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posted by Aaronluvr4321
If bạn liked harry potter bạn probably also like vampire sách too. hoặc is that just me... anyway am here to tell bạn that no matter who bạn are- you're sure to tình yêu this series! it's about a girl named raven who lives in a town so boring she calls it dullsville! but it isn't dull for long! an only goth and outsider, raven is curious when a family moves in the "haunted house" in town. the rumurs of the family suggest that they are vampires! it has always been ravens dream to become a vampire! and she becomes very interested in alexander, a homeschooled goth of her dreams. so read! now! yes i'm serious! i'm waiting! go ahead! blah,blah,blah,blah. have fun
 raven and alexander <3
raven and alexander <3