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Tribute to Bram Stoker's "Dracula" :) Song: "Love bạn To Death" bởi Type O Negative....
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ma cà rồng have been được ưa chuộng in novels and the phim chiếu rạp for many centuries. Our fascination with ma cà rồng began in the 1700s, when the bodies of suspected ma cà rồng were dug up and destroyed. One of the first artistic references to the vampire was in the poem "The Vampire" in 1748. Bram Stoker immortalized the vampire in his novel "Dracula" in 1897. One of the most notable modern literary examples of the vampire is Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles," featuring the vampire Lestat. Learn how bạn can write vampire sách that will add something new to this được ưa chuộng horror sub-genre.
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Design the world...
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When we submerse ourselves in everything that’s vampire related, we often find that the words “vampire” and “vampyre” are used interchangeably. But are these two things really one in the same? And if so, why the different spellings? I know that the very idea of ma cà rồng lends itself to interpretations of many different kinds but, are we really reinventing the English language here? No. There is actually a very clear distinction between the two and we thought that here, we’d break it down for you.

Quite simply, ma cà rồng are fictional. They are human corpses that have become reanimated...
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    Chapter 8 - Complicated
    That night, after Stefan drove me home, I felt extremely alone and afraid. I decided to call him. He picked up on the first ring and when I told him a was afraid, he đã đưa ý kiến he would be right there. It was only two phút before I heard a knock on my window and I ran to open it. He stepped in, threw his arms around my waist and leapt out the third story window.
    He ran and ran, much faster than your average car, until we came to a large lake that I had never known was there, and from there he loaded...
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