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posted by ichigocat
I like practically all Pokemon, all water Pokemon. But my yêu thích Water Type is Vaporeon.

This is because Vaporeon is so cute! They're so graceful. Also, they are very useful.

In the games, bạn use a Water Stone to evolve Eevee into a Vaporeon. bạn have Vaporeon. Use him/her wisely! They can use Surf and Waterfall, making it easier to get to the Pokemon League. They have one of the biggest health bases I've ever seen! I have one Lv.72, and I don't remember the health, but I know it was something like 270. Wow! And Vaporeon in very strong. I don't normally look at their attack and Sp.attack bases, but bởi using them against Pokemon higher level than them, I know they're strong. They may not be very fast, but they are faster than a majority of other Pokemon. They melt in water and that is so cool!!! :-)HAPPY(-: