những nhân vật của Walt Disney ★ Disney Character of the tháng - In what way do bạn relate to Princess Cinderella? ★

Pick one:
★ I believe in having a good attitude & being patient ★
★ I'm a total dreamer at tim, trái tim ★
★ I have a stepfamily I'm not crazy about ★
★ I tend to do most of the work around my house ★
★ I have a godmother/godparents ★
★ I tend to be the main attraction at a party ★
★ I believe in tình yêu at first sight ★
★ động vật loves me ★
★ I hate early mornings ★
★ I don't have anything in common with Lọ lem ★
 PrueFever posted hơn một năm qua
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