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This Seri chạng vạng bức ảnh contains kính mát, kính đen, sắc thái, and kính tối màu.

posted by trailofexcuses
When bạn really think about it, Twilight consists of 50% talk about how hot Edward is. 30% of the word "chagrin" and 20% other. Even my English teacher đã đưa ý kiến that it's written at a 5th grade đọc level, to which I completely agree. Bella and Edward aren't "in love" all they're experiencing is lust, obsession, infatuation. What good does Edward do to Bella? The whole time bạn hear about how perfect he is. It's easy to make a perfect character, anyone can do it. Besides, according to SMeyer, Bella is an "independent woman." Well, how is she independent? All of her decisions are based on Edward...
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so, i suppose the tiêu đề is self explanitory...
anyway, this story is currently đã đăng on the Eternal Night spot, so if bạn would like to keep reading, thats where it is :)

Fire and Ice
Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favour fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.
Robert Frost.

I glanced up at the clock, even though I knew exactly how long had passed. I should know; I’d been counting the seconds.
I was sitting in my car around...
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posted by BiteMeCullen107
“Jacob!” I was yelling from the bath room. I was in thêm pain than I ever thought was possible. It felt like something was clawing its way out of my stomach. This couldn’t be possible I’d been pregnant for only a couple of months. “JACOB BLACK GET bạn đít, mông, ass UP HERE!” I was screaming so loud Jacob could have gone def. He ran into the bath room and kneeled down beside me. “What’s wrong?” “I need to get to grandpa.” He picked me up and drove me to the house and carried me in.
“What’s wrong with her?” My mother came rushing to my side. “Mom stop just get grandpa.”...
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I feel like I'm falling behind on Evening ngôi sao so I will post one today. ^_^

Did Bella think I insulted her? She looked angry. I was getting a little worried after a few phút when she didn't speak. Then I put one finger under Bella's chin so she would pay attention to what I was saying and I want her to know that I didn't mean what I said.
"Sorry. Really." I told her sencerely.
She looked at me, with a frustrated expression, which confused me. But then she spoke.
"I know. I know it's not the same thing. I shouldn't have reacted that way. It's just well, I was already thinking about Jacob...
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posted by WritenOnTheSand
My current idea of talking Jake out of making me leave. I want to stay here, and if there really are ma cà rồng trying to kill me let them come. With my whole family here they can't do anything to me, hoặc Jake.

As I get closer to his room I start to feel the tension. My eyes drift to the floor but steadily rise again. My fingers lightly touch the handly as I push the door open. Jake is all alone.

"Hey," The only word I can think to say at this moment. Maybe this was a bad idea, I should just go. But then he is left in the danger. "We need to talk." I finly get out.

"About what?" He asks blankly...
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posted by just_bella
xin chào girls/guys, here's the tiếp theo chapter. This is really hard to write, hope people enjoy :)

End of Chapter 9
I turned around and slammed the door in his face, the look in his eyes was tim, trái tim breaking. I just hurt my brother when he was already hurting. I turned so that my back was against the door, my body shaking.

"Please don't leave me." I whispered through the door.

"I have to, we can not go together this time. Please understand, I will call when I'm ready and bạn will be the one to come get me ok?" Edward đã đưa ý kiến directly to the door.

"Promise me bạn will call me, we've not been apart since...
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posted by lovethecullens
Chapter 14: Fragile

“Nessie, Nessie Please!” I heard a faint cry it sounded like Jacob but he was so far away. “Renesmee?” This time it was my mother with a frantic pitch to her voice. I felt something cold on my face I slowly opened my eyes. The lights were so bright; I tried to sit up but was immediately pulled back down. “Nessie, take it easy” my Grandpa Carlisle instructed. I opened my mouth to speak but no sound came out my throat was on ngọn lửa, chữa cháy and my head throbbing. My hands flew to my throat. My father spoke up, “She’s thirsty, Alice grab her a glass of blood quickly!”...
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posted by misjones39
I have began to write a story of my own. Ive had quite a few people tell me they absolutely tình yêu it so far. Its about this girl named Lilly, who I have made Paul's sister. I mean everyone knows Stephenie never gave Paul a sister, but i decided too. She moved away from La push after there mother dies, but has been brought back bởi the pack because of her fate. She has no idea whats in store for her. Than she falls in tình yêu with Jacob. (considering they grew up together its akward, but undenying love.) THIS IS MY STORY FOR THOSE WHO ARE JACOB LOVERS. and what would have happened if he never imprinted...
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posted by lovethecullens
“Just try to keep an open mind, I swear bạn are as bad as your mother zero fashion sense, and all the time that I have spent teaching bạn how to dress… are bạn even listening to me??” my aunt Alice grumbled as she rolled her eyes at me. Apparently my selection for my first ngày of high school wasn’t nearly good enough. I pulled myself in from my daydreams and let out a sigh of surrender to my most annoying yet yêu thích aunt. “Ok, ok I am waving the white flag, do with me what bạn will, if it means we will be done here!”
“Nessie is your Aunt playing dress up again?” My mother...
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I'm sorry this took so long but i have soooo much homework. the tiếp theo one might not be out till tiếp theo week because thats when my holidays start. i will keep going though even if its not updated for a while (my internet connection is a little bit dodgy).

Demetri left us in the reception area with Gianna, who was sitting behind her highly polished desk. She really was very good at her job. She still retained her detached look even with her curiosity as strong as it was.
Demetri was anxious to get back to the feast. “Do not leave until dark.”
I nodded, and Demetri quickly hurried away.
I focused...
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posted by team_edward_
Chapter Two-Death

“What the hell do bạn want?” He looked straight ahead as I drove a good 60 miles over the speed “Do bạn have to drive so fast? And I just wanted to see if bạn had a good first ngày at your new school. So did bạn have a good day?” Why do people ask me so many questions? “Not until the start of lunch. Then I called bạn as bạn know and then I sat with the Cullen`s and then the rest of my ngày was wonderful.” I bite my lip remembering what had happened before trigonometry. “Why did the rest of the ngày go so wonderful?” UH! “God what is it with bạn and everyone...
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I got this from Stephenie Meyer's website...I didnt write this myself!

**A note: I don't pull any punches here, so if bạn haven't read New Moon and bạn don't want to be spoiled, don't read this.**

Writing a sequel is a very different experience than nghề viết văn a story. It was for me, at least.

If you've read the link, then bạn know that I didn't set out to write a novel hoặc begin a career as an author. I was just nghề viết văn down a story for my personal enjoyment, letting it grow as it would and lead where...
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