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um the name says it all
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xin chào guys amberstripe here! I am going to make a warrior cat phim hoạt hình and I need your opinion on which one to do because Idk which one.

1. spiderleg x giống cúc, daisy ( impossible )
2. graystripe x Firestar ( count on me )
3. crowfeather x leafpool ( tình yêu story )
4. graystripe x Silverstream ( blank không gian )
5. firestar x sandstorm ( shy )

if bạn don't know the song for the ship phim hoạt hình bạn want, try listening to them. If bạn have good ideas for me then feel free to write them in the comments.

see ya
from amberstripe
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T- Tigerstar
G- Graystripe
M- Mousefur
S- Sandstorm
J- Jayfeather
B- Blackstar

T- welcome back
Today is.... * drumroll * Jayfeather vs Blackstar! Thank bạn to LaughingHyena for the request.

J- can we come out now?

T- fine

J- I tình yêu STICKS

B- okay

T- bạn know the rules and agenda. If not, go to episode 1.
Jay, if bạn win, stick alive. Black, if bạn win, stick die. DRINK!!!!!

J- I smell water

T- >:|

10 phút LATER

J- :(

B- >:(

T- let's go to the dp


T- start!!!

J- :p

B- ( / ^.^ / ) _ |__|



T- so smily war?

J- yah

T- first, to stare at water

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yes I've wondered about this 4 a long time aswell, and now I'm positive its true. Long shadows didn't give as many hints as other sách but I'll danh sách them any way. There are only like 2 more. Oh and all the 3 are her kits. I think it would have been cool if it was only Jaypaw, Jayfeather.
1. Jaykit remembers a dream of him walking through snow and Leafpool says it was true. Leafpool could have snuck away to have her kits during leafbare and had to walk them back to camp in the snow and sneak him into the nursery with Squirrleflight.

2. When Jaypaw tells Leafpool he can walk in other mèo dreams...
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