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Goldie is the strong and tough tình yêu interest of Scrooge McDuck. She is the ice cold Queen of Dawson who can melt the tim, trái tim of the King of the Klondike. There has been iterations of her in comics and hoạt hình but the câu hỏi remains, what made them so unique and beloved.

Ducktales Reboot Goldie

This Goldie is different from the other Goldie because she did not admit that she loved Scrooge thêm than vàng ever but she showed it instead. It was revealed that the reason why Goldie left him at the ice because there was a beast coming she thought he would get out. To be fair, he did, Scrooge did not...
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I'm well aware that many những người hâm mộ believe that Scrooge and Goldie had sex in the Don Rosa story Prisoner of White Agony Creek. I also know that they like to believe this because they feel as though it makes Scrooge and Goldie's relationship have a thêm romantic feel. And I know that many of these những người hâm mộ think they have actual proof, beyond and shadow of a doubt that they 'made love'. Well guess what, I not one of those fans.

I'm sure you're all wondering why, unlike many những người hâm mộ I choose not to believe they 'made love'. Well, there are actually several reasons that I choose not to believe they did. Not...
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posted by Scroogefan1867

PART 1: Greed

Greed is Scrooge's common trait.His life is hard, the reason why the memories are wonderful is because he face through it and earn it and it led him to who becomes, if his life is so hard, how can his memories be so wonderful.

It's because he reached the end of the tunnel. If bạn read Don Rosa’s comics, Scrooge had to face through a very hard time and when it is over, when victory was in his hands, he got that money.

The first dime is a great example, in every single version of scrooge, he has the first dime. If that memory is bad, why does he keep it? bạn got your...
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Throughout Disney's history, Della con vịt, vịt is nothing other than being a mentioned character of the con vịt, vịt Family, she was not even in the original cartoon hoặc comics and is still only mostly mentioned in the first season of the reboot. But however all it takes was one solo single episode to make the những người hâm mộ fall in tình yêu with this character. What made Della con vịt, vịt so likable?

First of all, she is not just some mother, she is Scrooge's and Donald's close relative and have similar traits like them. She is not some overly nice Angel with forced character traits but she rather just goes with the flow. She...
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posted by Scroogefan1867
Hi, I am Kris Spars from the Duckburg Report. I have amazing news for all Ducktales những người hâm mộ and I am sure a lot of bạn know that thêm episodes for season 2 is coming on May 2019. That is less than 2 months from when this bài viết is published.

For a huge screening, I suggest bạn plan ahead with popcorn, maybe some Những người bạn then put in drinks hoặc whatever because Ducktales is coming and it is coming this May!

We are going to see Scrooge’s other rival, John D. Rockerduck, Lena's return, a new bestie for Webby, Scrooge and Goldie together again in an episode where Fenton and gyro, con gyro, con quay hồi chuyển will tag along apparently with a new awesome looking WOODEN GIZODUCK SUIT!! Also Bubba's coming and I am so hyped for it.

But thêm importantly, after the What Happened To Della con vịt, vịt episode, I can be rest assured that season 2 could be as good hoặc hopeful better than the already beautiful and amazing season 1.