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Me: *Just got out of the shower, only wearing a towle, go to my room,closed doorand locked the door, go to my closet and open it* Hmmm...*Pulls out a fancy coacktail party dress* Perferct!! *Starts changeing*

Sonic, Rocket, Shadow & Silver: *Start changeing in their suits*

Me: *Plugs in starighter and waits to heat*

Shadow: Why do we HAVE to go?!?!

Sonic: Oh come on cá biển thường vào sông để đẻ, shad it might be fun!!

Rocket: Yeah and its for Vivi!! We always drag her to places whenever we all hangout!

Shadow: This better be worth    my time!!

Silver: I wonder what Vivi is going to wear...*Starts getting...
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