I sit here eating french fries." The nymph summarized before placing another kiss on his lips.

* * *

At first, Elijah thought it was Wiezen Jr. who had returned, and he was ready to beat the living hell out of him. But then he realized he was wrong. "Yeah, I don't think I will." Elijah said blandly as he held Carlyle closer now. But then he was able to get a better look at him, and he couldn't help but chuckle. He looked at his siblings. "W-Who's gonna tell 'em?" He joked with another laugh. "Anyway, listen dude, try anything and I'm going to send you to the moon."
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hơn một năm qua pLaStIcSUNDAE said…
As Elijah was laughing, a flat shard of white colored magic ripped through his barrier and shot passed him, grazing his neck. However, the deep graze had been delayed for only a second after his threat. And the young man spoke again. "I-I don't wa-ant t-to hurt anyb-body b-b-but I will if y-you ma-ake don't.."

Eros turned towards the man, growling. "Great, we got another one," Her arms were already beginning to transform.

Weiss grimaced, reaching for his eyepatch.

"No!" Carlyle scrambled out of Elijah's arms, falling onto the ground where she crawled into a stand, standing in front of them. She held her arms out to either side. "D-do not hurt him." She said. But then she fell backwards against the barrier, trying to remain conscious. She had lost too much of blood.

"L-Lyle!" The young man's expression of one of panic, and his hands trembled, the right one baring two more of shards that had been thrown.

Carlyle turned around, placing her hand against the barrier. "Its...okay," She said to him. She followed his gaze down to her wound, grimacing some. "They are frie–" She stopped herself, and instead said something else. "They're here to help.."

"B-b-but, but–" He stammered until he was cut off.

"Unnit," Carlyle said sharply, making him take his eyes away from the blood. "Look at me. Where are the others?"

"Th-they went a-ahead. I c-couldn't l-l-leave you h-here," He replied. "I'm...s-sor-ry."

Carlyle clutched her side firmly, her hand over the healing wound. "Come...we are going to get them and go to a safe place...okay?"

The strange person that she had called Unnit was hesitant to nod, trying to keep his eyes away from the blood that had started to stain the snow beneath Carlyle.


He finally nodded, but stiffly.


Addai chuckled some while savoring the taste of her lips once more. "I would not have thought that you would be the jealous type. But I can see why it does bother you so." He gave her a smile, his hands suddenly sliding through the openings in her underwear to grab the plush, bare skin that they covered. "That is why for the time I am here, I hope to spend it all with you, Zealia." He leaned his head into her shoulder, placing a loving kiss onto her neck. And he spoke gently into her ear.

"I..have missed you more than anything."


The floor opened under the level of the courtroom that the judge was on, and the stand that the witnesses took their seat in rose above to the surface as Arizona took his place in the center again.

"For my first witness, I would like to bring forth the owner of the Inn, Manin Reigaldson.

One of the courthouse guards nodded and made their way towards the door on the far left, disappearing through it for a moment. In seconds, they returned with the keeper of the inn.
The aged man shuffled into the room nervously, refusing to make eye contact with Oswald or Rosemary as he was guided to the witness stand, the guard taking the time to spare words of sympathy before he went back to his position.
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hơn một năm qua Windwakerguy430 said…
*Oswald kept his stone like expression, yet in his mind, he was baffled at this being the witness. The man of the inn, the inn that was believed they destroyed. Oswald, despite keeping his expression, hoped that things would go in their favor, but felt that hope was slowly failing*
hơn một năm qua cosmic_fusions said…
"Ow--HEY! What the FUCK!" Elijah yelled, his hand now on the side of his neck. "Okay, that was uncalled for and unfair!" He scoffed, mumbling something to himself before he proceeded to pick up Carlyle again. "Okay, yeah, no. You can't continue like this, it's too risky. I'm sending you back with Zealia so she can help you heal better. She'll take care of that blood loss and may be able to fix those eyes." His eyes went to Unnit. "And you can make yourself useful and take us where the others are so we can ALL leave this shitty weather and rejoice with a pina colada at our inn."

* * *

Zealia's ears perked in delight and she bit her lip some, a giggle escaping through them. Her long black dress annoyingly covered well her entire body, making it harder for Addai to slide his hands through. But he could feel the soft spiderwebbed stockings she wore underneath, along with the familiar satin underwear and the new texture of skin where her tattoos were located. However, he could also feel the small dagger that was strapped on her thigh for safety. "Is that all you missed?" She whispered softly into his ear before tugging it gently with her teeth. "Ke pōloli nui nei au iā ʻoe." The therinymph surprised him with his own language, in which she had improve on immensely within the year.
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hơn một năm qua pLaStIcSUNDAE said…
Unnit didn't move from where he was, his hands still shaking. But taking once glance at the woman in the large man's arms and reluctantly, he took some steps back before turning around and began to move briskly. Who were these people? He knew that Carlyle said that they were there to help, but he couldn't help but to be wary–extremely wary. So much so that every few seconds, he looked behind him at them, trying his best to keep an eye on Carlyle.


Addai's brows lifted, impressed by the amount of fluidity she spoke his native tongue with. "Of course this is not the only thing that I have missed about you, for I have missed everything," His fingers ran back over the texture of the tattoos that she had on her body, and when they grazed across the dagger again, he smirked. "However, it seems that you have been awaiting something else." He chuckled for a brief second. But just as he was going to kiss her lips again, he jumped when the door flung open.

"ZEALIA! Someone would li–" Greisha came to a stop, looking from one to the other. "Are you...mating?" But then she covered her mouth soon after she had realized what she had said, her deep hue of red coming to her face. "M-my apologies, I did not mean to interrupt!" She hurried back out of the room, closing the door behind her and hurrying back down the hall where she disappeared before even reaching the end of it.


"Mr. Reigaldson," Arizona began, approaching the stand. "Could you please tell us once more of the events of the night of the incident?"

"Uhm, well–" The innkeeper gave an anxious cough. "I was minding my own, caring for my guests and ensuring that everyone was comfortable as an innkeeper should. It was a couple'ah hours after sundown, during the time I usually close up for the night, and I got a knock on my door."

"And please tell the jury loud and clear who greeted you. Or rather what greeted you."

"Oh uh, sure. When I opened up, there were three women. Thought they were special services for a guest or somethin' at first. There was a ork, an oni, anduh some nasty lookin ogre, the nastiest I've ever seen if anything. No offense to you ogre folk. Oh, and before hand, some succubus had stopped on by. Turned out they all knew each other, but I ain't think nothin' of it at first."

Arizona turned to the people. "An ork, and oni, and an ogre. I'll repeat that for those who didn't hear–an ONI, an ORK, and a OGRE! Now I ask you all now, do the outlanders here today look like any of those three? No! No, they do not! Now would you believe me if I told you that there was in fact, an oni, ogre and ork arrested? Would you believe that both of those very individuals are right here before your eyes, facing prosecution? No, you wouldn't! Because they were wearing disguises via a transmutation potion. Now why? Why would someone that claims that they are innocent need to wear a disguise in one of the most well protected, diverse kingdoms in the world?" He gave a melodramatic scoff as he slowly paced a few steps. "Why? Because they were clearly up to something from the beginning."

There was quite muttering within the courtroom again as people looked at one another, some sneering as if they had already know as much.

"Now Mr.Reigaldson, would you say that the day was a well one before the incident? That there was nothing that could have prepared you for such a thing?"

"Ya damn tootin'! That was my home–my way to make a living! I was..I was proud of that inn..." The innkeeper said, slouching some in his seat.

"I rest my case."
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goddamit greisha xD hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua Windwakerguy430 said…
*Despite the seal on her mouth, Cillin could feel Rosemary already shouted something, unable to be heard from the seal. Though, whether it was a counter to his claims, or just another flurry of insults, was anybody's guess*
hơn một năm qua cosmic_fusions said…
"Hey! HEY! Is he leading the way or he running away?" Elijah asked those within the bubble. He was confused as to what was wrong with the young man he recently met. He shook his head, going back to the topic that currently mattered. "Anyways, back to you. No arguing against what's best for ya." He said in reference to sending Carlyle away to safety where she could be healed.

* * *

"--GAH!" Zealia shrieked when the door swung open and she heard Greisha's voice. She almost fell when Addai jumped too since she was on top him. And at her question, a deep hue of pink stained Zealia's cheeks which soon spread to her ears and chest. Her eye twitched when she saw her bolt off, and immediately, she shut the door with magic and locked it with glaring eyes and a scrunched nose. "I'm going to glue her somewhere she can stay put." She mumbled under her breath. But then her attention went back to Addai, and her ears lowered slightly with an embarrassed chuckle. "S-Sorry..." She stammered sheepishly. But then she remembered what he mentioned a few seconds ago and she decided to answer it with a frown that slowly turned into a smirk. "Something else, you say?" The nymph asked with innocent eyes, her arms wrapping around his neck. "Whaat, do you have somethin' else for me?"
hơn một năm qua pLaStIcSUNDAE said…
"Not without the others," Carlyle said again, refusing to leave or be sent anywhere without them. But then she added. "And you do not decide what's best for me."

Weiss, however, was done talking. He was done arguing, and he was done waiting. He had stepped outside of the barrier and began to follow the young man, already a few steps ahead of everyone else. He used his abnormal eye to keep track of him in the blizzard. Something's not right with this kid, he thought to himself.


Addai rubbed his neck while Greisha was in the room, a hue of embarrassment going unnoticed on his face. He had thought that the door had been locked after they had arrived, which was why Greisha's entry had been so unexpected to him. As he watched Greisha leave and the door be shut by Zealia's magic, he scratched his head. "Why did she refer to it as "mating"? It is an odd way to see things."
His attention went back to Zealia, and he gripped her backside. "Perhaps," He said with a returning smirk of his own.


Addai nearly jumped again, but not as hard as before as Greisha appeared in the room.

"StayawayfromCHARLIECAINHUMMUSandY'I­ELH­ASR­ECO­VER­EDA­SWE­LL!­&qu­ot; Greisha said, her hands covering her eyes this time. And once again, she disappeared.

Addai let out a groan, and then sighed. "Perhaps now would be the best time to clean myself up, no?" He said, the mood now sullied. He placed a soft kiss onto Zealia's lips. "I would like to have a meal with you afterwards, for it sounds pleasant to me."


Clillin was next to confront the witness stand to question the innkeeper, ignoring the noise that came from Rosemary. His stare drilled into the innkeeper, causing the man to look away.

"Why do you look away, Reigaldson?" He asked the older man. "Your eyes speak more than your mouth has done thus far." He turned to the jury. "However before I began my cross examination with the witness, I would like to make a few corrections to the information provided to you all by Mr. Sinistral. First and foremost, there was no "ork" arrested, only what we have thought to be an ogre. An ogre who was revealed to be Rosemary Quartz, yes. However, there was no ork, nor was the oni."

"And why was this?" Arizona asked from where he was. "What was the reasoning behind the great knights of Fre failing to capture yet another one of the ones responsible?"

"Because there was no oni to capture, Sinistral. The supposed oni was no other than Oasis Morgan, a ranked lieutenant of the Owensport military, who was killed during the incident along with a succubus who's identity remains unknown."

Ossiana's eyes widened, and she began to scream from behind the seal. She started to yank and pull at the chains with all of her might, her tail going into a violent thrash. She began to kick her legs in pure rage, the guards having to come and further restrain her when the rod behind her start to budge.

Clillin, however, continued to speak. "Killed not by the guards of this country, not by the knights. But by the one truly to blame for the losses of numerous things. Professor Bonnus Likua. This woman here," He pointed to Ossiana, "Is her mother." He then pointed to covered limb on the floor. "And that, is what was left of who we can safely assume to be another close relative of her in the abandoned laboratory of the professor, which we discovered through the means of a thorough investigation. But that is something that I will continue a further explanation of later. Right now, our attention returns to Mr. Reigaldson."

The innkeeper's face had grown pale, his eyes averting from those of Clillin's.

"Your honor, with your permission and of course Mr. Reigaldson's, I would like to perform a test." Clillin gave a motion of his hand, and one of the knights that were present came forward with a vial of blue liquid.

"OBJECTION!" Arizona yelled. "Your honor, he is attempting to pervert the answers of the witness!"

"Silence." The judge said sternly, his eyes going to Clillin now in agitation. "Sir Fields, what would be the meaning of this..test, that you wish to perform."

"Contrary to Mr. Sinistral's belief, the meaning of this test will be quite the opposite of his claim. Within this vial is a truth potion, your honor."

"What sort of shenanigans are you playing at Clillin Fields?! What would be the need of one that is clearly not only a witness, but a VICTIM to the incident to take a truth potion? Are you saying that despite the evidence that you yourself gathered of the destruction brought to the man's life that you believe he is lying!? That's absurd!"

"Y-yeah, I don't think that such a thing is all that necessary! MY inn was the one that suffered along with the ones that were within it that night!" The innkeeper agreed in a stammer.

"I don't believe that you are lying, Reigaldson. But I don't believe that you are being completely truthful either. I believe that there are some missing factors, perhaps something you yourself are forgetting. And if I am wrong, then the witness would not have any quarrel with answering the prepared questions after the potion."
hơn một năm qua Windwakerguy430 said…
*The words kept ringing through Enricho's head, on repeat. His daughter had died. He had waited a year for good news, hoping that Oasis had survived, and he felt all his hope be crushed in a second. He felt that he could no longer control himself. He felt that he had lost whatever humanity was left in him. He stood up from the crowd and made his way out of the building in a ghost like silence*
*Despite no one paying him any mind, Rosemary looked up to see Enricho, hidden behind his mask, walking out of the building. For a brief moment, she thought to herself, was that him? But all she could say was lost behind the seal* Are you fucking serious, Cillin!? Do you really need to tell a mentally unstable woman that already! For fucks sake, she isn't even dead! You'd better get us out of here, or else there is gonna be a real fucking crime committed
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hơn một năm qua pLaStIcSUNDAE said…
The judge was silent for a moment, his thin lips a flat line as he thought about the request that Clillin had asked him to approve. "This is a court of justice. Therefore, I see no reason at all to decline this request. Carry on."

The innkeeper began to sweat slightly under the eyes of the many people within the courtroom, including the judge's. "I-is this really necessary?"

"Lives have been lost, along with a woman's sanity. Damage has been done to the very place that you call home. Children have died. This country has been attacked and turmoil as been put into place. People are afraid for their lives, and your statement may very well determine the decision towards lives that may be innocent. Now ask yourself, Reigaldson, do you believe that this is necessary?" Clillin said with a firm statement.

The innkeeper looked at Rosemary and Oswald for the first time, and them towards the now craze stricken woman that was still trying to break free. And slowly, he took the vial with a shaking hand and started drinking it.
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hơn một năm qua cosmic_fusions said…
Zealia cringed when she heard the familiar voice interrupt again within the span of a few seconds. "Okay, that's it, I'm punching her face inwards!" She growled with beaming eyes, her temper now much more short than when Addai had left. She apologized to him again with lowered ears. But upon hearing his thought, she sighed softly at their moment being ruined. "Yes, y-yes of course." The nymph nodded in agreement. But still, she smiled and returned the kiss lovingly. "We can go out and enjoy ourselves another date. It's long overdue."

* * *

"Uhhh, what?" Elijah blinked. "It's not me making decisions, you're literally DYING." He emphasized. "If you go back now, you'll heal quickly and return to better aid us. We already the other dude leading us, and once we get the others we'll return to that inn."
hơn một năm qua Windwakerguy430 said…
*Rosemary Tried her best to talk through the seal, to comfort Ossiana rather than restrain her, but her words were silenced by the seal, though it didn't stop her from attempting*
hơn một năm qua pLaStIcSUNDAE said…
"I said no–" Carlyle growled, only to let out a harsh cough. "I make sure that they make it there safely."

Eros frowned some at this. "Make it safely? Carlyle, you can trust us–"

"Can I?" Carlyle retorted bluntly with a tone full of nothing but doubt. "The only reason I accepted help from any of you is because I do not have any other options. This is for their sake..not mine."

Weiss continued to follow behind Unnit, wondering where it was that they were being led when he saw him suddenly disappear, the air wavering. His eyebrows slowly knitted together, and he moved slowly towards where the young man had been, moving his hand across the air in front of him. He watched as the blizzard air shifted some along with his touch. [i]An illusion?[i]
He prepared himself just in case, and stepped through. But then his gaze lifted at the sight of a wide building that looked much to big to only be harboring one person and also in a much better condition than the shack of a cabin had been.

Unnit had hurried along towards the building and burst through the door. "S-Styles! Th-they have C-c-Carlyle!"


Addai nodded. "I agree." But then he paused for a moment. "I may need to dispel this mask as well. I do ntot trust that it will not become stuck," He said, pointing at his face. His words were strange, for to Zealia, there was no mask that covered his face at all. Not one that she could see.
He moved her aside gently, getting to his feet to stretch. He turned to Zealia. "Would you happen to have any scissors?"
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