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I have a feeling that this câu hỏi may annoy a lot of những người hâm mộ on this spot, but please let me explain before commenting;

I did read the guidelines of the VRSOF spot, and I think it would be alright if I asked for my Evanescence video to be rated.

One rule stated that what I have đã đăng must be unrated for at least a month. My Evanescence video have been đã đăng in the tháng of May (I think), but definitely a tháng ago. I have no idea why fanpop will say they were đã đăng 28 days ago, because I know for a fact that they were rated thêm then 4 weeks ago. But it's alright if bạn decide to post the...
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... and here is why.

There are a number of ways in which fanpop will be affected bởi this new rating system, and I can't think of a positive one. Here are the main issues for me.

Cheaters Ahoy!

As the new system does not indicate how many people have rated an image/video/link, this will make it much, much easier for people to use multiple accounts to rate their own contributions. As other people cannot see how many people have rated an image, someone with multiple accounts could rate their hình ảnh 10 times and none of us would be any the wiser. This is unfair on honest Fanpoppers who do not abuse...
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ok im not good- apologize if bạn cant read some of it but first try!
how to rate
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So it is now 1:19 AM and I've been đọc some things link and I just thought I share some of my feelings and ideas about why people should rate.

I'll make a danh sách because it's simpler and I'm a little sleepy:

Reason #1: Everyone likes to have the content they đệ trình viewed and appreciated bởi other fans. I, for once, like it a lot when people view what I've added, rate it and comment. Makes me feel like I've done my part in the fanpop community and like I've pleased others (which I like);

Reason #2: I'm not exactly sure how it works but, from what I've read, rating plays a huge role in helping...
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