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chapter two
sorry, it took sooo long. i was buisy. hope bạn like it :)!

i heard a knock at my door that afternoon. i ran to go open it,
"hey Jake!" i couldn't hide the fact that i was excited.
"hi heavenly!" he đã đưa ý kiến almost as excited as me.
"we should go before my mom ca-"
"HEAVENLY! WHO'S YOUR FRIEND?" i was red with embarrasment.
"uh... ma, this is Jake, Jake, this is my ma." i introduced them.
"HEY SWEETY!" my mom đã đưa ý kiến super loud even though he was standing right there.
"hi, mrs. Paulmero, it's a pleasure to meet you!" Jake was really polite.
"you know you're very handsome-"
"MOM! WE'RE...
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Jacob lead me into the school yard behind the gym "you look beautiful under the moon light" he told me. I rested my head on his shoulder as we continued dancing,untill I head a loud , booming vocie from behind us say "how lovly I hope we'er not inturupting any thing".I turned at the sound of Aro's vocie to see he had brought Jance and Alec.

"What do bạn want?"I asked turning to face him "you , bạn stupid girl" Jane replied . I fell on the floor in pain ,"what did bạn do to her" Jacob demanded looking down at me as I layed on the floor parlized in pain."Nothing bạn should worry about , mongrule we'er taking her back with us" was the last thing I heard Jane say befor I fell into oncountionsness.
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chapter four
sry for the wait! i was just waiting for some feed back. i don't like nghề viết văn thêm chapters when i don't know if anyone liked my last one. hope bạn like this one.
Jake's POV
Everyone had already pulled me and edward apart before anything went any further.the only thing i could think about was heavenly.
"edward why would bạn waste your time fighting off this mutt anyway?" asked blondie.
i couldn't help but let out a growl, she hissed back. everyone was trying to get passed this issue so we could talk about Nessie. why the hell should...
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chapter one

"mom, i don't wanna live here." i pleaded to my mother who forced me to di chuyển with her to this god awful town of forks, washington. it's always raining here. it's depressing. just because her job got tranfered here doesn't mean she has to follow. she can get another job!
"love, i know that, but i have a feeling you're gonna end up loving it here!"
"sure, sure. im goin' for a walk." i đã đưa ý kiến walking out the door. she đã đưa ý kiến something after that but i put in the head-phones to my i-pod before she could finish.
i decided to familiarize myself with the neighborhood. i was looking at the...
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