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 Lesson One: Bats Drink Blood. bạn Do Not.
Lesson One: Bats Drink Blood. You Do Not.
There are several diễn đàn posts and opinions voiced bởi people who have claimed to be real vampires. I hate to be the one to tell bạn this, but bạn are not a real vampire. Or, at least, bạn are not a vampire in the sense of mythology (which includes Twilight).

Biologically, bạn are a human. bạn cannot ever change that, sorry. This is because there is no other humanoid species in existence today other than Homo sapiens. The closest a human being can come to a "vampire" is forcing themselves to drink blood, which is a very bad idea (I'll get to why later).

Some species do feed off blood, because that's...
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I found this poem on the back of my Vampire Vineyards Pinot Noir bottle.

But first on this earth as vampire sent,

Thy corpse shall from tomb be rent:

Then ghastly haunt thy native place,

And suck the blood of all thy race;

There from thy daughter, sister, wife,

At midnight drain the stream of life;

Yet loathe the banquet which perforce

Must feed thy livid living corpse.

Thy victims are they yet expire

Shall know the demon for the sire,

As cursing thee, thou cursing them,

Thy hoa are withered on the stem.
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Nhật ký ma cà rồng
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Nhật ký ma cà rồng
I needed to get away. I ran away from my trang chủ and my family. I needed a break....from everything. If this event han't of occured....I'd still be home.....

It was a windy night. The wid blew back my dark wavy hair. The stars are lit up in an errie way. and then I knew he was right behind me.
"Hello again." I replied calmly. He seemed agitated at how well put together I was. "Any last words?" He asked. I'm not scared of him. "I want to be like you." I đã đưa ý kiến fast. "What?" he asked with a confused expression. "I want to be twenty one forever, i want to be beautiful forever, i want to be a creature...
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Queen of the Damned :)
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Queen of the damned