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1. Edward cullen body glitter( pftt now there are thêm sparkle freaks added to the world)
2. twilight cushion( sitting on edward cullen ewww)
3. twilight Band Aids( how sad now edward cullen really gets to suck your blood)
4. twilight coffee mug ( yuk i'm not drinking out of that ever)
5. twilight búp bê barbie dolls( now that is a little girls dream come true)
6. card board cut outs of the characters( weird)
7. twilight alcohol holder( way too far now it's promoting alcoholism )
8) twilight cigarette thingy( what no it's promoting smoking well done sm.)
9 edward cullen vòi hoa sen curtain( i would never go into the vòi hoa sen again)
10. last but not least the twilight sanatary items which include pads and tampon holders ( now i knew girls wanted edward cullen to suck there blood but not it that dirty disturbing wrong sick way well done Ed your a real sicko infact he should get arrested! as much as i hate bella i feel sorry for her)
posted by vampiressJazz
i had nothing to do absolutely nothing to do. As i was so bored i began drawing through one of Dimitri's yêu thích cowboy novels i had a feeling this would annoy him. suddenly i felt someone looming above me i turned around, it was Dimitri just as i thought he was going to be annoyed with me for sure.
"What are bạn doing Roza?" he asked
I grinned. he picked up the novel that i was drawing in i hope he didn't see it.
"Ah one of yêu thích books." he opened the book and saw my lovely work of art. He frowned at me.
"Busted." i laughed nervously
"Rose why are bạn destroying my books?" he asked sternly...
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posted by vampiressJazz
1. real ma cà rồng DON'T sparkle ( SM completely ruined the real image of ma cà rồng creative i don't think so)
2 The story line is pointless it goes no where all it is, girl meets vampire, they fall in tình yêu crazy evil vampire tries to kill girl, vampire saves girl vampire leaves girl because he thinks he's too dangerous girl almost commits suicide girl finds vampire before he commits suicide girl gets back with vampire vampire asks girl to marry him girl marries vampire vampire manages to procreate with girl girl almost dies from having a demon baby, the end
3 the story was written from a very short...
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okayy.. people.. each of the book series have their bad stuff....
why don't we look at booths bad an good stuff

- sense of family!! The cullen are there for each other.
-vampires and ma sói helping each other out!
- bella and edward do anything for LOVE
thats preety much it.. can't think of any pros..
- ma cà rồng don't sparkle..
- getting married at 18 is bad...
- Edward "Stalking is BAD"
- Twilight to Predictable..
- putting your own life in danger
- Bella is weakling!! She is boring!!

VA Vampire Academy
- Dimitri is a God.. "Alive hoặc Undead"
- Va teachs bạn to be strong. (in...
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