Vincent D'Onofrio Goren.

tooraf posted on May 16, 2008 at 09:37PM
Ok, I know there's a separate spot for Goren and that this caracter isn't Vincent's only one but...I just can't help it. Seriously, how can i not start a topic about this amaizing, handsome, smart, weird, did I say hot, detective?!

Little story just a starter:
One boy, teenager, once said to the dad of the girl he liked:
- I like your daughter, sir.
- How do you like her? You like LIKE her or you AHRRR like her?
- Ahhh... - boy felt really uncomfortable - I LIKE like her...
- So you think my daughter isn't good enough for you?
- No, I like AHRRR like her too...
- You disrespectful teenager, get out of here and never come back!

This little father/teenager dilemma doesn't stand for me. You may chase me around with the broom but I must say - I like AHRRR him. I mean, the guy is hot (not to mention smart, interesting, charming).

I'd give separate thanks to Mr. D'Onofrio for creating this character. Bobby Goren is a huge contribution, if not to the movie production in a whole, than to the women's world in general.


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hơn một năm qua VDO_amazing said…
You said it all tooraf!!Goren is a unicly wonderful caracter,which I simply adore!!I don't see him as quircky or weird,at all!!I see a sweet and sexy brainy man!!
hơn một năm qua dottyjay said…
Catch a glimpse inside Bobby Goren's perverted thoughts as he blatantly flaunts his ? Women with heart conditions should not stare directly at Bobby's .... YOU FILL IN THE 4 LETTER BLANKS.